Conflict Between Karzahni and Teridax

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"I said, so this is Karzahni. Karzahni, the jailer of Matoran ... Karzahni, the would-be avatar of evil ... Karzahni, the fool ... and soon to be a dead fool."
Makuta Teridax as Maxilos, Dreams of Destruction

Conflict Between Karzahni and Teridax
Conflict Karzahni challenges Maxilos to obtain the Staff of Artakha
Combatants Karzahni
Teridax as Maxilos
Location Waters near Mahri Nui
Result Karzahni's mind destroyed, False Tuyet destroyed

The Conflict Between Karzahni and Teridax was a brief skirmish which occurred between the tyrant Karzahni and Makuta Teridax possessing a Maxilos.




  • Defeat Karzahni and continue traveling to obtain the Staff of Artakha to reconstruct the Nui Stone.


Karzahni was on his way to the Matoran village of Mahri Nui when he spotted Makuta Teridax in possession of a Maxilos robot, and two Toa, the Toa Mahri of Ice, Matoro, and an alternate version of former Toa Mangai Tuyet, reanimated by the power of Matoro's Kanohi Tryna, swimming away. When he overheard the Maxilos robot speaking about the Staff of Artakha, he attacked out of spite for Artakha, wishing to destroy the Staff.

First, Karzahni used one of his Flaming Chains to pull Teridax's Twin-Bladed Black Fire Sword out of his hand. He then struck at the alternate Tuyet, and shattered her to pieces. He then used his Kanohi Olisi to place a powerful vision of failure in Matoro's mind, preventing the Toa of Ice from fighting.

Karzahni ordered the robot to tell him about the Staff of Artakha, naming himself, to which Teridax gave an inaudible reply. Karzahni approached the robot, in an effort to hear its words, unaware that it was possessed by Teridax, and believing that it was no threat. Karzahni, impatient, ordered Teridax to speak louder in a threatening fashion, and then Teridax suddenly snatched Karzahni's throat with great speed and began to choke his enemy. Teridax began mocking Karzahni, and then revealed his identity as the leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, and threw Karzahni to the ground for destroying the body of Tuyet's decoy, not knowing that she was not the true Toa Mangai of Water, and delaying him. Karzahni rose with some difficulty and revealed his knowledge of Teridax's goals tauntingly, as he summoned armies of the crablike Rahi called the Manas.

Matoro, freed from Karzahni's illusion which had been broken by his loss of concentration, began hurling ice at the Rahi, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Teridax stood still as the Manas approached, then used his power of Rahi control to turn the half the Manas against each other, causing them to attack each other and destroying the army in minutes. As Teridax taunted Karzahni, Karzahni activated his Olisi again, using it to give Teridax a vision of what would happen if Mata Nui awakened and decided to take revenge against the Makuta. The pure terror Teridax experienced in the vision caused even him to scream.

However, Teridax recovered, and after a moment, struck back at Karzahni, shoving the being to the ground with his fist, and then, entering Karzahni's complicated mind, pondered the viable methods to attack for a few moments. He then gripped Karzahni's mind with his own and ripped it apart with a powerful mental attack, and finally used his power of Magnetism to hurl the dictator of Karzahni far off into the Black Water.


Toa Lesovikk witnessed the battle along with his Matoran companions Sarda and Idris, while they were tracking Karzahni down to kill him. They followed Karzahni and set up a trap to capture him, before which Karzahni trapped Lesovikk in a vision which the Toa eventually broke out of, in time to assist Sarda and Idris who were luring Karzahni into the trap, leading to the tyrant being imprisoned by the Order of Mata Nui.

Meanwhile, Teridax continued on with Matoro and Tuyet, retrieved the Staff of Artakha from Icarax and attempted to recreate the Nui Stone. Matoro attempted to stop him futilely, when Brutaka intervened, resulting in the Conflict Between Brutaka and Teridax.



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