Arena Match of Strakk vs. Tarix

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"Please. I was dodging Thornax when you were still swatting at snowflakes."
Glatorian Tarix to Strakk, The Fall of Atero

Arena Match of Strakk vs. Tarix
Gresh vs. SkrallAckar vs. Strakk
Arena Match
Conflict First match of the Great Tournament
Combatants Strakk
Location Arena Magna
Winner None

The Arena Match of Strakk vs. Tarix was an unresolved fight between the Glatorian Strakk and Tarix.


Strakk and Tarix were paired as the first combatants at the Great Tournament, in the city of Atero. Both desired to win, so that they could advance to the next round, with the ultimate goal of being the yearly champion.


At the onset of the fight, the Glatorian attacked each other, exchanging blows. During the fight, Strakk, remembering a technique that Tarix had utilized on him in a practice match the day before, used his weapon as a hook, and removed one of Tarix's weapons from his grip. Strakk took advantage of his opponent's temporary disarmament, and fired a Thornax at the Water Tribe fighter. Tarix dodged the fruit by executing a backflip, and taunted Strakk, claiming he was still able to fight with a single weapon. The fighters fought for a few more minutes, until they were interrupted by Raanu, who rushed into the arena to warn them of the invading Skrall army.


Both Glatorian willingly let the match end, banding together in order to fend off the invading Skrall. The Skrall forces eventually drove them out of the Arena Magna, leaving the Glatorian unable to continue their fight.