Battle of the Toa Mangai

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"Don't do this! Remember what it is we stand for! Remember who you are!"
"I don't care about who I am! I care about who I will become!"
— Lhikan and Tuyet, The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet

Battle of the Toa Mangai
Conflict Tuyet attacks Lhikan and Nidhiki, who try to prevent her from using the Nui Stone
Combatants Tuyet
Lhikan and Nidhiki
Location Tuyet's dwelling in Metru Nui
Result Nui Stone seemingly destroyed, Tuyet imprisoned

The Battle of the Toa Mangai was a conflict between three of the Toa Mangai in Metru Nui after a series of murders supposedly performed by the Dark Hunters.



  • Prevent Lhikan and Nidhiki from taking the Nui Stone.
  • Use the Nui Stone to impose law and order in Metru Nui.

Lhikan and Nidhiki

  • Prevent Tuyet from using the Nui Stone.
  • Capture Tuyet for murdering innocent Matoran.


After Lhikan and Nidhiki subdued the Dark Hunters who were in Metru Nui, Lhikan deduced that Tuyet was the one truly behind the "countdown" of murdered Matoran. He went to her home and found the Nui Stone in a hidden compartment. Lhikan explained his deductions to Tuyet, who hit him with a blast of Water and took back the stone, explaining to Lhikan her intent to create law and order with the power of the Nui Stone. Lhikan berated Tuyet for forgetting their priority of protecting Matoran as she began to draw power from the stone.

At that moment, Nidhiki arrived, blasting away the door to Tuyet's dwelling with his Air powers. Lhikan made for the stone, but Tuyet used her new power to force him and Nidhiki away, destroying her home in the process. She then began to rise on a column of water. In response, Lhikan used his power to draw all the heat out of the water, turning it to ice, which Nidhiki smashed with a pole. Tuyet and the Nui stone fell; Lhikan moved to catch Tuyet while Nidhiki went for the stone. After catching Tuyet and binding her in chains of Fire, Lhikan blasted the Nui Stone with a fireball, causing it to hit the ground and shatter.


When the Nui Stone shattered, small pieces of it were embedded in Tuyet's armor; these pieces were still functional and continued to absorb Toa Power.

After being subdued, Tuyet was imprisoned in the Coliseum. Botar came later that night on behalf of the Order of Mata Nui and used a Kanohi Olmak to transport Tuyet to a pocket dimension without Toa for her to draw power from, while a duplicate Tuyet from another universe was imprisoned in the Pit as a decoy.

In the pocket dimension, the Order managed to recreate the Nui Stone from the shards in Tuyet's armor, and after 3,500 years, Tuyet managed to return to Metru Nui with it.