Battle in the Bohrok Nest

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"Fools! You think you have won... but you cannot imagine what you have unleashed!"
Gahdok to the Toa Mata, The End of the Toa?

Battle in the Bohrok Nest
Bohrok Nest Battle.png
Conflict Toa Mata trying to defeat the Bahrag
Combatants Toa Mata in Exo-Toa
Location Bohrok Nest
Result Toa Mata win and become Toa Nuva, Bahrag trapped in a Toa Seal

The Battle in the Bohrok Nest occurred deep underground on Mata Nui, in the lair of the Bahrag twins. The battle commenced after the Toa Mata donned six Exo-Toa suits and entered the Bahrag's chamber.


Toa Mata

  • Defeat the Bahrag to keep Mata Nui from being overrun by the Bohrok swarms.


  • Defend themselves against the Toa Mata.
  • Continue the cleansing of Mata Nui.


The Toa Mata creating the Protodermis cage

When the floor of the Bohrok Nest gave way, the Toa Mata found themselves in a large chamber. Fitting the forty-eight different Krana into their respective niches caused six passages to open. Each Toa entered a passage and found Exo-Toa armor inside. Donning the armor, they then ventured further into the tunnels.

Tahu encountered Cahdok and was able to strike her with his Electro-Rocket. Lewa was meanwhile corrupted by Gahdok's mental powers and became hindered. Managing to assist the Toa of Air, Kopaka used his own armor’s abilities against the creature. Following the Toa of Ice's suggestion, Lewa went to get the other Toa, while Kopaka continued his assault on Gahdok. Lewa reached the cavern as Tahu was already driving back Cahdok. Using Electro-Rockets, the six Toa forced the Bohrok Queens into the center of their chamber, but were unable to defeat them, as the combined power of the Bahrag created a barrier that even their weapons when fired simultaneously could not pierce.

When the Bahrag's power increased, they quickly overcame the Toa, who were unable to retaliate. Their Elemental Powers also was hampered by their new armor and weakened them to other Elemental effects brought on by the queens. The Bahrag continued to freeze Lewa during the battle, bury Kopaka in stone, smother Gali in flame, and Pohatu and Onua began to fight Cahdok's mental illusions. Tahu attempted to blast the Bahrag with fire, but his weakened powers were little use against the sisters', who responded by sending rocks at the Fire Toa. Tahu's Kanohi Hau protected him, but he struggled to maintain the shield up.

Gali, noticing Tahu's plight and unable to help, called out to Pohatu who broke free of the illusion he was trapped in and threw a boulder at the Bahrag, temporarily stunning them and shielding Tahu. Realizing that the Exo-Toa hindered their Elemental Powers, the Toa of Fire ordered the other Toa to shed their armor. Despite Lewa's doubts, Tahu commanded them to surround the Bahrag and combine their elemental powers. The Toa's power formed a prison around the Bahrag. Trapped, the creature warned the Toa that they had unleashed something the magnitude of which they could not imagine. As the cavern began to collapse, the sections of floor which the Toa were standing on sank into tubes of Energized Protodermis, transforming them into Toa Nuva.


The Toa Mata were transformed into the Toa Nuva by the Energized Protodermis and gained increased Elemental abilities, improved Toa Tools, and Kanohi Nuva. After they rose from the liquid the cavern began to collapse, but Tahu was able to block the falling boulders with his Hau Nuva. Lewa and Pohatu combined their mask powers to raise themselves and the other Toa Nuva to another cavern. They encountered a Tahnok swarm that was out of control without the Bahrag's guidance. Onua shared the power of his Pakari Nuva with the other Toa to create a trench to hold the Tahnok. Kopaka froze the opening, but the force of the Pakari Nuva threatened to bring the ceiling of the nest down on the newly-transformed Toa. They flew back to the surface of Mata Nui, where the Bohrok threat, with the defeat of the queens, had ended. While the Toa celebrated their victory and rebuilt their villages, the imprisonment of the Bahrag caused the release of the six Bohrok-Kal.

After the six Bohrok-Kal were defeated, the Bahrag were later freed by the very same Toa who had imprisoned them, as was required by the Scroll of Preparations. Taking control of the Bohrok once more, the Island of Mata Nui was cleared of all life and formations, making the island barren.


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