Attack on Ta-Koro

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"None have breached Ta-Koro's gates before, and none shall this day!"
Toa Nuva Tahu, Mask of Light

Attack on Ta-Koro
MoL Ta-Koro Sinking.PNG
Conflict Three Rahkshi launch an assault on Ta-Koro
Combatants Toa Nuva, Ta-Koro Guard
Location Ta-Koro
Result Ta-Koro destroyed, Matoran evacuated

The Attack on Ta-Koro was an assault on the village of Ta-Koro made by three Rahkshi in order to locate the Mask of Light. The assault was organized by Makuta Teridax and took place soon after the Kolhii Tournament.


Ta-Koro Guard

  • Defend Ta-Koro from the Rahkshi

Toa Nuva

  • Protect the Matoran
  • Defeat the Rahkshi



Aware of the coming of the Seventh Toa, Makuta Teridax released the Panrahk, Guurahk, and Lerahk stored in his lair in order to steal the Mask of Light. The three Rahkshi broke through the Suva Kaita, essentially destroying it. Gali was meditating at the Kini-Nui and watched as they broke through. The Panrahk sensed her presence and attacked, and Gali was forced to retreat into the water of the nearby river. Believing the Toa to be defeated or dead, the Rahkshi left. Discerning that the Rahkshi were heading to Ta-Koro, Gali used her Kanohi Kaukau Nuva and swam through the river ahead of the Rahkshi to warn the Ta-Matoran of the coming threat.

Upon Gali's arrival, the sentry at Ta-Koro's outer gates sounded the alarm, and once Gali and the sentry were inside, the fortress gates were sealed and the bridge from the gates to Ta-Koro was drawn back beneath the volcano's lava. While Turaga Nokama and Vakama watched from the ramparts, Tahu leaped to the gates and drew his swords in an effort to reinforce the gates. Panrahk fired a blast of energy from its staff. Tahu activated his Hau Nuva, but the attack blasted the Toa of Fire through the gates, stunning the warrior and creating a passageway into the village. Gali jumped in front of the invaders to defend Tahu, but Guurahk tossed her aside.[B:MoL] Surprisingly, the Rahkshi ignored Tahu and began to raze the village in search of the mask and its Herald. Guurahk disintegrated a portion of the wall, nearly killing some Ta-Matoran Guards, while Lerahk poisoned a part of the ground.[1] Seeing the Matoran in danger, Tahu recovered and charged at Panrahk. Leaping over the creature, he placed the blades of his swords on the ground and created two walls of fire from which fiery fissures spread. The flames trapped the Rahkshi, but it stepped out through them, unharmed.[2] While Tahu fought with Panrahk, Gali ambushed Guurahk, which used its powers to weaken the remains of the gate. The Toa of Water erupted a geyser under the Rahkshi, causing its leg to sink in the newly created mud.[2] Guurahk was buried by the weakened gate. Tahu knocked Panrahk to the ground and transformed the earth into lava, and the Rahkshi began to sank.[3] The two Toa regrouped, and, much to Tahu's displeasure, the two agreed upon a retreat from the village when they noticed the Rahkshi of Fragmentation pulling itself out from the lava pit, undamaged.[3]

Hahli views the sinking of Ta-Koro.

While the Rahkshi continued their rampage, Gali stumbled upon Hahli hiding in the rubble. Gali instructed the Matoran to help the others escape and left to continue battling the Rahkshi. Hahli made her way to the bridge control room and returned the bridge to the surface of the lava lake. The Matoran flooded through the gates, followed by Turaga Nokama. Vakama, meanwhile, engaged Lerahk in combat with his Firestaff. Tahu jumped in front of the Turaga and ordered him back. Tahu attempted to trap Lerahk in a ring of fire, but the Rahkshi broke free with a swipe of its staff. Before Tahu could engage the Rahkshi, Lerahk dug its staff into the stone in front of Tahu and ripped it up, throwing Tahu to the ground and causing him to loose his swords. Before Lerahk could strike again, Tahu reached up and grabbed the shaft of the weapon, and the two struggled. Gali, meanwhile, helped evacuate the Matoran. When Gali saw Tahu was being overpowered, she fired a blast of water at the Rahkshi. However, Tahu gained the upper hand and threw Lerahk aside. As he leaped on top of the Rahkshi, the blast struck them both, and Lerahk struck Tahu's mask with its staff, leaving a deep scar and poisoning the Toa of Fire. Tahu shook off the wound and prepared to fight again. Lerahk recovered quickly from the blast and poisoned the ground around the Toa. Before they would become trapped, they escaped through a passageway in the walls of the village. Tahu threw his blades into the lava, transforming them into a lava board. Tahu jumped onto it, with Gali soon following, and rode the lake of lava towards the shore and waiting Matoran. With their mission in Ta-Koro complete, and the poisoned stone giving way to the village that rested upon it, the Rahkshi left Ta-Koro to sink into the volcano and resumed their search for the Mask of Light and its Herald.


All of the Matoran were able to escape the attack on Ta-Koro. However, the village itself was destroyed from multiple strikes by the Rahkshi and slowly sank into the lava. The Rahkshi soon fled the area to continue their search for the Mask of Light and stop the rise of the Seventh Toa. The Matoran sent a signal throughout the island, telling of Ta-Koro's fall. Lewa later caught on to the signal, and joined his teammates. Tahu's mask wound began to slowly poison him, which resulted in him to losing control temporarily in a further siege by the Rahkshi in Onu-Koro, due in part to Kurahk. Tahu's Kanohi Nuva, with the exception of the Hau Nuva he bore, were also lost when the Ta-Suva sank into the lava, along with Vakama's secondary noble masks.


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