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"Nuparu rocketed into the air straight at Zaktan. Just before he hit the swarm, the Toa of Earth began to rotate in midair, whirling his body faster and faster until he was only a blur."
— Narrator, Power Play


Nuparu's Organic Great Kadin
Title Mask of Flight
Powers Self-powered flight
Component disks Disk of Flight[1]
Bearers Nuparu (formerly)
Pronunciation KAY-din[2]

The Kanohi Kadin is the Mask of Flight. It allows its user to soar through the sky under their own power. The user can however not hover in place,[3][4] unlike the Miru. The Noble version also allows the user to fly, but not as fast or as long as the Great version.[5]

Example Usage

A Great Kanohi Kadin in action



  • Nuparu - Formerly; changed into an organic Great version when he became a Toa Inika
  • Jovan - Formerly; became Great when he transformed into a Toa[6]


  • Turaga Jovan


  • The BIONICLE team gave Nuparu a Mask of Flight because it would be humorous and ironic if a Toa of Earth who rarely sees daylight could fly while Kongu, a Toa of Air, could not.

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