Battle for the Tower of Toa

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"From the top of the tower, Sidorak had been watching the struggle unfold. The Toa Hordika had taken his horde by surprise, that was true, but the momentum was already beginning to shift. Already, the Visorak were moving to isolate the Toa and Rahaga and finish them off. Barring the unforeseen, he would be sharing a victory celebration with Roodaka before the day was done."
— Narrator, Challenge of the Hordika

Battle of the Tower of the Toa
Conflict Whenua and Bomonga's freedom, Le-Metru's safety
Combatants Toa Hordika, Rahaga, Krahka, Tahtorak
Visorak, Sidorak, Zivon
Location Le-Metru, Visorak tower
Result Toa Hordika capture the Tower of Toa, Krahka and Tahtorak banished to Zone of Darkness

The Battle for the Tower of Toa was a battle during the Great Rescue in which the Toa Hordika captured what they would rename the Tower of Toa from Sidorak.


Toa Hordika, Rahaga, Krahka, and Tahtorak

Visorak Horde


After being transformed into Toa Hordika by Visorak venom, the Toa commenced their mission, and began searching for parts to build Le-Metru-style airships. While Matau and Rahaga Iruini searched in Le-Metru, they attracted the attention of Visorak. While Visorak poured into the tower they were searching in, Matau attempted to seal the area. After succeeding, an Oohnorak used its mimicking powers to imitate Nokama's voice; the Oohnorak acted as if Nokama was in trouble, and pleaded for help. Matau, falling for the trap, let the Visorak in along with the horde.

After being sucked into the Zone of Darkness, Whenua and Bomonga found an escape route, but soon found themselves captured by the Visorak. All around the island, the Toa Hordika and Rahaga saw Visorak heading to Le-Metru. Fearing for their teammates, the Toa traveled there.

In order to rescue their friends, the remaining Rahaga and Toa Hordika attacked the Visorak with their Rhotuka in order to confuse them. Vakama had fired a Rhotuka at the Zivon in order to stop it from devouring Whenua and Bomonga, while the remaining four Toa and five Rahaga fired their Rhotuka at individual Visorak.

Once the Zivon had realized that it was Vakama who had fired his Rhotuka at it, it began to charge at Vakama. Krahka, who was allied with the Rahaga and Toa, ordered the enormous Tahtorak to prevent the Zivon from attacking Vakama. Once the Tahtorak had started engaging the Zivon in battle, Krahka went to help the Tahtorak defeat it.

While the battle carried on between the Rahaga, Toa and Visorak, Nuju went to free Bomonga and Whenua. Nuju and Whenua then proceeded to fight the Visorak in the tower in order to protect it. Onewa and Matau were almost successful in eradicating their share of Visorak, but could not, unfortunately, get through a pack of tough Oohnorak.

Vakama started losing faith in his team's capabilities of defeating the Visorak while lying stunned on the ground. Suddenly, the Tahtorak, still fighting the Zivon, picked up the enormous Rahi and sent it flying through the air, straight at the tower. Nuju, Whenua, Nokama (who had managed to make her way through the tower) and Sidorak, king of the Visorak, were all at the top of the tower when they saw the Zivon flying straight at them. They barely managed to evade the beast.

Suddenly, Nuju, Whenua and Nokama came up with an idea, considering that the possibility of saving the tower was very unlikely at this point. They decided to enrage the Visorak by trapping them inside the tower with walls of earth and ice. They informed Norik of the plan while the Zivon rose to its feet once again, and resumed battle with the Tahtorak and Krahka. The Kahgarak who released the Zivon decided to send the Tahtorak to the Zone of Darkness, but Krahka managed to push the Zivon into the Tahtorak sending all three to the Zone. Onewa then killed the Kahgarak out of anger.

Norik went back to the ground and managed to convince Vakama to help the others with his plan, but not before sending a gush of molten Protodermis at the Oohnorak who were trapping Onewa and Matau. Once everyone was safe, Nokama, Nuju and Whenua all set up walls around the tower to prevent the Visorak from escaping.

Their plan worked; however, Sidorak still managed to escape.


The Visorak retreated and the Toa Hordika chased away the remaining Visorak inside the Tower after the walls were torn down. Finally, they elementally charged it with a new gate.

One thousand years later, the Tahtorak and Krahka managed to get out from the Zone of Darkness through Voya Nui by means of Brutaka's dimensional gate.[1]


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