Arena Match of Ackar vs. Strakk

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"After what happened in the inn, I think a lot of Vulcanus Agori wouldn't mind seeing Strakk lose."
Metus, Raid on Vulcanus

Arena Match of Ackar vs. Strakk
Strakk vs. TarixTarix vs. Vastus
Arena Match
Conflict Dispute over resources
Tribes Fire Tribe
Ice Tribe
Combatants Ackar
Location Arena Vulcanus
Winner Ackar

The Arena Match of Ackar and Strakk was a fight between the Prime Glatorian of the Fire and Ice tribes.


The Arena Vulcanus

Vulcanus and Iconox were in an argument over resources. After the raid on Vulcanus, Raanu sought out the Glatorian recruiter Metus, and pleaded with him to acquire a new fighter for Vulcanus. Metus agreed, but charged him a hefty fee, and requested to promote the match between their Glatorian. He also noted that the Fire Tribe Agori would enjoy seeing Strakk be defeated after the massive amount of damage he caused to their inn. Agori from various tribes traveled to Vulcanus to watch the fight. After Strakk arrived in Vulcanus after delivering Exsidian, Metus finalized the match with Strakk, and Strakk agreed to fight Ackar.


Strakk arrived in Vulcanus, and was eventually put into the arena. Strakk attacked Ackar, ferociously striking at the Fire Tribe warrior. Ackar was able to counter most of the attacks, keeping Strakk at bay. The Ice Tribe warrior continued to press the assault, and Ackar blocked and dodged all of the blows, flipped onto a rock, and kicked Strakk back. Ackar then took the offensive, slicing with his blade and thrusting with his shield, and succeeded in landing several of the blows. One of Ackar's blows dislodged Strakk's shield from his grip, leaving him with only his axe. Strakk parried a strike with his axe, and the fighters exchanged several more blows. After failing to land a blow using only his weapon, Strakk was hit in the torso by Ackar's shield, sending the Ice Tribe Glatorian flying into a rock. Ackar pointed his sword at fallen Strakk, and demanded concession. After a period of hesitation, Strakk eventually admitted defeat, and Ackar claimed his opponent's shield in victory.


After Ackar had turned his back away from Strakk, the Ice Tribe warrior picked up his axe and hurled it at Ackar. Members of the crowd tried to warn Ackar, and he successfully stopped the axe with his shield. The force of the blow knocked him back, however, and he fell onto the ground. Strakk was preparing to strike at Ackar when Mata Nui leapt into the arena and knocked Strakk over. The Glatorian recovered quickly, and soon bested Mata Nui in combat. Mata Nui used the Vorox stinger tail he had acquired to defend himself, and in the course of the fight the stinger tail touched the Kanohi Ignika, becoming a brand new sword. Using the new weapon and his opponent's surprise to his advantage, Mata Nui disarmed Strakk and forced the treacherous warrior to admit defeat loud enough for the entire audience to hear. Strakk departed the arena, and Mata Nui was told by Ackar that the Ice Tribe warrior would be banished by the end of the week. Ackar offered Strakk's shield to Mata Nui, but Mata Nui refused it, as Ackar had truly won the match. The veteran warrior tossed the shield away, claiming that he had plenty of them.


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