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"Eons ago, I made the error of touching the Mask of Life. As a result, everything around me – furniture, equipment, rays of light – came to life. For their own safety, my fellow rulers imprisoned me. Now all I need fear are my living chains ... living blocks of stone ... and the screams of light as the darkness extinguishes it."
— The cursed Great Being to Vezon, Reign of Shadows

Cursed Great Being
Great Being
Powers Telepathy
Temporal stasis
Animation of inanimate objects
Tools Unknown
Status Alive
Location Bota Magna

The cursed Great Being is a Great Being cursed by the Kanohi Ignika, formerly imprisoned in Bota Magna.


The Kanohi Ignika

Over 100,000 years ago, the Great Beings forged the Kanohi Ignika and encased it in a golden shell. A Great Being was curious about the mask's power and touched it. In response, the mask shared its power with him, permanently cursing him to bring anything that he touched to life.[1] The cursed Great Being was driven insane by the pleas of his newly animated creations, and the other Great Beings locked him away in their fortress in Bota Magna[2] to prevent him from causing any more damage.[3]

After eons of imprisonment, the Great Being observed Vezon, who had been fused with a Kanohi Olmak. When Vezon arrived in the Spherus Magna Alternate Universe, the Great Being switched off the Olmak's power and froze time and space around Vezon before making telepathic contact. After the Great Being introduced himself, Vezon offered to free him from the fortress if the Great Being would release him.[4]

The Great Being deduced that Vezon was not powerful enough to free him, but instead sent Vezon to rescue a group of biomechanical beings cast out into space from the Great Spirit Robot. This group included Toa Helryx, Tuyet, and Lewa; Makuta Miserix; Artakha; Axonn and Brutaka; and the two Matoran Hafu and Kapura. The Great Being briefly restored Vezon's power, which he used to transport these beings into the Great Being's cell; the Great Being then switched off Vezon's power again.[5] Helryx approached the Great Being, but his curse brought her armor to life, and it began to strangle her. The Great Being then announced that the beings were here to free him, and revealed that they were on Bota Magna.[2] Immediately thereafter, the beings began arguing over whether or not to free him, and continued for such a time that Lewa became bored and left the fortress.[6]

After the restoration of Spherus Magna, Velika approached the tower and sensed the gathering of powerful beings within. In accordance with his plan, he assembled a complex system of machinery that would destroy the tower and everyone in it.[7] The group of Matoran Universe inhabitants managed to escape.[8] Unbeknownst to them, the cursed Great Being escaped as well.[9]

Alternate Universes

The Melding Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, the Great Beings never forged the Kanohi Ignika, and this Great Being was never cursed. He was one of six Great Beings before whom Mazeka and Vultraz, two Matoran from the prime reality, were brought by Teridax.[10] Wishing to discover how Vultraz could be a Shadow Matoran, they took him away for experiments, and allowed Mazeka to choose someone to take back with him. Mazeka chose Teridax, and the two were teleported to the main dimension.[11]

Abilities and Traits

The cursed Great Being, like the rest of his species, possesses a passion for creating and an unchecked curiosity. It was this same curiosity that led him to touch the Ignika and be cursed.[1]

The Great Being has access to powerful Telepathy, allowing him to make telepathic contact with a being even in an alternate universe. He also has the ability to switch off Kanohi mask powers and to freeze time and space around a being, even if his target is in another dimension.[12]

After touching the Kanohi Ignika, the Great Being was permanently cursed to bring anything around him to life.[1] The animated objects move and breathe, and the Great Being can hear their thoughts and pleas, which have driven him insane.[3] The curse affects all inanimate objects within a certain range; if they leave that range, they revert to normal.[2][13]


"Matoran... amazing ... and the rest of you ... how proud I am. If I could, I would embrace you all."
— The cursed Great Being to the assembled beings, Reign of Shadows

"A Great Being, yes ... that is what they called me ... and my brothers and sisters. Angonce once said that name was the worst thing that ever happened to us, because we started to believe it was accurate. Perhaps he was right ... perhaps that is why I am imprisoned here. But now you are here to free me."
— The cursed Great Being to the assembled beings, Reign of Shadows

"I do not speak to the beings of this world. They never see me, or hear me, and so it is left to their imaginations to conjure what I am like, how I think, and what I believe. The imagination has an infinite capacity to fill in the blanks with what it wants to be there."
— The cursed Great Being to Vezon, Reign of Shadows


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