Battle Against the Barraki

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"Your rebellion is over. Your misguided attempt to overthrow the Great Spirit is now history ... as are you."
Makuta Teridax to the Barraki, City of the Lost

Battle Against the Barraki
Conflict Brotherhood of Makuta and Toa mount surprise preemptive assault against Barraki
Combatants Brotherhood of
Makuta army
Barraki and their armies
Location Unknown
Result Brotherhood victorious, but Barraki disappear

The Battle Against the Barraki was a preemptive surprise attack by the Brotherhood of Makuta with the forces of the Toa against the warlords known as the Barraki. This battle is remembered mainly for two reasons: first, the defeat of the Barraki and their subsequent disappearance; and second, for the planting of dark thoughts into the commander of the victorious army, Teridax.



  • Defeat the Barraki's armies.
  • Kill the Barraki.


  • Withstand the surprise Brotherhood onslaught.


Around eighty thousand years before the time of the Toa Nuva, the Brotherhood of Makuta was tipped off by Takadox that the six Barraki warlords, who had already conquered most of the known universe, were planning to seize the city of Metru Nui as part of their plot to overthrow the Great Spirit Mata Nui. In response, the Brotherhood mustered an army of Toa, Exo-Toa armored suits, Rahi, and Rahkshi. Placed under the command of Teridax, the army launched a surprise raid, attacking the Barraki's armies while the Barraki were debating attack strategies. The attack was a complete success: overwhelmed by the superior discipline of the Brotherhood's army and taken unawares, the Barraki's armies deserted or surrendered in large numbers. Upon hearing the sounds of battle, the Barraki themselves quickly arrived on the battlefield to mount a defense, but the warlords were eventually captured and brought to Teridax.


The Barraki Takadox offered to combine the Barraki's forces with those of the Brotherhood to defeat Mata Nui. Teridax instead ordered his Exo-Toa to kill the Barraki - over the protests of the Toa standing nearby - when Botar, an unknown entity to those present, appeared out of nowhere and then disappeared, taking all six Barraki with him. No one present knew where the Barraki had gone at the time.

The Barraki's armies were dissolved and some captives were taken by the Brotherhood for use as slave laborers; the Barraki's fortresses were ground to dust, and all mention of the Barraki was erased from all chronicles, with the exception of the Brotherhood's victory.

The Barraki's intent of rebellion stayed with Teridax, and later led him to overthrow Mata Nui. Resentment against the Great Spirit had been festering among the Brotherhood for awhile before the battle, but it was the Barraki that convinced Teridax that action could be taken against Mata Nui. This led to the corruption of the Brotherhood and Teridax's attack on Mata Nui, which resulted in him taking over the Matoran Universe.

Meanwhile, imprisoned in the Pit, the Barraki learned to hate both Mata Nui and the Makuta who would eventually overthrow him, and brooded, awaiting their chance for revenge. Eighty thousand years later, on his quest for the Kanohi Ignika, Teridax met the Barraki again in the Pit. Despite being mutated into monstrous forms, the Barraki were still recognized by Teridax as his ancient enemies.


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