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"And somewhere in the endless void between here and there, the Mask of Life flew."
— Narrator, The Final Battle

Solis Magna System

A part of the star system
Star System
Status In existence
Inhabitants Great Beings
Residents of Spherus Magna
Other cultures observed by Mata Nui
Matoran Universe inhabitants
Red Star inhabitants
Population Unknown

The Solis Magna System[1] is the star system in which the planet Spherus Magna resides. This star system is based around Solis Magna.


Around 100,000 years ago, Spherus Magna was split into three pieces as the result of a cataclysmic event known as the Shattering. These three pieces were referred to as Bara Magna, Aqua Magna, and Bota Magna, and they began orbiting Solis Magna.[note 1]

A number of planets being observed by Mata Nui

The Great Spirit Mata Nui, who controlled a giant robot, departed from Spherus Magna before it was split by the Shattering. He began a long journey observing the inhabited planets of the universe,[10][11][12][13] and occasionally landing on them to witness their societies. While returning from his journey, the Brotherhood of Makuta, an organization created to maintain order inside of him, rebelled against him, and their leader, Makuta Teridax, released a virus which rendered him comatose after three hundred years. This in turn caused his body to shut down, and it was drawn into the gravity of Aqua Magna, where it crashed on the ocean surface.

When Teridax took over the robot and the Matoran Universe inside of it, he sealed Mata Nui's spirit inside the Kanohi Ignika and hurled it out of the mechanical body and into the Solis Magna System, where it flew until the gravity of Bara Magna drew it onto that planet.

Using the Red Star, Teridax later departed Aqua Magna for Bara Magna, with the intention of destroying Mata Nui once and for all and begin a conquest of the known universe. While in transit to Bara Magna, he teleported Helryx, Lewa, Artakha, Axonn, Brutaka, Miserix, Tuyet, Hafu, and Kapura outside of his body and into the void of space, but they were in turn taken to Bota Magna by Vezon.

Teridax departing Aqua Magna

When Makuta Teridax arrived on Bara Magna, he began to fight Mata Nui, who had taken over the body of another ancient robot. During the battle, Mata Nui managed to redirect a blast of gravity from Teridax at Aqua Magna and Bota Magna, drawing them into the gravitational field of the planet; the two celestial bodies then fell towards Bara Magna. A fragment from Aqua Magna hit the back of Teridax's head, killing him. The two celestial bodies and their fragments then struck Bara Magna, restoring it into Spherus Magna. Mata Nui used the last of the powers of the ancient robot to restore the planet of Spherus Magna, filling it with life.


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  • In Glatorian Comic 1, Fero refers to "suns" in the plural, implying that Solis Magna may be a binary star system. However, this may be a typo carried over from the previous setting of Metru Nui, as stories such as The Crossing, Sahmad's Tale, and all three novels only refer to a singular "sun."

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  1. Most media, including Mata Nui Saga, BIONICLE Glatorian 6: All That Glitters, and BIONICLE Glatorian 7: Rebirth, consistently refer to Aqua Magna and Bota Magna as moons of Bara Magna after the Shattering. However, BIONICLE: Journey's End inconsistently refers to Aqua Magna and Bota Magna as planets or planetoids in three instances,[2][3][4] while otherwise referring to them as moons.[3][4] Reign of Shadows also refers to Aqua Magna as a planet.[5][6] In 2009, Greg Farshtey confirmed that Aqua Magna and Bota Magna are Bara Magna's moons,[7] but later contradicted this answer in 2014 when he said that he did not believe that they were Bara Magna's moons and instead claimed that they orbited Solis Magna.[8][9]