Mata Nui's Reawakening

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"But before she could do so, everything changed all around her. The stars brightened overhead, the breeze turned warm, the earth shook in a gentle tremor. She didn't know how, but somehow she was certain: the Great Spirit had awakened."
— Narrator, Destiny War

Mata Nui's Reawakening
Destiny WarRestoration of Spherus Magna

Teridax possessing the body of the Great Spirit
Witnesses Beings all over the Matoran Universe
Time Several Months Ago
Actions Teridax takes over the Matoran Universe
Significance Major

Mata Nui's Reawakening was a goal sought by nearly every faction in the Matoran Universe. However, after succeeding in waking the Great Spirit from his slumber, the Toa discovered that it was all part of Makuta Teridax's master scheme, allowing him to take over the giant robot which housed the universe.


Teridax first conceived the idea to overthrow Mata Nui from the Barraki, who had been planning to do so by strategically dominating key points of the universe. Using the knowledge Mutran received from Tren Krom about the secrets of the Matoran Universe, Teridax formulated his plan and used it to take over the Brotherhood of Makuta. He eventually infected Mata Nui with a specialized virus, designed to place the Great Spirit in a coma. Teridax's original plan was to impersonate Dume, and drive the Matoran of Metru Nui to the center of the city with the Morbuzakh. He would then force the Matoran into pods that would erase their memory, allowing him to present himself as their Great Spirit, granting him full control of a key city of the universe.

The arrival of the Toa Metru, who defeated the Morbuzakh, briefly altered the plan and Teridax was further able to get the Matoran of the city imprisoned, under the guise of Dume. At this time, Mata Nui fell asleep due to the virus and the Great Cataclysm took effect all across the Matoran Universe. However, Teridax was defeated by the Toa Metru, who trapped him inside a Protodermis cage. During this time, Teridax realized he could widen the scope of his ambition to taking control of the entire universe, by replacing Mata Nui's spirit.

Teridax rearranges the stars over Metru Nui after the success of his plan.

The Matoran were rescued and relocated to the island of Mata Nui. There, Teridax continually harassed the Matoran and their villages with infected Rahi, keeping them isolated and away from Metru Nui until the appropriate time. He was able to delay the Toa Mata's mission of reviving the Great Spirit with the Bohrok swarms and his own Rahkshi. When forced into battle with Takanuva, Teridax decided to allow the Matoran back to Metru Nui and threw the fight, leading to his armor being unexpectedly destroyed.

His essence floating in Mangaia, Teridax sensed Mata Nui was dying and realized his plan could still succeed if he manipulated the use of the Mask of Life. Teridax sent the Piraka after the mask, though it eventually wound up in the oceans around Mahri Nui. Teridax traveled there himself, possessing a Maxilos robot in order to be able to physically interact with the events of the Toa Mahri. Mata Nui eventually died, as per Teridax's plan, and the Makuta began facilitating his return to life. After fighting the Barraki just long enough so that the Toa could revive the Great Spirit, Teridax traveled from the ocean to the Core Processor underneath Metru Nui, before Mata Nui's spirit could return. The giant robot was reactivated by the Toa Nuva with the use of the Ignika in Karda Nui, granting Teridax complete control of it and the Matoran Universe.

Following the re-awakening of the Great Spirit, Teridax's plan was finally revealed to the Toa and every other being of the Matoran Universe. Possessing the universal robot body, he banished Mata Nui's mind and spirit into the Kanohi Ignika, and then launched the mask out of the Matoran Universe, beginning a period of darkness for its remaining inhabitants.


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