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"My time is coming. I was made for war."
— Tobduk, Brothers In Arms

Order of Mata Nui
Kanohi Great Sanok
Powers Anger absorption
Mental shielding
Tools Staff
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Toab-duck[1]

Tobduk is a senior member of the Order of Mata Nui.


Tobduk was a resident on a small island south of Nynrah. Makuta Chirox later arrived on the island and created the Visorak species, and unleashed his creations on Tobduk's village more than 75,000 years ago.[2] Tobduk and a few others managed to escape to the island of Nynrah, and traveled from there to Stelt. The encounter changed his personality, and when he was hired by the Order of Mata Nui, they renamed him "Tobduk," a Matoran word meaning "survivor."[3]

Tobduk was also one of the three Order of Mata Nui members to provide information for the formation of an atlas, researching and providing carvings for the entries on the realms of Artakha and Karzahni in particular.[4]

When Artakha requested that the Order destroy any evidence to the whereabouts of his island, Tobduk was placed in charge of the operation. Tobduk arranged and executed the deaths of several beings in the universe, including several members of the Order of Mata Nui. He also manipulated a virus brought by Makuta Kojol to Xia; the virus devoured Kojol's armor when he attempted to demonstrate its ability,[5] and his Antidermis was later obliterated by a furnace elsewhere on the island.[6] Tobduk recovered the virus for future use.

During his time with the Order, the Ko-Matoran Mazeka sparred with Tobduk on several occasions as part of his training, although Tobduk always defeated him by feeding off of Mazeka's growing frustration. When Toa Helryx left Daxia in order to assist with the war efforts, she left Tobduk in charge. While in Helryx's private chambers, Tobduk was confronted by Mazeka, who demanded the whereabouts of Vultraz. Tobduk bid the Ko-Matoran assist him in a task before he would divulge the information.[5]

Tobduk and Mazeka traveled to Destral and infiltrated the fortress vault, the location of their targets, Vezon and Makuta Tridax. Hidden in the shadows, Tobduk released the armor-eating virus, which devoured Tridax's armor.[7] While Mazeka moved to kill Vezon, Tobduk annihilated Tridax's essence with his staff. When Mazeka returned, claiming to have killed Vezon, the two departed Destral, even as the fortress began to crumble.[3] Tobduk then gave Mazeka directions to Vultraz's destination: Karda Nui.[8]

When Teridax was killed and the Matoran Universe critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Tobduk evacuated the Matoran Universe for Spherus Magna.[9][10]

Abilities and Traits

Tobduk has the power to become stronger by feeding on an opponent's or his own anger, and as such is in a perpetual rage. He is at least ten feet tall and appears to be very lean, but is actually quite muscular.[5] As with all Order members, his mind is shielded from telepathy and mental assault.[3]

Mask and Tools

Tobduk wears a Great Kanohi Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy. It allows him to turn almost anything into a projectile weapon and hit almost any target accurately.[5]

Tobduk's staff

Tobduk also carries a Protosteel dagger which is kept in a sheath on his hip, and a staff fashioned with a shape of a Doom Viper's head as its top. The shaft of the staff is covered in Matoran symbols and is capable of blasting white-hot energy.[3]


"The most dangerous enemy of the Makuta? Get ready, you're just about to meet him."
— Tobduk to Makuta Tridax, Destiny War

"I made it off the island … a few others did, too … and got to Nynrah, and from there, to Stelt. By the time we made it there, the horror of all I had seen had … changed me. When my new friends took me in, they named me ‘Tobduk,’ which I hear means ‘survivor.’ Their idea of a joke, I guess. Cause, you see, I didn’t survive. I don’t even know who I used to be. I’m not who I was … and I’m not what the Order wanted to make me. I am no one."
— Tobduk to Makuta Tridax, Brothers In Arms



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