Battle of Roxtus

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"They have us outnumbered ten to one."
"Let it be a hundred. We have the true power. We fight with honor and purpose."
Glatorian Ackar and Mata Nui, The Legend Reborn

Battle of Roxtus
Conflict The Skrall had captured Berix and Kiina
Combatants Mata Nui
Location Roxtus
Result Rock Tribe defeated and dispersed

The Battle of Roxtus was a massive assault by the tribes of Bara Magna against the Skrall and Bone Hunters.


Mata Nui, Glatorian and Agori

Rock Tribe and Bone Hunters

  • Defeat the other tribes to conquer Bara Magna


The Glatorian and Agori marching into battle

Shortly after Mata Nui defeated Tuma, the Skrall leader, Metus arrived in the arena, revealing himself to be a traitor to the Bara Magna tribes. He congratulated Mata Nui on beating Tuma, and explained that the Skrall and Bone Hunters would be united under his leadership. Mata Nui realized that Metus had the potential to carry out his plan, and urged his Scarabax ally Click to flee.

Metus ordered the forces surrounding the Arena Roxtus to attack, but before they could carry out the orders, a gigantic being rose above a nearby hill, frightening the Skrall, who believed it to be a baterra.[1] In the midst of the panic, Mata Nui moved to rescue Kiina and Berix, knocking out two elite Skrall in the process. The three watched the giant attacking, which soon fell apart and revealed itself to be made of many Scarabax. These Scarabax tunneled underground as the united Agori and Glatorian of the other tribes appeared, armed for battle. Mata Nui and Kiina dispatched two Bone Hunters off their rock steeds, as Berix landed backwards on top of one, accidentally succeeding in knocking out a number of Bone Hunter enemies.

Mata Nui, Kiina, Ackar, and Gresh fought together against the massive army of Skrall and Bone Hunters, using their newfound elemental powers to their advantage. Mata Nui spotted Metus attempting to escape, and pursued the Agori. Metus fled to his Thornatus, but noticed Mata Nui in pursuit, and ordered the two elite Skrall guarding him to attack while he drove away. He came upon two freed Vorox, and shouted for them to move aside, to no avail. The Vorox ignored his command and tipped the Thornatus over. Metus fell out of the cockpit and landed at Mata Nui's feet. Metus pleaded for his own safety, offering Mata Nui anything he wanted. Mata Nui refused his desperate pleas and touched him to the Ignika. The power of his mask transformed Metus into a small serpent. Mata Nui threw him to the ground, and the former Agori slithered away, vowing that the united army of Skrall and Bone Hunters would defeat Mata Nui and his allies.

Hurrying back to his friends, Mata Nui told them that they could win by uniting their powers; they unleashed a combined burst with their elemental abilities, Mata Nui adding the Ignika's own power to the strike, and blasted their enemies away.


The Skrall and Bone Hunters began their retreat, beaten by the Glatorian and Agori. Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, and Gresh were joined by Vastus and Tarix. Kiina realized that Berix had gone missing during the fight, but discovered him soon after, and embraced him. The destruction of the Skrall would leave a large impact on the Agori and Glatorian society of Bara Magna, who would later unify their tribes under one Mega-Village.

The Skrall, without a leader, scattered and broke apart the Rock Tribe. Small bands managed to regroup, under special forces Skrall and named warriors.


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