Attack on Tajun

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"Grabbing his weathered weapons, Gresh hurries to the oncoming dust cloud. He has no hope of defeating them all, but he will make their victory as expensive as he can."
— Narrator,

Attack on Tajun
Conflict Bone Hunters, allied with the Skrall, launch a devastating attack on the village of Tajun
Combatants The Glatorian and Agori
The Bone Hunters and the Skrall
Location Tajun
Result Agori evacuate to Knee Island, Tajun is pillaged

The Attack on Tajun was an overwhelming assault of Skrall and Bone Hunters on the Water Tribe village of Tajun.


Skrall and Bone Hunters

  • Raid and plunder Tajun

Glatorian and Agori

  • Evacuate Tajun
  • Defend themselves against the Bone Hunters


Tajun pillaged

The Skrall and the Bone Hunters made a pact to eliminate the village of Tajun, and gathered their forces to plunder the village. The Bone Hunters attacked the village first. Gresh, who was visiting Tajun for a practice match with Tarix, noticed a cloud of dust over the walls of the canyon. Realizing that it was a Bone Hunter attack, he shouted a warning to the villagers, who began evacuating. However, a small band remained behind to attempt to protect their homes. As Bone Hunters began flooding into the village, Gresh leapt into action, taking down several before the next wave of attack. As Skrall forces entered the melee, however, Gresh found himself outmatched. He was badly wounded in the fight, and his weapon was broken by a Skrall. However, he managed to escape into a small crevice, leaving the invaders to obliterate Tajun. Acting on information from Metus, they discovered secret areas where the Water Tribe had hidden their valuables.


Mata Nui witnessing the destruction

Mata Nui and his two companions, Ackar and Kiina, later arrived at Tajun. There, the severely injured Gresh managed to tell them about the attack before falling unconscious.

As they retreated, Mata Nui noticed Tuma commanding a troop of Bone Hunters to monitor the area for survivors and complete the destruction of the village. After witnessing this, Ackar's skepticism of Gresh's account was dismissed. The trio came to the conclusion that there was a traitor working with the Skrall and the Bone Hunters.


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