Battle in the Piraka Stronghold

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"To Dalu, it looked as if all the energies of chaos had been unleashed inside the central chamber of the stronghold."
— Narrator, Power Play

Battle in the Piraka Stronghold
Conflict The Toa Inika attempt to defeat the Piraka and liberate Voya Nui
Combatants Toa Inika
Piraka, Brutaka
Location In the Piraka Stronghold
Result Toa, four Piraka, and Brutaka defeated; Hakann and Thok empowered by stealing Brutaka's strength

The Battle in the Piraka Stronghold was a surprise attack launched by the Toa Inika which evolved into a full-scale brawl.


Toa Inika

  • Defeat the Piraka and free the island of Voya Nui from their oppression.

Piraka and Brutaka

  • Defeat the Toa Inika and continue their search for the Kanohi Ignika.


The Toa Inika, having been informed of the situation by the Matoran Resistance, headed to the Piraka Stronghold in order to defeat the Piraka. While the other four Toa Inika attempted to cure the enslaved Matoran, Kongu and Nuparu infiltrated the building, in an attempt to locate the Toa Nuva. The Piraka and Brutaka encountered the Toa during their search, and attacked the two. Demolishing a wall, the remaining Toa caught the Piraka unawares, forcing them to mount a hasty defense.

Hewkii, sensing that Brutaka was the strongest of the group, isolated him by sinking him into the floor. Nuparu assaulted Zaktan, attempting to use a fist of earth to attack the Piraka leader. Failing to harm Zaktan due to his composition, Nuparu used his Kadin to disperse the Piraka leader's substance, and caught the Protodites in his wake. The Toa of Earth flew out of the fortress, and dragged Zaktan's Protodites to the ocean, intending to incapacitate him. Avak attempted to kill Kongu by creating a vacuum prison, and was defeated when the Toa of Air used his Suletu to distract the Piraka, breaking the prison and allowing him to create his own prison of intense air pressure.

Thok fought Hahli, keeping her off balance with his eyebeams. Hahli fired at the sound of his voice, stopping his attack. Thok, impressed, asked Hahli if she wanted to change sides, to which Hahli responded by firing at him again. Thok trapped Hahli in two stone hands and then fired at her while she attempted to escape the stone. Matoro, noticing this, blocked Thok's blow and Hahli broke the stone behind him.

Hakann, having plotted with Avak, Thok, and Reidak to steal some of Brutaka's powers, was unable to locate the Order member, and attempted to sneak out. Jaller noticed the Piraka's escape and engaged in combat with him. The Piraka taunted Jaller, insulting his mission, and attempting to dishearten him. The two had exchanged several blows when Brutaka managed to free himself, and Hakann took the opportunity to launch his Zamor Sphere, which was imbued with Vezok's energy absorption power. Thok, in combat with Matoro, noticed Hakann's solo attempt to acquire the power, and made contact with Hakann as the power was gifted to him, granting power to both Piraka. Using their vision powers, the two attacked all those present in the chamber, rendering everyone unconscious.


Thok and Hakann forced the location of the Ignika out of Brutaka, and departed the chamber with the intention of acquiring it for themselves. The remaining Piraka soon woke up, and discreetly followed the other two, intending to claim the Ignika as their own. The Toa Inika regained consciousness sometime later, and were approached by Axonn, who volunteered to go after the Piraka by himself. Jaller convinced Axonn to remain in the chamber, and to be present when Brutaka woke up. The Toa Inika and four Piraka were forced to team up to stop Thok and Hakann. The remaining four Piraka crafted a special Zamor Sphere, and the ten went after the two rogue Piraka, and were able to return Brutaka's powers to him using the Zamor Sphere. Brutaka, after regaining his powers, engaged in combat with Axonn.


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