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"I do my duty, and I do it the best I can. That doesn't mean I have to enjoy it."
— Perditus to Ackar, Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna

Set Glatorian Perditus.png
Tribe Fire
Tools Thornatus V9
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation PURR-dee-tuss[OGDi: Aug 25 2009, 12:53 PM]
Set number 8995

Perditus is a former pilot Glatorian who fought for the Fire Tribe. He is also a secret agent loyal to Velika.[1]


Early life

Perditus in his Thornatus V9

On Spherus Magna, Perditus lived with the rest of the Fire Tribe under the Element Lord of Fire. He was born sometime before Gelu.[2] At some point, Perditus came to serve a Great Being.[1] He fought in the Core War in the service of the Fire Tribe. During the war, Perditus used his military rank to gain access to a trove of technology left behind by the Great Beings. He developed the Thornatus V9 from designs found there, and used it as his personal chariot.[3] When the Shattering ended the war, Perditus was in the Great Barren, which formed a separate planet called Bara Magna. After the Shattering, he joined the Fire Tribe in the newly developing social system on Bara Magna.[4] Perditus stayed in contact with the Great Being he served, who had entered the Matoran Universe and taken the name Velika.[1]

Glatorian career

Upon becoming a Glatorian, Perditus emerged from being an unrecognized fighter and became the Second Glatorian for the Fire Tribe. He later stepped down from the position in order to embrace vehicle combat[4] so that he could travel around Bara Magna and keep Velika informed of what happened there while keeping a low profile.[1] He became a champion pilot, eventually winning the Great Tournament vehicle division.[Bios] In the penultimate Great Tournament, Perditus lost to the Kaxium V3. Over the next year, he practiced maneuvering and counter-attacks to defeat the motorcycle.[3]

Raanu, after exiling Malum, approached Perditus and asked him to become the Second Glatorian again. Perditus refused the offer, in order to maintain his role as a vehicle pilot.[4]

Skrall War

Along with the other Glatorian of Bara Magna, Perditus traveled to Atero in order to take part in the most recent Great Tournament. During the first round of the competition, the Skrall invaded the arena, killing Agori and Glatorian. Perditus managed to escape the onslaught, and returned to Vulcanus.[5]

Perditus, piloting his Thornatus V9, played a pivotal role in defending Vulcanus against a Skrall advance following their declaration of war on the other tribes of Bara Magna.[4]

Perditus later joined the fight against the Skrall in Roxtus. After the villages united, he joined the new Agori Mega-Village's defense force under the leadership of Ackar.[6] He later evacuated the Mega-Village with its other inhabitants at Raanu's behest.[7]

Battle of Bara Magna

When Mata Nui gained control of the robot that comprised the Mega-Village and started to combat the invading Teridax, Perditus and the other Glatorian and Agori attempted to assist and distracted Teridax by charging at him. However, they were blasted away by him when he noticed their efforts. Soon after, a battalion of Rahkshi emerged from the body of Teridax and attacked the Glatorian. The Rahkshi were later destroyed by Tahu using the Golden Armor. Mata Nui was able to kill Teridax and carry out his mission of reuniting Bara Magna with its moons, reforming Spherus Magna. Perditus now lives on Spherus Magna.[7]

Abilities and Traits

Perditus is incredibly focused on his occupation, foregoing friendship and all other things due to his dedication.[Bios] Because of this, he takes little pride in defeating an opponent, viewing it as a necessity of the job.[4]


When fighting in the arena, Perditus drove the Thornatus V9. The vehicle is armed with four force blasters and a Thornax Launcher for offensive power.[3] Stats


Set Information

Perditus piloting his Thornatus V9

Perditus was released as the pilot of the 8995 Thornatus V9 set in the summer of 2009. The figure uses 38 of the set's 438 pieces.


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