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"The key to Iconox's ability to thrive as a village is the metal ore called exsidian."
— Narrator, Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna


A Bara Magna Coin made out of Exsidian[1][2]
Function Forging weapons
Known states Metal
Primary location Bara Magna
Pronunciation EKS-sid-EE-enn[3]

Exsidian is a precious metal found on Bara Magna.


Exsidian has long been prized for its durability and resistance. It is known to be in abundance near Iconox, where the villagers of the Ice Tribe mined it.[4] Exsidian deposits existed in Vulcanus to some degree at least 15,000 years ago, but none since then.[5]

A large amount of Exsidian was won by Vulcanus when the Prime Glatorian of the Fire Tribe, Ackar, defeated the Second Glatorian of the Ice Tribe, Gelu. Iconox contracted Strakk, Gresh, Kirbold and Tarduk in order to help transport the caravan of the metal across the desert. Not far along the way, Strakk attempted to pull the other journeyers in on a deal of stealing the Exsidian. However, they all refused and continued their journey, with Strakk held at the point of a Thornax Launcher. Later, the caravan carrying the precious metal was left in danger of Dune Snakes with only Kirbold to guard it. However, Gresh and Strakk then intervened, luring the snakes into quicksand.

Later, the caravan entered the Black Spike Mountains, only to be stopped by the Skrall, who decided to take the Exsidian for themselves. Gresh told them that the Exsidian was actually payment for Tuma. The Skrall decided to bring them to their leader, but as they were marching, Gresh used an ingot of Exsidian to hit Strakk, drawing the attention of the Skrall and allowing him to steal a Thornax Launcher. In the resulting fight, an avalanche occurred, but the Agori and the two Glatorian managed to find shelter in a tunnel, large enough for the caravan to fit. They decided to go along the tunnel, hoping it might lead to another exit.

The convoy was eventually pursued by Malum and his Vorox and plunged down the Dark Falls. The wagon was destroyed and the Exsidian sank to the bottom of the Skrall River. Strakk tricked a party of Skrall into fishing it out and storing it in their wagon, but as the Skrall tried to leave with the precious mineral, Gresh, along with Ackar and Kiina, who had been sent to look for the convoy, attacked the Skrall and ran with the Exsidian, with the Rock Tribe warriors in hot pursuit. When Malum's Vorox cornered the convoy, Ackar tricked the Skrall into attacking the beasts.

Later, the convoy was attacked by Telluris on his Skopio XV-1. To disable the vehicle, Gresh and Ackar pushed the metal ingots between the gears of the Skopio XV-1, which the metal's hardness broke.[6]


The golden-colored metal[1][2] is valued for its endurance and can withstand sand erosion and rust better than other metals. It is used by Glatorian as a coating for their weapons, in order to strengthen them.[4] Various vehicles, such as the Cendox V1 and Thornatus V9 have Exsidian weapons attached to them.[4]

Exsidian is known for offering some resistance to Energized Protodermis.[7] The Great Beings used Exsidian as an ingredient to make another material resistant to the liquid.[citation needed] Despite its amazing properties, it is not as durable as Protosteel.[7]


  • In order to secure Strakk's help defending from the Bone Hunters during the Raid on Vulcanus, Gresh lied to him and told him Vulcanus possessed deposits of high quality Exsidian.[5]


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