Battle of Atero

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"Have you ever tried to stand your ground against a hurricane? Then you know how the Glatorian in Atero feel today."
— Narrator, The Fall of Atero

Battle of Atero
Conflict The Skrall invade the city of Atero during the Great Tournament
Combatants The Glatorian
The Skrall
Location Atero
Result The Skrall conquer the city

The Battle of Atero was the capture of the free city of Atero by the Skrall forces that started the Skrall War.



  • Invade Atero.
  • Kill any Glatorian or Agori that get in the way.


  • Defend the city of Atero and drive the Skrall out.
  • Protect the Agori.


Tuma, deciding that he had sufficient power to conquer Bara Magna, organized his warrior class Skrall into an army, and sent them to Atero. Malum, after being informed of the invading force, left to visit the city, encountering Gresh in the outskirts. The ex-Glatorian hinted at the coming force, and warned Gresh that he should hide, but the Jungle fighter rebuffed his warning. Gresh later informed the assembled Agori and Glatorian of what Malum had said.

The Great Tournament commenced the next day, and during a match between Strakk and Tarix, Raanu, Metus, and Berix decided to travel outside the city, to see if they could spot an approaching Skrall, their absence having puzzled the majority of the arena goers.

Once outside Atero, the three spotted the massive Skrall army approaching, and raced back inside to inform the fighters. The Skrall soon broke through the city walls, and invaded the arena, killing any Agori or Glatorian that got in their way. The Glatorian resisted, fighting back and defending the Arena Magna, while the Agori organized the evacuation of the city. The Glatorian, though managing to defeat several Skrall, were eventually forced to retreat.


The Glatorian, having lost the city, fled. Some returned to their villages with the Agori, while others banded together to form resistance groups, intent on defeating the Skrall.

Despite the attack, the Arena Match system continued to be used, though without the Skrall present.


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