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The History of the Matoran Universe spans over one hundred millennia and is replete with powerful factions, incredible adventures, and hard-fought struggles.

Creation of the Matoran Universe

Over one hundred thousand years ago, the Great Beings obtained a sample of Energized Protodermis from the core of their planet, Spherus Magna. After they managed to synthesize it, they began the creation of Mata Nui on their home planet. Inside the massive body of Mata Nui, the Great Beings formed an immense system of subterranean Domes, later to be known as the Matoran Universe.

The first species the Great Beings made were the Matoran, who were made unique amongst the other inhabitants of the universe. The first kind of Matoran brought into being were the Av-Matoran, or Matoran of Light, soon followed by the creation of Matoran representing other natural elements. During this stage of the universe's construction, the Great Beings chose to create a creature of immense power who was called Tren Krom. Placing him in the core of the universe, they charged him with the task of sustaining life and energy throughout the newly formed domes. Soon, the Great Spirit Mata Nui was almost complete. After the Matoran were brought into existence, the Great Beings created two kindred beings who were called Artakha and Karzahni - now some of the most ancient beings in the Matoran Universe. One surviving legend tells of how they fought each other for possession of the Kanohi Mask of Creation, and how Artakha won the battle, leaving Karzahni the Kanohi Olisi—the Mask of Alternate Futures. Karzahni and his brother Artakha were then given specific duties to perform in the universe, and they both constructed realms where they were able to rule as they wished. Artakha made his a refuge for all good Matoran, a place where no darkness could enter (his realm was named Artakha, after him), but Karzahni made his realm a place where Matoran could come and be repaired when they were injured, and also where Matoran who did poor work were sent—a place which later became a realm of darkness and despair (it was named Karzahni). Both lands were later lost and forgotten, except in vague Matoran legend and myth.

During this period in Matoran prehistory, the Great Beings took some of the same substance from which they had formed the Matoran and used it to make a new form of life, later called Krana. Fully organic in nature, they later served as the minds of the mechanical Bohrok swarms (which came into existence much later). A consequence of this act of creation was the formation of the Zyglak -hideous lizard-like creatures, embodying an evil nature in opposition to that of the Matoran (who are, in a way, kindred with them). It was at this point in history that a protecting force was needed to defend the Matoran from evil and violence. And thus, the organization called the Hand of Artakha was formed. Made up of various heroic and powerful beings, including the mighty Axonn and the weapons-master Hydraxon - and apparently centered in the realm of Artakha—this group stood for the principles of justice and courage later exemplified by Toa.

The Founding of Metru Nui

When these things had been accomplished, the Great Beings set themselves to a new task—the founding of what was later to be called Metru Nui, the City of Legends. The Great Beings laid the foundations for this focal point of the Matoran Universe and gave the Matoran the job of building the great city. It was at this time that the Great Beings created the first Toa, Helryx, in Artakha and at last began the ancient process by which chosen Matoran could rise to the title of hero and fulfill their destinies as protectors of good in the universe. Helryx was sent to the partially constructed Metru Nui, where she assisted the Matoran in building first the Ta-Metru, and then the Ga-Metru districts of the city. The first of the creatures called Rahi—sea creatures of immense size and power—were then created to inhabit the depths of the Silver Sea. These were followed by the creation of smaller and more unique Rahi, the first of which was later called the Pit War Tortoise. The Matoran Universe was at last filled, and the various lands were nearing completion as the Matoran colonized their homes across the continents and islands. It was at this time that the Av-Matoran entered into and colonized Karda Nui, the Core of the Universe.

Departure of the Great Beings

The forging of the Kanohi Ignika

At this pivotal point in history, the Great Beings undertook their last creation and forged the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life. Heated by undying fires and cooled in caverns of ice, the Mask of Life housed the power over all life in the universe, and its fate could shape the destiny of all the Great Beings' creations. As the Matoran labored throughout the universe, two Great Beings brought the Ignika down to the Southern Continent, where they hid it in secret, and where it was preserved safely for many ages beneath the volcano Mount Valmai, guarded by the being called Umbra, waiting for its destined wearer to arrive, and for its own destiny to be fulfilled. It was with this final act of creation that the Great Beings finished the universe they had begun, and departed, perhaps forever.

However, not all the Great Beings departed the universe. One Great Being was curious about the inner workings of the robot, and transferred his consciousness into a Matoran body. He took the name Velika and began masquerading as a Po-Matoran in order to observe the universe's workings. He was responsible for the development of sapience and culture among the Matoran and other nanotech inhabitants of the universe.

The Coming of Mata Nui

Soon thereafter, the Great Spirit Mata Nui, who had been present at the very beginning of the universe, yet had laid dormant, was "brought to life", replacing the being Tren Krom, who was imprisoned on an island and was lost to myth. At this time in history, legend recounts how the Matoran "labored in darkness" and lived in sorrow. Those workers who were efficient and capable were rewarded and sent to live in the realm of Artakha, called the Great Refuge, to work safely and happily in the light, while Matoran who were damaged or lazy were sent to the dark realm of Karzahni, where they were supposed to be repaired and taught to work better. Though it was Karzahni's task to repair these Matoran, he was not at all proficient at it. He failed to repair the Matoran correctly, so instead Karzahni simply rebuilt these Matoran into new forms. However, it was apparent that these re-constructed Matoran were weaker and looked hideous and deformed. To compensate for this, Karzahni gave them weapons to defend themselves. Disappointed by his horrible work, Karzahni refused to send them back to where they came from and instead sent them to the Southern Continent, or Mainland, where they lived their lives in seclusion. The Turaga of these lost Matoran in their respective homelands soon noticed that the Matoran they sent to Karzahni did not return, and, as such, they stopped sending Matoran to him. Frustrated by this lack of work, Karzahni became bitter and angry, blaming the Matoran for his failures, deluding himself into thinking that they were not destined to be repaired. Karzahni then held captive what Matoran he had left, enslaving them in order to fortify his own realm for his now sinister purposes, and awaiting any stray Matoran who might wander into his traps.

The Makuta

During this time of change, the heroic Hand of Artakha was dissolved and replaced by the growing numbers of Toa in the universe. Many of its members were then recruited into the Order of Mata Nui, an organization formed and commissioned as the secret servants of the Great Spirit's will. Soon after, the powerful race of beings called Makuta, including Teridax, was created by Mata Nui. They joined together into the Brotherhood of Makuta, whose task it was to devise and modify beings (specifically Rahi) to keep the universe running smoothly. The city of Metru Nui was fully completed at this time, and The Brotherhood was sworn to protect the Matoran who lived there and throughout the universe. The first alliance of Toa into a cohesive team was then made—a tradition that would endure for the rest of history—and the first Toa Canisters were built by the Matoran as transport for Toa.

Around this period in time, the first Toa team was formed. While fighting a group of Zyglak, the team's leader, Lesovikk, hesitated for a moment and as a result all of the other members of the team were killed. Guilt-ridden, Lesovikk then began traveling the universe.

Creation of the Toa Mata

At this time the six Toa later named the Toa Mata were created in the realm of Artakha, and were awakened to life on the island of Daxia, the headquarters of the Order of Mata Nui. These Toa, named for their respective elements and considered avatars of those elements, were created directly, and never lived as Matoran. This was because their destiny was unique amongst all Toa in history, though at that time they did not know it, and they served for a time as protectors of the Av-Matoran of Karda Nui.

During their active time in Karda Nui, the Toa Mata were trained expertly by the weapons-master Hydraxon in preparation for their ultimate purpose. Eventually Tahu, the leader of the team, and Kopaka, tired of being kept from the truth of their destinies, together sought out the first Toa, Helryx, demanding to be told the reason for their existence. Helryx then finally revealed to them their crucial purpose, telling them of the mysterious Codrex, a giant, silver sphere created by the Great Beings in Karda Nui where their journey would begin.

At last it came time for the Toa Mata to be called to their true destiny. Together they entered the Codrex, at which time Tahu and Kopaka related to their fellow Toa that they were to be put into six Toa Canisters and placed in stasis. There they were destined to wait sleeping until they were summoned, if the Great Spirit were ever overthrown, and to restore Mata Nui, saving the universe from eternal darkness. After this failsafe was put in place, the beings called the Bahrag twins, queens of the Bohrok swarms, were brought into being, and were sent into slumber along with the Swarms, awaiting the time of their awakening.

The League of Six Kingdoms

Metru Nui, the City of Legends

Almost ninety-five millennia before the present time, the Great Spirit Mata Nui saw fit to create six new species of intelligent life, each with their own unique traits and abilities. Amongst the newly formed races Mata Nui had created, he eventually chose six individual beings to lead and rule, and whose task it was to keep and uphold peace and order throughout the Matoran Universe. These new leaders, named Pridak, Kalmah, Mantax, Ehlek, Carapar, and Takadox, gathered together six great armies and began a massive military campaign, conquering all before them, that would eventually form an empire spanning most of the known universe. They were called the Barraki, meaning "warlords" in the Matoran Language.

The campaign of the Barraki lasted for nearly a thousand years, and after that the six Barraki formed an alliance with one another called the League of Six Kingdoms. Led overall by Pridak, this league lasted for more than fourteen millennia before it was dissolved. As the Barraki exercised their power as some of the most prominent political and military figures in the universe, it became apparent that the methods they used to accomplish their goals were far from peaceful, and arose instead from a desire for the acquisition of wealth, tyrannical domination, and, yet more sinister, the overthrow of the Great Spirit himself. Their power ultimately corrupted them. Seeing what was happening to them, the Brotherhood quickly hired Takadox as a spy on the League.

So it was that the supremacy and rule of the Barraki turned from the preservation of order to the domination of life. The Warlords spread their control across the universe, seizing all within their grasp, and ruling with cruel, iron fists. During this time, approximately the mid-point of the reign of the Warlords, the rulers of Metru Nui forged a trade agreement with the Barraki in exchange for sovereignty and freedom from the direct rule of the League.

This totalitarian state of affairs continued for another seven millennia, until the Brotherhood of Makuta, under the leadership of the Makuta Miserix, took matters into its own hands. They had heard from Takadox that the Barraki were planning to overthrow Mata Nui himself. The Brotherhood had cooperated with the League since its formation by Pridak, supplying Rahi to the kingdoms of the Barraki, but now the Warlords had gone too far. The limitless armies of the Brotherhood poured from their strongholds. Accompanied by the forces of the Toa and led by the powerful Makuta Teridax, the might of the Brotherhood overwhelmed the Barraki in a final surprise attack. Their armies defeated and driven away, the six Warlords were brought bound before Teridax. It was at this moment that the Barraki, pleading for their lives, revealed to the Makuta their ultimate desire to overthrow the Great Spirit. Teridax rejected their treasonous offers, and sentenced them to execution for their crimes against Mata Nui, but was going to spare Takadox for giving the Brotherhood such valuable information time and time again. But before this could take place, a strange being calling himself Botar appeared suddenly before the Makuta, wrapped the Barraki in bonds of energy, and vanished, taking the defeated Warlords with him to serve an unknown, eternal punishment. Teridax only later discovered the nature of this mysterious being: a member of the Order of Mata Nui, the secret servants of the Great Spirit's will. Botar had taken the Barraki to serve an eternal sentence in the Pit, a prison to hold those judged irredeemable. Thus the Barraki faded from history, for a time, and although they were now forgotten, their ideas remained in the mind of Teridax, the first seeds of what was to one day become the darkest and most destructive plot in the history of the universe.

Gorast and Mutran were dispatched to clean up the League's fortress. While working on Kalmah's, Mutran noticed something very strange: the Blade Burrowers that he had created for Kalmah seemed to be making an endless map. Mutran would at one point in the future try to have a Toa wearing a Rau to try and find out what they are building, but the creatures themselves do not seem to know what they are making, only that they must.

Creation of the Dark Hunters

On an island full of darkness, yet peaceful, the being later codenamed Ancient decided to rebel against the strict laws of his home, and began to do dirty work for the highest bidder. This series of rebellious doings quickly started a civil war.

After the war ended, another denizen on the island approached him with the idea of creating an organization doing just what Ancient had done: do dirty work for good pay. Thus, the idea of the Dark Hunters, one of the most infamous organizations in history, was born.

The two discovered an island entitled Odina, and forcibly removed its inhabitants. They built a heavily fortified base on the island. The group would quickly grow in number, consisting of groups of corrupted beings; rogue Toa, bestial tyrants, sadistic murderers, convicted criminals, insane wanderers, and anyone who was corrupt. This group became known as the Dark Hunters.

The Great Disruption

A time of subdued chaos followed these momentous events. With the fall of the League of Six Kingdoms, one of the most powerful and influential forces in the universe, a vacuum of leadership was created. Strife, malcontent, and disorder spread across the lands, reaching into the very heart of Matoran civilization: Metru Nui itself. Thus, five hundred years after the defeat of the Barraki, the period known as the Great Disruption began. Heralded by the Matoran Civil War, the Great Disruption marked a dark time for the universe. The war had began when the Po-Matoran and Ta-Matoran had arguments over trade and boundaries. The Stone Matoran later sank a barge to Ta-Metru. The Ga-Matoran and Onu-Matoran joined the Fire Matoran, while the Ko-Matoran and Le-Matoran aided the Po-Matoran. The Matoran ceased their labors in Metru Nui, the city descended into violence, and the Great Spirit Mata Nui was greatly weakened. For four hundred years this war raged, until, once again, the Brotherhood of Makuta intervened to remedy the situation. The forces of the Brotherhood—led yet again by the Makuta Teridax—quickly subdued the opposing sides in a violent conflict called the Archives Massacre, and captured the Matoran War Leaders, who then secretly vanished: sent away to the depths of the Pit for all eternity. The bloody methods employed by the Makuta, lacking any thought for the preservation of life, sparked enduring distrust between the Matoran and the Brotherhood.

Mount Valmai

The consequences of the Great Disruption were far more widespread than anyone realized: the Great Spirit had been so greatly weakened by the events of the Civil War that he now neared death. So it was that a Toa of Magnetism called Jovan was charged with leading a group of his fellow Toa to the heart of the Southern Continent, to the raging volcano called Mount Valmai. Beneath the fiery mountain, Jovan and his team discovered a maze of passageways filled with a host of trials, and were tested time and again by the guardians of the mountain's secret. They proved themselves worthy, and at last came to the Chamber of Life, in which waited the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life. Placed there by the Great Beings long ages ago, the Ignika had waited for one destined to take and use it, and its bearer had come. The group of Toa took the Ignika from its chamber—those who were not destined to bear the mask suffering the consequences of touching it—and traveled even farther down beneath the surface of the Continent, eventually arriving in Karda Nui: the Core of the Universe. The Toa who was destined to wear the Ignika did so, fearfully and with regret in his heart, and was consumed by the energies of the Mask. His life energy was channeled through the mask and was used to replenish the life of the dying Great Spirit. The death of their fellow Toa and the fearful power of the Ignika shocked and terrified the remaining members of the group, who hurriedly returned the mask to its chamber and left in fear and awe. Only Jovan chose to stay. Giving up his power for the greater good and becoming a Turaga, he settled amongst the Matoran who lived near Mount Valmai. His destiny was fulfilled and the utter destruction of the universe averted.

The Kanohi Ignika

The Plan

Mutran was once again given a mission, this time making sure Tren Krom did not pose a threat to the universe. After arriving on his island, he was immediately taken and knowledge was forced out of Mutran's mind, but in the process, a bit of Tren Krom's knowledge was given to Mutran. Waking up on the rocky shore, Mutran sailed back to Destral. Then he shared his new knowledge with Teridax. He immediately called a convocation.

All the Makuta on the island came to it. Teridax proclaimed that with this knowledge, the Makuta could take control of the universe. Miserix said that the idea put into action could destroy the universe, and that Teridax was trying to overthrow him. They took a vote: Teridax as leader, or Miserix. Some Makuta sided with Miserix, but more agreed with Teridax's idea. Seeing they were outnumbered, the Miserix supporters quickly mover to Teridax's side. Spiriah and Krika were ordered to kill Miserix. But neither of them had the heart. Spiriah left it to Krika, who managed to sneak Miserix onto Artidax.

Over the course of the next year, Gorast and Icarax killed the Makuta who had sided with Miserix during the convocation.

Transformation of the Skakdi

At this time, Spiriah realized that the Skakdi could be an army for the Brotherhood. So he used viruses to alter them, giving them special abilities, and elemental powers if they worked together. Spiriah decided to take a short leave, and left some Visorak to maintain order on the island. However, the Skakdi turned against the spiders, and then themselves.

When Spiriah returned, he did so to what appeared to be a war zone. He was banished from the Brotherhood for killing a race, replacing them with horrible monsters who did nothing but destroy.

Time Slip

Millennia later, the Order of Mata Nui hid several Av-Matoran all across the Matoran Universe. It was during this time that Takua was placed in Metru Nui, disguised as a Ta-Matoran. Mata Nui himself then erased the memories of the approximate six month period that it took the Order of Mata Nui to complete this task.

Evolution of the Makuta

At some time, Makuta Bitil was in a conference with some fellow Makuta, and after being angered, threw his axe at the wall. When he tried to pick it up he found that, strangely, he could not move his body, and to their horror the other Makuta found that they too were unable to move. After regaining control of his body, Makuta Chirox took some of Kojol's armor off, discovering a greenish mist underneath, some of which Chirox took. After much testing, Chirox revealed that the Makuta had evolved, becoming a substance called Antidermis. He also told the assembled Makuta that if their armor was breached, the Antidermis could escape and spread out, causing the Makuta to die. Shortly after hearing this, Teridax ordered the Nynrah Ghosts to make stronger suits of armor to house their Antidermis.

At some later time, Mutran was wandering the halls in the Destral Fortress when he was stopped by an Exo-Toa. Mutran was then thrown down the hallway by the Exo-Toa, who revealed that he was in fact Makuta Chirox. Chirox went on to explain that because the Makuta were now energy, they could control a robot or being that is dead inside. He then fired a missile at Mutran, who subsequently walked over to the Exo-Toa and tore its arm off. Cursing Mutran in his mind, Chirox returned to his regular armor in another room.

Turaga Dume's Rule

Over forty millennia passed uneventfully on Metru Nui, until a lone Turaga named Dume was named leader of the City of Legends. An experienced elder who had served as a Toa for more than two thousand years, (while beginning his life as a Toa, saving a Matoran named Lhikan) Dume ruled Metru Nui justly and wisely.

Dume later had a helping hand, when Lhikan became a Toa.

The Makoki Stone

A little less than eight years later, a group of Toa got together, including Lhikan, and decided that they would create a stone detailing the powers of a Makuta, their location, and other essentials about the Makuta. These were Toa that did not trust the Brotherhood. They carved a stone detailing just what they had decided on, and hid it in a heavily guarded fortress, unknowingly near a Frostelus camp.

A few months later, the Shadowed One ordered a tall, winged Dark Hunter to obtain the stone, knowing it was an almost priceless artifact. While on his way to the Toa base, the Hunter, for unknown reasons, told the Skakdi Hakann about his mission. Hakann thought the same idea as the Shadowed One, and hired another Skakdi, Vezok, to help him obtain it. The two raced up the mountain, and encountered their first guard. They quickly knocked him out, and propped him against the wall. Then, continuing, they saw a number of guards guarding a chamber. Vezok chucked Hakann at them, and they took action. Vezok slipped past them easily. Then, he came to the room where it was kept. He took it, although he did not know what it was. He escaped the fortress, barely, and he was congratulated on his escape by a floating figure. Ancient took the stone, knocked out Vezok, and they sailed for the island of Odina. Hakann escaped, but was captured by Dark Hunters shortly.

Then, the Frostelus attacked the fortress. A Toa told Lhikan to take the stone and escape; but it was too late. The stone was far from the island and his teammates were killed. That day, Lhikan swore never to run away from anything ever again.

Leadership of Dume

Under the leadership of Turaga Dume, Metru Nui became a center of innovation and invention. The Archives of Onu-Metru, a massive museum and catalog of all known species and objects in the universe, were expanded and improved. New technologies, such as the Kanoka disks, were invented, along with improved methods for forging Kanohi. Security and peace were maintained with the invention of robotic order enforcement squads. The Matoran Nuparu was responsible for designing these police forces, first inventing the Kralhi, who were later replaced by the more efficient Vahki.

A Kralhi

The Attack of the Kanohi Dragon

The Dark Hunters, led by the mysterious being called the Shadowed One and formed more than three thousand years prior, had grown in power and influence. Acting as mercenaries, thieves, and assassins, the Hunters were driven by their own greed, ambition, and thirst for power. And thus the thoughts of the Shadowed One were bent upon Metru Nui, the city of wealth and the seat of Matoran civilization. With this goal in mind, the first of the Dark Hunters' many attempts to rule the City of Legends came about. Three Hunters, Reidak, Vezok, and Avak, were sent to free a monstrous creature, known only as the Kanohi Dragon, from a prison of ice far beneath the waters of the Silver Sea. Trapped there long ago after it had attacked the City of Legends for the first time, the beast had remained dormant for countless millennia.

The Kanohi Dragon

But now, awakened from its ageless slumber, the enraged Dragon emerged from the depths in a blast of heat and flame. And sensing the energy radiating from the power sources of Metru Nui, it swam secretly toward the city, eventually burrowing its way up through the underground Archives. Wreathed in fire and smoke, the Kanohi Dragon emerged onto the surface in an explosion of flame and destruction to renew its long-delayed attack upon the city, wreaking havoc amongst the tall towers and buildings. Eventually the beast made its way into the Great Furnace of Ta-Metru, where it settled to rest and absorb the immense heat. Turaga Dume immediately sent out messages calling for help and summoned the Toa Mangai to confront the terrible monster. The Toa arrived just in time to save Turaga Dume from the three Dark Hunters, who were attempting to blackmail the Turaga into securing a base for them in the city. The Hunters escaped, leaving the Toa to confront the Kanohi Dragon alone.

And after a long and tiring battle, they succeeded. The four Toa of Ice froze the Kanohi Dragon in an immense block of ice, putting a final end to its destruction. The subdued dragon was taken to the island of Xia, where it was given to the Vortixx for imprisonment. The eleven Toa then decided to remain in the city to defend against the growing threat of the Dark Hunters.

Tuyet's Betrayal

During this time, nearly three thousand years before the creation of the Toa Inika, a rash of inexplicable Matoran murders occurred in Metru Nui. At this time, Toa Lhikan, Nidhiki and Tuyet were the only Toa in the city, with the rest away on missions. All the victims were found with a tablet inscribed with the name Toa Tuyet. Tuyet, the Toa of Water, responded to Lhikan's investigation by revealing that the Dark Hunters were pursuing her, believing that she possessed an artifact of great power - the Nui Stone. Tuyet denied having it, and also told Lhikan that they had blackmailed her into turning over the Nui Stone in a number of days or more Matoran would die. Each murder was a part of the countdown. The next day Lhikan and Nidhiki encountered and captured three Hunters. But despite their success, another Matoran was killed. Nidhiki realized that Tuyet was the murderer, and Lhikan immediately went to confront her. Tuyet then revealed that she did, in fact, possess the Nui Stone, and used its powers of Toa Power absorption to enhance her elemental abilities. She attacked Lhikan, intending to use her powers to set herself up as sole ruler of Metru Nui. Nidhiki and Lhikan were able to defeat her and Lhikan blasted the Stone with fire, destroying it. Tuyet was imprisoned, and, during her captivity, she was taken by the being called Botar, who worked for the Order of Mata Nui. The Order placed her in a Toa-less alternate universe where she could be interrogated about the Nui Stone. The Order also took a Tuyet from another alternate universe and placed her in the Pit as a decoy.

Underwater Rahi Project

One day, many strange sea creatures suddenly arrived on Metru Nui. The Vahki led them to a cave below the Archives, where they were studied in secret by the archivists Whenua, Onepu, and Mavrah. But the sea creatures grew restless, and damaged much of the Archives. Turaga Dume ordered them to be driven away, but the creatures fled the city, led by Mavrah, who had a great passion for the Rahi.

The Toa-Dark Hunter War

After that, the Shadowed One, ruler of the Dark Hunters, still wished to establish a base for his mercenary organization in Metru Nui. But, Dume refused, knowing that the Dark Hunters were a sinister group.

The Shadowed One

This refusal led to a great war between the Toa and the Dark hunters, with Toa Lhikan leading the forces of the Toa. The war was fought valiantly with many Toa giving their lives for Metru Nui. But eventually the overwhelming numbers of the Dark Hunters wore against them. During this volatile time, a Dark Huntress named Lariska convinced Toa Nidhiki to betray his brothers and join the Dark Hunters. Nidhiki eventually gave in and struck a deal with Lariska, thinking he would soon be able to rule the city he had once protected. The traitorous Nidhiki now brought word to the remaining Toa that the Dark Hunters had established a base in a canyon in the region of Po-Metru. One quick, hard strike, he said, and the war would be over. Led by Lhikan, the Toa entered this canyon, only to have the Dark Hunters ambush them. Lhikan had known of Nidhiki's betrayal and at his signal, hundreds of Toa rose from the tops of the canyon walls, surrounding the Dark Hunters. Lhikan honorably let his enemies go, on the terms that they never return to Metru Nui and also that they take Nidhiki with them. As a Dark Hunter, Nidhiki trained Dark Hunters on the Dark Hunter's island base. It was here that he met Krekka, a great hulking brutish Hunter. The Shadowed One soon partnered Krekka with Nidhiki, confident that Krekka would follow the Shadowed One's commands, whereas Nidhiki might betray him just as he had betrayed the Toa.

This partnership continued for a long while, both Hunters tolerating each other's company, until one day a stranger named Roodaka appeared on the Dark Hunter's island, seeking training from the Hunters. Nidhiki approached her, offering his talent in exchange for her help in freeing himself from the Hunters' grasp, for he had become weary of his life in the organization. Roodaka, being a dishonest and traitorous being, secretly used the report of Nidhiki's discontent to buy her training from the Shadowed One. But the leader of the Dark Hunters demanded more, telling her that Nidhiki had to be stripped of his dreams as a "Toa" once and for all. Roodaka then used her Rhotuka abilities on Nidhiki, mutating him into a hideous four-legged creature, bereft of his elemental powers and with no choice but to submit to the Dark Hunters' will.

Corruption of the Makuta

Toa Hagah Iruini and Norik escaping the fortress with the Avohkii

As the Makuta began planning their conquest, the Toa Hagah were tasked as Teridax's personal bodyguards. Protecting him from harm, the Toa Hagah believed they were performing an honorable deed. Soon, though, Toa Iruini left, believing that they did not spend enough time dealing with problems that plagued the Matoran. Soon after this, the Toa Hagah discovered the truth. Four of the remaining Hagah were captured, and subsequently turned into "Rahaga", bestial creatures, by the ruthless Roodaka. Toa Norik, the only free Toa remaining, sought out Iruini, and captured the Kanohi Avohkii from the Makuta, originally stolen by the Makuta as well. At the fortress of Destral, they found their fellow Toa, and freed them, however, in the process, the two Toa themselves were transformed. With the Avohkii, the Rahaga escaped to Metru Nui, taking refuge in the Archives.

Approximately 1,300 years ago, Teridax infected the Great Spirit with a virus, which would gradually render the Great Spirit comatose.

The Makuta began a covert genocide of all Toa of Iron, afraid of the Toa's potential to damage their armor.

Continuing to enact his grand plan, Teridax imprisoned Turaga Dume, and impersonated him. He brought a Rahi, Nivawk, to help him spy on the city. Teridax gradually called all the Toa away to secure sea gates, where they were killed by a hired Dark Hunter, Eliminator. Metru Nui's Chronicler, Kodan, was also killed on one of these missions. Teridax had also hired Nidhiki and Krekka, who helped him in various tasks in Metru Nui.

Eventually, only Toa Lhikan remained, and began to grow suspicious of "Turaga Dume". He began to make plans to bestow his Toa Power on six Matoran. Teridax anticipated this, and telepathically influenced Lhikan to pick six Matoran whom the stars did not say were destined to be Toa. However, this was a ploy executed by Mata Nui and his Order that resulted in Lhikan choosing the correct Matoran after all. These six would soon become the Toa Metru and save the heart Metru Nui from the cataclysm to come.