BIONICLE: Dark Hunters

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"The Dark Hunters stand in direct opposition to the Toa. But who are they? Where did they come from? And who -- or what -- motivates them? It's an inside look at the villains of the Bionicle world - but remember, they may be studying you, too."
— Back Cover

BIONICLE: Dark Hunters
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Series Guides
Author Greg Farshtey
Publisher Scholastic
ISBN 0-439-82803-1

BIONICLE: Dark Hunters is a guide book released in June 2006, containing eighty pages.


The book is a collection of twenty-eight Dark Hunter biographies, ten of which were created by the BIONICLE team, whilst the others were the winning entries of the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Contest.

The book is written in a first-person perspective from the Shadowed One's viewpoint. Most of the Dark Hunters in the book, including the Shadowed One's entry, are not listed with their real names, but with a code name based on some aspect of theirs. Each entry tells a brief history of the particular Dark Hunter, details their powers and abilities, and provides a present status.

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