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"A fighter's greatest weapon is his mind. The mind is a more powerful weapon than any sword, and a more powerful defense than any shield."
— Certavus' writings, The Secret of Certavus

Tribe Ice
Tools Sword
Thornax Launcher
Status Deceased
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation sir-TAHV-us[OGDi: Jun 11 2009, 07:57 AM]

Certavus was a Glatorian employed by the Ice Tribe, renowned across Bara Magna for his fighting prowess.


Early life

Certavus was born on Spherus Magna a little over 265,000 years ago; he was very young when Lein passed away.[1] As Certavus grew older, he witnessed the Dreaming Plague and the creation of the Element Lords by the Great Beings. Certavus lived under the rule of the Element Lord of Ice, with other members of the Ice Tribe.

Certavus later fought in the Core War for control over Energized Protodermis, during which he commanded a well-reputed battalion of the Ice Tribe army. Certavus led this battalion on a campaign through Bara Magna to defeat several Sand Tribe fighters and, after succeeding, began the trek back to their territory. However, in the midst of their journey, the battalion was ambushed by a group of Skrall warriors; Certavus' cunning saved the lives of his men. The battalion regrouped and moved through Bota Magna, where they witnessed a fight between Fire Tribe and Water Tribe fighters. Certavus launched an arrow into Tarix's shoulder, foregoing a lethal shot and prompting the Water Tribe commander and his forces to retreat before finally moving on.

Glatorian career

After the Shattering, Certavus, like many others, was trapped on the largest fragment of the planet, Bara Magna. In the aftermath of the disaster, Certavus helped design the new social system its inhabitants would follow, in order to avoid war. He also mentored Glatorian such as Gelu and Vastus. Certavus became the Prime Glatorian of Iconox, fighting in their most important Arena Matches.

Certavus became known as an extremely proficient fighter and earned the respect of many of the other Glatorian. A powerful move of his design eventually adopted his name, becoming known as the "Certavus double-strike"; the move could only be blocked with a complex defensive maneuver. Certavus was the victor of thousands of battles within the arena and won the Great Tournament in the Arena Magna many times. Certavus wrote a book detailing many of his fighting secrets and ideas and left the book in an arena in the wastelands for others to find.


20,000 years ago,[2] Certavus eventually died from natural causes and was buried near Iconox.[3] He is still remembered and respected by the Glatorian as a wise and skilled warrior.

Abilities and Traits

Certavus was very physically adept, and his fighting skills earned him the respect of many other warriors. He was also a very wise fighter; he knew when to use his strength and when to use his intelligence. He also held a high degree of weapons proficiency.


Certavus carried a Thornax Launcher, as well as a spiked sword. He also used a bow during the Core War.[D]


"But brute strength can't win every fight. My mentor, Certavus, taught me that."
Vastus, The Exile's Tale

"The idea is not to kill, but to avoid being killed. If we can force them to retreat, it conserves the energy. We can’t afford a full battle. Not yet. It took us a long time to reach here; we need to keep moving."
— Certavus, "Decadence"




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