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Effects of the Great Cataclysm

Jealous of Mata Nui's adoration by the Matoran, Makuta Teridax unleashed a virus that sent Mata Nui into a deep sleep. The Great Spirit Robot fell from the sky and collided with Aqua Magna in an event called the Great Cataclysm. In Karda Nui, vast stalactites fell from the ceiling into the swamp below, upon which the Av-Matoran later made their homes. Energy leaked from the Codrex into the waters of the swamp and the ocean outside, creating a horrid mutagen.

The quake broke a small landmass off from the Southern Continent and sent it spiraling upwards to the surface of Aqua Magna, where it floated until a thin lava cord tethered it to the seabed. Turaga Jovan was killed in the quake, but several Matoran survived, and renamed their village "Voya Nui", meaning "great voyage". Order of Mata Nui member Brutaka was shaken by the event, and believed the Great Spirit had either perished or abandoned the universe. His friend Axonn did not agree. Both continued to perform their duties, secretly guarding the Kanohi Ignika.

The Great Cataclysm also ravaged the Pit, flooding it with the Black Waters outside and setting many of the inmates loose, such as the Barraki. Hydraxon was wounded in the quake, and Takadox seized the chance to kill him before escaping. However, when the Pit's prisoners escaped, they were mutated by the Codrex's corrupted energy into freakish aquatic forms, unable to breathe air.

The island of Mata Nui

A mass Energized Protodermis leak created the island of Mata Nui on the surface of Aqua Magna, populating it with lush flora. Many Rahi emigrated from Metru Nui to this new island, and would later be followed by the Matoran of Metru Nui. The Toa Mata were launched in Toa Canisters from the Codrex into the waters around Mata Nui, but their canisters malfunctioned, and they floated in the waters for 1,000 years. As a result, their organic components withered and they lost their memories.

Mutran, Chirox, and the Makuta of Stelt observed the effects of the quake on Destral. The lattermost's armor was damaged, but he was able to keep his antidermis in an Exo-Toa until the Nynrah Ghosts repaired his armor. After learning of Teridax's defeat on Metru Nui, Makuta Icarax became disgruntled with the pace of the plan. He amassed an army of Manas and began conquering the Northern Continent, until he was confronted by Teridax, who turned his armies against each other and defeated Icarax in combat, putting a stop to the conquest.

Sparked by Teridax's murder of Nidhiki and Krekka, and his conflict with the Shadowed One, the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War saw the Dark Hunters take up arms against the Brotherhood of Makuta. The war lasted for the entirety of the Dark Time and for some time thereafter. Guardian was appointed to dispose of any captured Dark Hunters before they could reveal any intelligence. Roodaka worked as an informant for both sides; some time after her defeat in Metru Nui, the Dark Hunter Tracker located her and dragged her to Odina for a discussion with the Shadowed One about her allegiance.

At some point, minor tremors awoke Turaga Dume from his Matoran Sphere, and he joined forces with the Rahaga and Keetongu in repairing Metru Nui.

Teridax's Arrival and the Great War

The Makuta Stone, used by the Turaga to depict Teridax in their tales

Each of the villages of Mata Nui were successfully built during the earlier moments of the Dark Time, and the Matoran established mandatory patrol forces.

One year into the Dark Time, Teridax rescued the Po-Matoran Ahkmou from the labyrinths beneath Mata Nui and deceived him with an elaborate tale of how the Toa Metru had cheated Ahkmou out of his destiny to be Toa. Now loyal to Teridax, Ahkmou was sent to Mata Nui to infiltrate Matoran society. Teridax also captured many of the island's Rahi and fitted them with Infected Kanohi. For the duration of the 1,000 year period, he would torment, isolate, and provoke fear in the Turaga's settlements in an event called the Great War.

Over a period of fifty to a hundred years,[citation needed] the Matoran's memories of Metru Nui dwindled and eventually vanished completely[citation needed] due to the effect of the Matoran Spheres.

One hundred years into the Dark Time, the Matoran villagers of Voya Nui built a village on a newly formed portion of their island from a molten Protodermis leak. It was named Mahri Nui, and it brought joy into the tough life of the island's inhabitants.

The Great War included several battles and skirmishes between the Rahi and Matoran of Mata Nui. At one point, a large battle saw a Ta-Wahi forest ravaged and destroyed. A Muaka attacked Ta-Koro, and the Ta-Koro Guard took two days to drive it off. Teridax also unleashed the ineffectual Shadow Plague, but discontinued the effort when it dissatisfied him. During the war, the Turaga of Mata Nui caught and imprisoned hundreds of Teridax's Kraata, placing them in Stasis Tubes in the Kraata Cave.

Five Hundred Years Ago

A rogue band of Visorak arrived on the shores of Metru Nui, hoping to complete what Roodaka and Sidorak had failed to do, but were defeated by Turaga Dume, the Rahaga, and Keetongu. Dweller observed the incident, and tormented Norik with nightmares before and after the encounter.

Kai established a fishing club in Ga-Koro, and invited Amaya, Macku, and Marka aboard her canoe. Some distance out to sea, they were attacked by a Great Temple Squid, which then moved towards Ga-Koro. Bravely, Amaya fought the Rahi and tangled it in a rope, but was knocked unconscious in the struggle. The other Ga-Matoran and Turaga Nokama rescued her and watched the squid leave.

On Voya Nui, a Ta-Matoran predicted the approach of a hurricane, and the Matoran began to take shelter. At the last moment, Dalu departed to watch the storm from outside. Kazi went after her to bring her to shelter, but the storm hit and both were knocked out. Axonn saved the Matoran, and Kazi caught a glimpse of him as he was departing.

Descent of Mahri Nui

300 years ago, the landmass containing Mahri Nui sank beneath the waves. The city collided with the Barraki fortress built by Ehlek and destroyed it. As a result, Ehlek developed a wrathful grudge against the Matoran of Mahri Nui.

Mahri Nui on the seabed of Aqua Magna

The massive impact released air bubbles from the nearby Airweed fields and encased the city, allowing the Matoran of Mahri Nui to survive beneath the sea. During the brief time that the Matoran were exposed to the mutagen in the waters, their bodies became bigger and stronger, undoing much of Karzahni's works. After the catastrophe, the Mahri Nui Matoran soon forgot their life on the surface and began their new life underwater, taming Hydruka beasts for air harvesting. They also built the Mahri Nui Fortress and formed their first Matoran Council. The Matoran began to be preyed on by the creatures led by the Barraki, though they did not learn the nature of their enemies.

Siege of the Makuta Fortress

The Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War continued to rage. At one point, the Dark Hunters captured a Makuta Fortress.

250 years ago, the Brotherhood sent Visorak to overrun and reclaim the fortress. Dark Hunters Zaktan, Reidak, and Thok were among those sent to guard the fortress. Roodaka informed Zaktan that the base once belonged to the Brotherhood, and while the battle raged, he found an encrypted record of Teridax's plan. Zaktan learned the intricate details of Teridax's evil plot, and vowed to make use of that information. The three of them then fled the fortress.

Mazeka's Rivalry

Mazeka, nemesis of Vultraz

The Ko-Matoran Mazeka and his mentor worked as scholars on the Tren Krom Peninsula, studying many fundamental questions about the universe. Among their discoveries was the location and nature of the Makuta's creation (out of a pool of antidermis on one of the Southern Islands). Vultraz killed Mazeka's mentor and stole the tablets, inspiring a desire for revenge in Mazeka.

5 years ago, Mazeka confronted Vultraz over a canyon of razor-sharp crystals. In the ensuing scuffle, Vultraz fell, and Mazeka presumed him dead. Makuta Gorast, in the guise of a blue-armored warrior, congratulated Mazeka and sent him back to his village to spread word of Vultraz's death. Meanwhile, her Rahi servitors retrieved Vultraz and rebuilt him. Gorast then assigned Vultraz to kill a De-Matoran named Krakua.

In his home, Mazeka was approached by the Order of Mata Nui member Jerbraz, who offered him a job protecting Matoran from those like Vultraz. Mazeka agreed, and the two traveled to De-Koro and recovered Krakua just before Vultraz arrived, incapacitating the De-Matoran with a sonic explosive. Vultraz and Mazeka dueled, and Vultraz gained the upper hand. Mazeka recognized the Ta-Matoran from his style of fighting, and Vultraz decided to let him live, taunting Mazeka that he would always be in Vultraz's debt. Mazeka then requested Order of Mata Nui training from Jerbraz.

Mazeka was later inducted into the Order and given mental shielding, as with all Order agents. He sparred occasionally with Tobduk, but always became frustrated, which only served to increase Tobduk's power and lose him the match.

Takua's Quest

Because Takua was discontent with remaining in Ta-Koro and working, he was banished, and subsequently left the village. At his departure, Jaller told him that Turaga Whenua had a special task for him. Making his way to Onu-Koro, he found that Whenua had been abducted, and his Badge of Office, the Drill of Onua, stolen. Takua entered the caves where the evil Rahi lived, and was able to save Whenua from a hostile Vatuka. In his exploration, he also found the Toa Stone of Earth, and retrieved two purification crystals for Onu-Koro's Vuata Maca. Whenua warned Takua that the threat of the Rahi had grown, and goaded him into assessing the status of the other villages.

Takua traveled to Ga-Koro and discovered that Nokama had also gone missing. He went to the local lair of the Makika, and escaped with Nokama. He also acquired the Toa Stone of Water. After healing Ga-Koro's Vuata Maca tree, Takua wandered away from the village and north, to the desert settlement of Po-Koro.

There he met Onewa, and later on in his occupation of the region, found the Toa Stone of Stone. He eventually took his leave of Po-Koro after curing the village's Vuata Maca tree and establishing his name in the village game of Kolhii, he then journeyed far south into Le-Wahi.

Takua arrived in the realm of Le-Wahi, but could not gain access as the village was spread above him in the jungle canopy. After gaining knowledge of how to enter the Koro, he learned that the Le-Matoran's Turaga, Matau, had been taken by an eagle. Takua then set out to find the eagle's nest. He discovered it in Le-Wahi, as well as the Turaga. Takua earned Matau's Kau Kau Staff because of his staunch bravery, found two purification crystals, and later came in possession of the Toa Stone of Air.

In Ko-Koro, Takua found that Turaga Nuju was missing, and went to find him. He found Nuju lost in the Drifts. He later recovered two Vuata Maca Crystals and the Toa Stone of Ice. Then, only one of the elemental artifacts remained. He left the mountains of Ko-Koro and headed at last back to his home, to Ta-Koro.

Takua falling on Ta-Wahi Beach

When Takua arrived in the village of Fire, Turaga Vakama was unsure if he could believe Takua's talk of great adventure, and decided to test him by requesting the retrieval of an antidote to a poison which was present in the village's water supply. Later, Vakama was kidnapped. Takua found the antidote, then discovered the Turaga a prisoner of a group of Fire Mahi and freed him. Vakama apologized for doubting him and Takua set off for to find the Toa Stone of Fire, the completion of the six. Takua climbed to the very pinnacle of the Mangai Volcano, where he found the last Stone. After collecting the object and two more crystals, he returned to the village and gave the Ta-Matoran the crystals. Going back to the volcano to investigate a strange contraption, he ended up descending the mountain through the daring use of an active lava tube, and reaching the Kini-Nui, where the six Turaga congratulated him on completing his quest.

In truth, the Turaga did not know what would happen when the Toa Stones were placed at Kini-Nui. When Takua placed each stone in its place at the temple, it caused a great burst of energy that rendered Takua airborne. Takua landed at the beaches of Ta-Wahi, where he later awoke with complete amnesia. At first unknown to all, the energy had summoned the six Toa Canisters that held the Toa Mata, and they now approached the shores of Mata Nui. The legendary Toa would soon arrive, heralding the end of the Dark Time.

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