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History of Spherus Magna
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The following timeline presents the events taking place leading up to the Shattering.

At Least 265,000 Years Ago

  • On the planet of Spherus Magna, the Great Beings are the rulers of the highly advanced warrior and Agori civilizations, operating out of the fortress in the area which would become the Valley of the Maze.[1][2]
  • A being called Annona tries to drive the Great Beings into madness, but ends up inspiring them to create. Annona is forced deep underground.[3]

265,000 Years Ago

  • Lein, an Agori of the Jungle Tribe establishes the first trading post in the Great Jungle and becomes highly successful. The location where he established a port, a ford in the river, is named Lein's Drift after him.[4] He later dies of natural causes.[5][6]

150,000 Years Ago

  • The Great Beings create a giant prototype robot but the project fails because its power source is too unstable.[7] Pieces of the giant robot litter the Great Barren.[8]

103,000 Years Ago

  • The Iron Tribe is decimated by a plague, caused by Annona.[9] The lack of being able to dream consequently drives them mad.
  • The leader of the tribe pleads for assistance from the other tribes, but receives none.
  • The survivors, which include the Agori Sahmad and the warrior Telluris, are ostracized by the other tribes for fear of infection, blaming the plague on the Iron Tribe's reverence of the Skopio.
  • Telluris proposes to change their armor color to orange to try and become accepted in society, though the effort fails.[10]

Sometime between 103,000 Years Ago and 101,000 Years Ago

The Element Lords

Sometime between 103,000 Years Ago and 100,200 Years Ago

  • Energized Protodermis is discovered underground by the Earth Tribe. The Element Lord of Earth decides to wait for the substance to leak onto the surface of Spherus Magna, believing that it would lead the other tribes to war and planning to swoop in when they were weakened so she could claim it for herself.[13]
  • Energized Protodermis eventually leaks from the core of Spherus Magna to the surface. It is discovered by two Agori of the Ice Tribe who also accidentally discover its unique and powerful properties.
  • The Earth Tribe subtly encourages the Ice Tribe to keep Energized Protodermis for themselves.[13]
  • The Element Lords expect that it will be shared evenly among the tribes. Instead, as a consequence of the Earth Tribe's influence, the Element Lord of Ice builds walls around the spring, sparking old enmities between the leaders.
  • Conscripting members of the warrior class of Spherus Magna, the Element Lords engage in open warfare over possession of the substance. The Great Beings attempt in vain to negotiate with the Element Lords to stop the war, dubbed the Core War.[1]
  • The Great Beings begin creation of the Great Spirit Robot. They design it using the templates of their old failed prototype, but using an alternative power source.[14]

Sometime between 103,000 Years Ago and 100,000 Years Ago

  • The Skrall are eventually drawn into the conflict by the Element Lord of Rock, and fight led by members of their leader class.[15]
  • The Earth Tribe remains neutral to the war, claiming to fear its destructive outcome while secretly undermining any attempt to end the conflict.[13]
  • Previously created by the Great Beings, the Iron Wolves are used in battle and trained by Surel of the Ice Tribe.[16]
  • During a major battle in the Forest of Blades, a number of soldiers are merged within the trees by the power of the Element Lord of Jungle.[17]
  • Vastus commands the Jungle Tribe and leads multiple sabotage operations that are successful. However an accident causes an avalanche during one mission that kills a large number of civilian Agori.[18]
  • Gelu and Surel defect from the Ice Tribe after becoming disillusioned by the war. Surel however finds himself in another battle in the White Quartz Mountains and is later assumed dead for many years.[19][16]
  • Forces of the Jungle Tribe fight against and are wiped out by a Rock Tribe patrol lead by Stronius.[20]
  • Raanu and Kyry are sent by the Great Beings to get a sample of Energized Protodermis.
  • Receiving and studying the sample of the Energized Protodermis, the Great Beings realize that the properties of the substance could destroy the planet if tapped into directly.[1]
  • The Great Beings create the baterra, a class of violent, mechanical assassins designed to kill any being they find carrying a weapon, in an attempt to bring the Core War to an end.[1]
  • The Water Tribe and Fire Tribe, lead by Tarix and Ackar, clash in the Great Jungle at the Field of Mist.
  • Tarix leads the charge at a battle fought at Lein's Drift.[21]
  • Perditus discovers plans for the Thornatus V9. He creates it, and several replica Thornatus are made.[22]
Construction of the Great Spirit Robot

100,000 years ago

  • Several weeks before the conclusion of the war, Certavus and an Ice Tribe force defeat several Sand Tribe fighters, but are ambushed by Skrall.
  • Tarix leads a Water Tribe force to take advance of the ambush, and form a temporary alliance with a Jungle Tribe squad led by Vastus.
  • The combined forces search for supposed Ice Tribe tunnels, and hide at the entrance when Malum and a Fire Tribe army enters the area.
  • Vastus frames Tarix for attacking Malum, drawing Tarix and Malum's forces into a battle. Certavus's squad ends the battle, and all three squads disperse.[23]
  • Days before the conclusion of the war, Ackar participates in the deadly Battle of Iron Canyon, in which armies hide and seek each other out in the dangerous terrain near Vulcanus.[24]
  • Stronius leads a strong assault against the Ice Tribe and the spring, weakening their defenses. However, this allows the Fire Tribe direct access to the spring.[20]
  • The Fire Tribe finally manages to gain control of the Energized Protodermis spring, and quickly and imprudently begin draining it, causing structural damage to the planet. They ignore the warnings of Raanu, who tries to stop them.[1]
  • The Great Beings create Marendar and place it in a vault beneath Bara Magna.[25][26]
  • When construction of the Matoran Universe is complete, Mata Nui leaves Spherus Magna and begins his mission.[1]
  • Velika, a Great Being, poses as a Matoran Universe inhabitant, and enters Mata Nui as he departs Spherus Magna.[27][28]
  • Spherus Magna suffers from the Shattering, creating the new planets of Bara Magna, Aqua Magna and Bota Magna.[1]


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