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Status Nonexistant
Position Spherus Magna
Pronunciation Tuh-SAH-ruh

Tesara, also known as the Twin Village, was the village of the Jungle Tribe on Bara Magna.


Prior to the Shattering of Spherus Magna, Tesara was a minor outpost on the edge of Bota Magna.[1][2]

When a number of members of the Jungle Tribe became trapped on Bara Magna, differing opinions on the Core War led the Jungle Agori to become deeply divided. Neither group wished to live with the other, and so the tribe's elders devised a plan to unite them. They issued a challenge to the two factions: the group who built the best settlement, in the fastest time, would be allowed to stay in the jungle, whilst the other would have to relocate themselves. However, the elders purposely arranged things so that neither side had sufficient resources to complete their village, meaning that the two factions were forced to turn to each other for help. By the time construction on the two villages was complete, the rifts in the tribe had been healed, although the population still divided themselves between the two settlements.[3]

Tarix traveled here in order to engage in a practice match with the Jungle Tribe's Second Glatorian, Gresh. Berix, who had accompanied the Water Tribe Glatorian, later enlisted Gresh's help in searching for armor.

While trying to gain Vulcanus protection from the Bone Hunters, an Agori traveled here to find Gresh. He instead found Tarduk, who was willing to tell where Gresh was in exchange for an Ancient Scroll. After being given the scroll, Tarduk gladly told where Gresh was. Once found, Gresh was happy to help Vulcanus, and told the Agori to get the Seals of several Glatorian to make a contract. Gresh gave his seal for a small fee.

Concept art of Tesara

After departing from the ruins of Tajun, Mata Nui, Kiina, Ackar, Berix and, Gresh journeyed towards the Jungle Glatorian's home village in order to spread the news of the attack and the alliance between the Skrall and the Bone Hunters. When they arrived, they discovered that Metus had arranged an arena match between Tarix and Vastus, attracting Agori from several tribes to attend.

As the match began, Ackar attempted to intervene and stop the match from proceeding further, but was ignored by the village leaders and the Agori. However, Tarix and Vastus acknowledged Ackar's attempts, and stopped the match so that Ackar could speak. Eventually, with the aid from the other Glatorian and Mata Nui, they were able to persuade the villages to unite into a single Mega-Village against their enemies.

Later, Kiina followed Berix into the Hot Springs, who was exploring the area in hopes of finding new objects to collect. Convinced that he was the traitor of the villages, Kiina caught Berix and confronted him. However, it turned out that the Bone Hunters were also in the Hot Springs, where they took the Glatorian and Agori as hostage.

The Prototype Robot was later constructed near Tesara, using structural pieces of the village settlements.

Alternate Universes

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In this alternate universe, many Le-Matoran joined the village's population once Mata Nui had completed his mission. A number of Toa, Skrall, and Makuta assembled in the village to defend it from invaders. Vezon arrived in this dimension, and was enlisted by Tarduk to aid in defending the village from an army of Skakdi, Vortixx, and Bone Hunters led by Makuta Miserix.


Hot Springs

The village of Tesara is located in a rare area of prolific plant growth filled with ancient ruins. The dwellings are divided between two main settlements, located in gigantic trees. It was built near a giant metallic structure.

Arena Tesara

Arena Tesara

The Arena Tesara is located on the opposite side of the Tesara region and was used for Glatorian matches. After the unification of the tribes, it is now out of use.

Hot Springs

The Hot Springs are a small section outside of the Tesara region. The steam produced by the geysers in this area is harvested by the Jungle Agori and converted into a limited water supply for the village.


Jungle Tribe

The Agori of the Jungle Tribe reside within the woods of Tesara. Jungle Agori are very skilled at healing, and are known for being excellent treasure hunters and historians.

The Agori of the Jungle Tribe employed the Glatorian Vastus and Gresh to fight for them.


An aerial view of the region of Tesara
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