BIONICLE 4: The Bohrok Awake

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"We have known the legends of the Bohrok for centuries, and prayed they were only that: legends."
Turaga Vakama

BIONICLE 4: The Bohrok Awake
Outside/alternate title The Bohrok Awake!
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Carlos D'Anda

"The Bohrok Awake" is the fourth comic issue of the BIONICLE series and the first in "The Bohrok Saga", its 2002 story arc.

Plot Summary

The Toa Mata return to the surface of Mata Nui after their victory over Teridax, to find the island in an upheaval, much to their confusion. Soon, they come across a dazed Kapura,[note 1] who repeatedly says "Bohrok".

The Toa then leave for Ta-Koro. There, they find that the Bohrok had begun their effort to clear the island. Lewa attempts to stop them with a cyclone, but a Kohrak attacks, covering him in ice. Tahu then melts the ice with his Fire Sword, freeing Lewa.

Pohatu notes in bewilderment that the creatures not harming anyone unless they get in their way. A group of Pahrak then attacks Pohatu and Onua, but they manage to escape. In an attempt to fend off the swarms at Tahu's request, Gali and Lewa combine their Elemental Powers, creating a powerful storm. All but one of the Bohrok were driven away by the attack, whom the Toa take prisoner.

Vakama then appears and explains to the Toa the legend of the Bohrok - how the Bohrok would one day emerge from their nests to destroy the island, the function of the krana, and about the different swarms. He also tells the Toa that they would have to collect the eight breeds of krana from each swarm.

The Toa split up and return to each of their villages to capture the krana. However, as Lewa reaches Le-Koro, he discovers it has already been taken over by the Bohrok, and that all of the Le-Matoran and Turaga Matau were under the control of krana.



  1. The Ta-Matoran in this comic is not identified by name, and the Wall of History article does not specify who reached the Toa. However, this comic includes a screenshot of the homepage, displaying an alternate version of the Wall of History article that identifies Kapura as the one who reached the Toa.

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