Arena Match of Malum vs. Strakk

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"I'm Prime Glatorian for Iconox. Like it or not, I have to fight. Besides, I can beat him."
"I've heard that before. It's usually the last thing they say before we carry their broken bodies out of the arena.
Glatorian Strakk and Ackar, The Exile's Tale

Arena Match of Malum vs. Strakk
Malum vs. VastusAckar vs. Gelu
Arena Match
Conflict Dispute over resources
Tribes Fire Tribe
Ice Tribe
Combatants Malum
Location Arena Vulcanus
Winner Malum

The Arena Match of Malum vs. Strakk was an arena match between the Fire and Ice Tribes that resulted in the exile of Malum.


The villages of Iconox and Vulcanus were drawn into a dispute over resources, which needed to be settled in the arena.

Malum had been exceedingly violent in the arena recently, and Raanu had been notified that if he became a Prime Glatorian, the other villages would refuse their challenges.

Due to a previous match where Strakk had interrupted Malum during the fight, Malum was already angry at Strakk, and sought payback.


Strakk fighting Malum

The match was held in the Arena Vulcanus, and Raanu entered the arena with the fighters to officiate the match. Raanu began explaining the rules, but Strakk interrupted by assaulting Malum, knocking his sword out of his hand. Malum flipped the Ice Glatorian, trading insults, and recovered his weapon. Strakk threw sand in Malum's eyes, blinding him, and bashed him with his axe. As Malum attempted to get up, Strakk revealed that he did not care about Vastus or any of the other Glatorian, but was pleased with how they were cheering him on as opposed to Malum.

Several hours later, the fighters had driven each other to exhaustion, though neither conceded the fight. Strakk succeeded in breaking Malum's sword, and was confident that Malum would have to forfeit. Enraged at being pushed to his limits, Malum beat Strakk down, and proclaimed his intent to kill him. Gresh interrupted the fight, pinning Malum down. Ackar also arrived, in order to help restrain Malum.


Malum being exiled

Iconox filed a protest with the village of Vulcanus, a motion supported by the other villages. Raanu knew that if he did not exile Malum, the other villages would not allow their fighters to compete, bringing an end to the arena match system of Bara Magna. In order to preserve the societal structure, Raanu banished Malum from the village permanently. Ackar took Malum out to the wastelands, and left him there. Malum became an exile, though he managed to survive by gaining control of a pack of Vorox.


  • Several sources released prior to The Exile's Tale claimed that Malum was banished for killing his opponent, though this is inaccurate.


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