Toa-Dark Hunter War

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"In the months since Turaga Dume had refused the Dark Hunters a base on Metru Nui, countless Toa had fallen. Most were struck down from the shadows, never knowing their enemy was there. Oh, there had been some victories — Nidhiki had routed more than his share of the enemy, and Lhikan was worth six Toa in battle — but they all knew the numbers were against them. It was only a matter of time."
— Narrator, Birth of a Dark Hunter

Toa-Dark Hunter War
Time SlipUnderwater Rahi Study
Witnesses Inhabitants of Metru Nui
Time 2,000 years before the Great Cataclysm
Actions Nidhiki becomes a Dark Hunter
Dark Hunters defeated
Significance Major

The Toa-Dark Hunter War was one of the largest wars in the history of Metru Nui.


Aware that the Shadowed One had his eyes on Metru Nui, Turaga Dume forbade the Dark Hunters from entering the city, claiming that they brought lawlessness and violence with them.[1]

Some years later, the Shadowed One sent Vezok, Avak, and Reidak to free the Kanohi Dragon from its prison, and it began to rampage through Metru Nui. Vezok, Avak, and Reidak cornered Turaga Dume in the Coliseum and offered the Dark Hunters' "protection" against threats such as the dragon. Dume refused, and Vezok prepared to kill him, but Toa Lhikan and Nidhiki of the Toa Mangai intervened and evicted the Dark Hunters from the city. They then fought a month-long battle against the Kanohi Dragon, eventually defeating the beast and shipping it to Xia.[1]

The Shadowed One became obsessed with the city's capture and assigned Thok to kidnap Dume. This was also prevented.[1]

Choosing a more direct mode of conquest, the Shadowed One sent forces of Dark Hunters to attack the city and claim it as their own. Lhikan and the rest of the Toa Mangai stationed there resisted their efforts and attempted to defend the city alone.[1]


Initially, the Toa Mangai were overwhelmed by the hundreds of Dark Hunters. The Toa barricaded themselves in the Coliseum while the Matoran hid in their homes. Toa Naho, however, managed to sneak through the Dark Hunter lines and reached another island to request reinforcements. She brought back almost one hundred additional Toa. The Dark Hunters, who had managed to claim much of the city, were driven back, leading to further conflicts. Both sides suffered heavy losses during the following months. Turaga Dume was assigned a personal guard detail as a precaution.[1]

Battle of Tyrant and the Toa

A group of Dark Hunters, including their dictatorial ally Tyrant, encountered a band of Toa led by Lhikan. They began to engage in combat, but Tyrant's Dark Hunter companions had been ordered to abandon him upon the onset of battle. Tyrant was overwhelmed by the Toa and vanished into the Silver Sea.[2]

Conflict of Vengeance and Lhikan

In one of the last battles of the war, Lhikan clashed with the Dark Hunter Vengeance. Vengeance was defeated and trapped by the Toa of Fire. The Dark Hunter was later able to free himself and vowed revenge on Lhikan.

Nidhiki's Betrayal

Towards the end of the war, Nidhiki was approached by Lariska and offered a deal: if Nidhiki betrayed the Toa, he would be given rule over Metru Nui. Nidhiki accepted, not realizing that the Shadowed One planned to eliminate him after the war was over. Lhikan, however, had followed Nidhiki and overheard his agreement to the proposal.[3] Leaving to inform Turaga Dume, Lhikan was intercepted by Hakann, who offered Lhikan another deal: the Dark Hunters would hand over the Makoki Stone in exchange for the lives of their soon-to-be-defeated operatives. Lhikan accepted.[1] When Nidhiki led all of the city's Toa into a Dark Hunter ambush in the Canyon of Unending Whispers, Lhikan launched a counter-ambush of his own backed by three hundred recently arrived Toa. Lhikan then ended the war when he forced the Dark Hunters to leave and never return, banishing Nidhiki along with them.[3]


The Shadowed One accepted the agreement for a time, and the Dark Hunters did not return to Metru Nui for at least two thousand years. However, he was unhappy with the prospect of leaving the Makoki Stone with the Toa and dispatched operatives to steal it back.[1]

An Onu-Matoran who had been mutated in an accident and shunned during the war departed with the Dark Hunters as a recruit codenamed "Subterranean."[2] Nidhiki also became a Dark Hunter, though he later attempted to defect from the organization but was forced to remain by Roodaka.[3]

The Toa enlisted by Lhikan eventually departed from Metru Nui, leaving the remaining Toa Mangai to guard the city.