Conflict Between Hydraxon and Nocturn

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"You'll wish you had stayed dead when I'm through!"
Nocturn to Hydraxon's replica, Battle in the Deep!

Conflict Between Hydraxon and Nocturn
Conflict Hydraxon attempts to recapture Nocturn
Combatants Nocturn
Hydraxon's replica
Location The Pit
Result Hydraxon defeats Nocturn, spots the Mask of Life, and attempts to destroy it

The Conflict Between Hydraxon and Nocturn was a confrontation between Hydraxon's replica and Nocturn in the Pit.



  • Recapture Nocturn.


  • Defeat Hydraxon and avoid being recaptured.


Nocturn had just received the Mask of Life from the Barraki and found out that he was cursed with the ability to kill anything he touched, when Hydraxon appeared, startling Nocturn and making him drop the mask. Hydraxon and Nocturn engaged in a fight, during which Nocturn smashed two rocks together so the sound would hurt Hydraxon, who had sensitive hearing. Eventually, however, due to Hydraxon's skill with his weapons, Nocturn was defeated and Hydraxon spotted the Ignika. Hydraxon then moved in and prepared to destroy it with his Cordak Blaster.

Hydraxon fires his Cordak Blaster at the Mask of Life.


Hydraxon was prevented from destroying the Ignika by Hahli, who took the mask from him. Nocturn escaped in the ensuing fight.


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