Underwater Rahi Study

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"The advancement of Matoran science requires risk. I have been convinced that there is something that can be learned from these ... monsters."
Turaga Dume, Voyage of Fear

Underwater Rahi Study
Toa-Dark Hunter WarGreat Cataclysm
Witnesses Whenua, Mavrah, Onepu, and the Chief Archivist
Time Prior to the coming of the Toa Metru
Actions Archives damaged
Significance Minor

The Underwater Rahi Study was a project conducted by several Onu-Matoran to study the First Rahi that appeared outside Metru Nui, and was intended to be performed in secret.[1]


After being discovered, the massive organic Rahi were housed in a sub level of the Archives in order to be studied. Three Matoran, Whenua, Mavrah, and Onepu, along with the Chief Archivist and Turaga Dume were the only ones who knew about about it, and Dume ordered the project to be conducted in secrecy.[1]

The creatures were unaccustomed to being contained within a small area, and made several attempts to escape the prison. On one occasion, a Rahi almost snuck out to sea, leaving the Archives on Onepu's watch, though it was later captured. Another incident proved almost fatal, they caused so much damage to the cavern that earthquakes spread throughout the Archives. The shocks broke many Stasis Tubes on several other levels and damaged other exhibits. While this happened, one of the creatures made an attempt to eat Whenua, who was saved by Mavrah at the last moment. Dume was enraged by this, and ordered that the creatures be released back into the water. Mavrah, sympathizing with the Rahi and wishing to spend more time with them, objected to the demand, arguing that they should keep the creatures for science. However, the Turaga refused his request, and ordered that Rorzakh to remove the Rahi from the city, and directed all Vahki types to kill any that were too close to the city. The night before the Rahi were to be moved, and the project was to be closed, Mavrah managed to smuggle the Rahi out of the city, and they escaped into the Great Barrier.[1]


The Toa Metru later encountered Mavrah and the Rahi while trying to escape after the Great Cataclysm. The Rahi ultimately went out of control, and Mavrah was killed as a result.[1]