Civil War on Zakaz

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"A Skakdi who commands a place where three or more stones are still stacked together is considered a power to be reckoned with."
— A member of the Order of Mata Nui, World

Civil War on Zakaz
Witnesses Skakdi
Time 75,000 years ago until the present
Significance Minor

The Civil War on Zakaz was a perennial conflict that devastated the island of Zakaz.


75,000 years ago, the Makuta overseeing Zakaz, Spiriah, began conducting experiments on the island's native Skakdi to modify them into soldiers. Due to Spiriah's tampering, the Skakdi began exhibiting new vision powers, and pairs of the beings could wield elemental powers when they worked in tandem. Spiriah left the island under the eyes of the Visorak, intending to return in time to inspect the results of his work.[1][2]

In Spiriah's absence, the Skakdi exterminated the Visorak that Spiriah had placed there. Society on Zakaz then devolved into chaos. The Skakdi, lacking restraint with their new powers, escalated minor conflicts into violent pandemonium. Systems of law and order crumbled until half of the island was engaged in all-out war with the other.[1]

By the time Teridax assumed control over the Matoran Universe, the civil war was still ongoing. Warlords, including Nektann, had carved out dominions on Zakaz.[3]


After the civil war broke out on Zakaz, the Brotherhood of Makuta deemed its experiment a failure and never recruited Skakdi into its forces in large numbers. The organization also quarantined Zakaz; Dark Hunters were some of the few beings bold enough to visit the island.[1]

For his mistake, Spiriah became a pariah among his fellow Makuta.[4] So disastrous was the experiment on Zakaz was Spiriah's very name became a slang term for failure.[5]


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