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Reformation of Spherus Magna

Mata Nui speaking through the Ignika

During the battle between Mata Nui and Teridax, Mata Nui crippled the Great Spirit Robot and brought the fragments of Spherus Magna together, reforming the planet and killing Teridax in the process. Mata Nui then used the Kanohi Ignika, in conjunction with the last reserves of energy from the Prototype Robot he was inhabiting, to fill the reformed planet with life, healing ruined ecosystems and covering much of the wastelands with lush flora. He also alleviated the worst symptoms of those affected by the Pit Mutagen, restoring them to their original forms and making them amphibious. The robot then collapsed onto the planet and disappeared in a cloud of dust.

Upon the destruction of their universe, inhabitants of the Great Spirit Robot emerged onto the new planet. A great crowd rushed to the site of the Prototype Robot's fall, and Ackar retrieved the Ignika. Mata Nui, whose spirit survived in the mask, rose up and spoke to the assembled crowd, requesting that they rebuild Spherus Magna and find the Great Beings to tell them of his success. He then went dormant inside the mask, which fell into the Glatorian Kiina's hands. She handed it off to Tahu, who looked at it in reflection. He then spoke to all that were gathered, Agori and Matoran alike, and led them to begin their new lives together on Spherus Magna.[1]

Sahmad felt the impact of the planets from the northmost deserts of Bara Magna, which were then filled with life. As his companion Telluris celebrated the reformation of Spherus Magna, Sahmad realized that whoever or whatever had unleashed the Dreaming Plague on his people was now within his reach, even if they had been hiding on Bota Magna. He set out with Telluris and the viper Metus, who had also been afflicted by the plague, to find what caused the epidemic.[ST, Ch. 3]

Emigration from the Matoran Universe

In the ruined Archives of Metru Nui, the Onu-Matoran Taipu was trapped underneath rubble from the city. He was soon rescued by his friends Tamaru and Macku, and saw that Kopeke was helping others that were trapped like him. He then set to work with the others, helping to free Matoran so they could escape to the outside world, and Macku remarked that the Chronicler's Company was nearly assembled again.[RoS, Ch. 12]

Velika, a murderous Great Being disguised as a Po-Matoran

Velika emerged from the Matoran Universe and began to set into motion his plan to rule Spherus Magna with a stronger hand, releasing Karzahni and Tren Krom from captivity. He also made contact with Kabrua and his Vorox in Bota Magna, telling them of the regression of the Bara Magna Vorox and supplying them with sophisticated force blasters and a device that could shut off a Toa's Elemental Powers.[2]

After the battle, Kopaka slumped down on a rock overlooking the Bara Magna battlefield and began to contemplate recent events, as well as what the future would hold. He was thinking of his missing brother, Lewa, when he spotted a small army of Skakdi and the Golden-Skinned Being emerging from a section of the Great Spirit Robot that had simply disappeared. The procession was accompanied by the Toa Mahri, seemingly under the creature's control. Kopaka followed the Skakdi through the forests, using an ice bridge to glide above the trees. After walking for quite some distance, the Skakdi reached the shores of Aqua Magna, where the creature looked at an outcropping of cliffs and created a massive stone castle among them. Kopaka was alarmed, and returned to the Great Spirit Robot to warn the other Toa.

In Bota Magna, Lewa had exited a fortress in which Toa Helryx, Vezon, Toa Tuyet, Makuta Miserix, Brutaka, Axonn, Hafu, and Kapura were debating whether or not to free a cursed and possibly insane Great Being that was imprisoned there. Lewa discovered a vast, beautiful jungle, which he explored, using his powers to soar over it. While flying over, he spotted cybernetically enhanced, giant reptiles roaming through the jungles, and watched as one caught and then swallowed a smaller reptile whole. Swooping down closer, he noticed Agori (which he did not recognize) on on the jungle floor, in close proximity to the mechanical reptile. He decided to warn them and landed among the tribal natives, who surrounded him and spoke in a language he could not understand. Lewa deduced the leader was asking his point of origin, and gestured to the fortress. The villagers seemed startled and suddenly pointed spears at Lewa's throat, then escorted him deeper into the jungle.[RoS, Ch. 12]

The Shadowed One emerged from the Matoran Universe with Kojol's viruses in tow, and set about gathering a new army from the remnants of the Dark Hunters and Spherus Magna outcasts, such as the Skrall and Bone Hunters, keeping his efforts secret until the time came to strike.[3]

Mission to Find the Great Beings

Tahu, Gali, and Onua selected three freelance Toa, Chiara, Orde, and Zaria, to partake in a quest to find the Great Beings and tell them of Mata Nui's success, as per his last request. Tahu and Gali then traveled north to Bota Magna, looking for a site on which to build New Atero. Onua gathered the three Toa and informed them of their mission while they bickered and clashed, then introduced them to Gelu.

Gelu, ex-Glatorian and seasoned guide

Elsewhere on Spherus Magna, the Great Being Angonce read ancient equipment that told him of Spherus Magna's restoration and Mata Nui's success. However, he realized that since so many Toa had come onto Spherus Magna, they had activated a creation called Marendar that was designed to hunt down and kill Toa. Angonce rushed to Marendar's vault to find that Marendar had smashed through the metallic Protodermis and escaped onto the planet to carry out its programming.[TYQ, Ch. 1]

Murder of Karzahni

Inhabitants of Spherus Magna and the Matoran Universe set to work dismantling the broken robot and bringing its contents onto the new world. Many Toa of Water, including Toa Hagah Gaaki, set to work helping aquatic Rahi move from the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna.[TPTB, Ch. 1] Salvage crews began delving into the dying universe, and neared Odina, where Toa Varian was being held in stasis.[4]

After seeing the Toa Mahri, Kopaka returned to the Great Spirit Robot in search of Tahu, and stumbled into Gaaki, who was taking a rest. Upon learning of the Mahri's problem, Gaaki promised to gather the Toa Hagah and investigate the Skakdi fortress, alerting Kopaka to any new developments before taking action. Later that day, Toa Lesovikk approached Kopaka and Pohatu, who were helping the salvage teams, and explained that Karzahni had been freed, urging them to stop him. Kopaka suggested a search party, but Lesovikk refused, and left to search for Karzahni on his own.

Toa Lesovikk

Karzahni made his way to Iron Canyon, followed by Lesovikk. Velika stole Lesovikk's Air Sword and stabbed Karzahni with it, then pushed him to the bottom of the canyon and departed. Lesovikk made his way north, without his sword, and was spotted by Tahu and Gali on their journey.

The next day, Kopaka and Pohatu followed Lesovikk's trail and found Karzahni's corpse and Lesovikk's sword at the bottom of the canyon. As they began to suspect Lesovikk, a cyclone headed towards them.[TPTB, Ch. 1] Pohatu moved to take Kopaka and himself out of the cyclone's path, but Kopaka stopped him and instead created a wall of ice to stop the cyclone. Not seeing Kopaka's point, Pohatu used his Kakama Nuva to speed around the cyclone in the opposite direction, dissipating it. Kopaka then explained that he had been attempting to determine the source of the cyclone, as a cyclone created by a Toa of Air would have gone around the ice wall to attack them. However, Kopaka could determine no conclusive evidence as to the cyclone's source. After returning to their camp with Karzahni's body, the two Toa Nuva met up with Tahu and Gali, who had returned from their journey. Gali recalled having seen Lesovikk moving north, without his sword.

The next morning, Kopaka and Pohatu headed out north, both to find the murderer and clear the mystery surrounding Karzahni's death. Pohatu noticed that some Agori were suspicious of the incident, and perhaps suspected that the Toa Nuva had done the killing.[TPTB, Ch. 2]

Encounter with Vorox

Several days after they set out on Sand Stalkers, Gelu and his company of Toa came upon an area that he considered perfect for an ambush. Orde telepathically scanned the area for minds and reported that a flurry of buzzing minds, which then suddenly disappeared. The group continued, with Chiara and Zaria taking the flanks to stop any ambush. Chiara shot a bolt of lightning into the trees, claiming she saw something. They carried on until an explosion erupted behind Orde's Sand Stalker, followed by several more, causing all of the steeds to charge forward - right into a net, which trapped the travelers.

Gelu noticed that their captors were Vorox, carrying ancient but sophisticated force blasters that had caused the explosions. The lead Vorox then stepped forth and, to Gelu's surprise, spoke to him in perfect Agori. The leader introduced himself as Kabrua, and told Gelu that he and the other Bota Magna Vorox had not fallen to savagery as their brothers from Bara Magna had. Chiara and Zaria attempted to escape; the Vorox retaliated with their blasters, knocking Chiara unconscious and blasting off part of Zaria's armor. Orde then sparked an argument with Kabrua, while Gelu considered the group's options. Kabrua addressed his tribesman and bid them bring the hostages to their city, proclaiming that the Vorox would begin a hunt the next day.[TYQ, Ch. 2]

Battle in the Skakdi Fortress

After heading north into the mountains to Metus' former campsite, Sahmad discovered an abnormal, triangular marking in the ground and began to search for others like it. He soon realized that Telluris had disappeared. The source of his disappearance became evident when a large, red tentacle erupted from the ground and dragged Metus underneath. Sahmad used his Thornax Launcher to make a commotion, demanding to know the truth about this creature and what it had to do with the Dreaming Plague. The tentacle then reemerged and dragged Sahmad down as well.[ST, Ch. 3]

Sahmad awoke to find himself being tended to in "New Atero", in Bota Magna. His healer told him that he and Metus had been found and rescued, though Metus could not be cured of the plague and soon expired. Kiina appeared and told him that he had been asleep for 750 years. Sahmad refused to believe this, and left the healing chamber, despite his healer's protestations. As he moved through the city, seeing Matoran and Toa among Agori and Glatorian, he caught sight of Iron Tribe armor in the crowd, and rushed to find it was his long-dead lover, who then shot him in the head with a Thornax Launcher.

Sahmad, an Agori of the Iron Tribe

Sahmad awoke in the healer's chamber again, this time surrounded by Iron Tribe Agori, who began to chant at him.[ST, Ch. 4] Sahmad demanded to speak to whoever had trapped him in this illusion, and made contact with Annona. The Iron Tribe Agori were revealed to be the Sisters of the Skrall, now under Annona's power. Annona explained her involvement in their development of psionic powers, and upon questioning, explained that the Dreaming Plague had been her feasting on the souls of the Iron Tribe. Sahmad addressed her as a faulty creation of the Great Beings, angering Annona, who revealed that she predated the Great Beings and had been driven underground by their powerful minds. Telluris and Metus (now an Agori once more, as Mata Nui's curse had worn off) then joined Sahmad in the room, and urged him to escape. The three of them ran for a great distance through long tunnels, until they saw light on the surface, and ran towards it. However, they found the light was Annona, now free on the surface of Spherus Magna.[ST, Ch. 5]

Sahmad resolved to destroy Annona before she could wipe out any more people, and convinced Telluris and Metus to latch on while Annona teleported to her next meal. They arrived in Aqua Magna, near the Skakdi fortress. The three swam and climbed to the fortress to see Annona distracting the Skakdi with illusions. The Golden-Skinned Being stopped Annona, and explained that while Annona fed on dreams, the fusion made dreams come to life. Annona laughed off the being's threats until the being launched a powerful and painful attack on Annona, impaling her with rock spikes, and left her to die.[ST, Ch. 6]

In desperation, Annona consumed the dreaming ability of the Skakdi warriors all at once. The dreams of the insane Skakdi came true through the fusion's power, causing the ground to shake, the fortress to melt, and formless creatures to come into existence. Annona freed herself, and killed Telluris as he tried to attack her. Metus and Sahmad broke a rock spike from the ground, and Sahmad impaled Annona with it while Metus fled. The Golden-Skinned Being telepathically coordinated a plan with Sahmad, who wished for every being on Spherus Magna to lose their ability to dream; the Golden-Skinned Being made this dream real, denying Annona her food. Annona ceased her attack and brokered a deal with the fusion: she would be sent to a land with beings to feast on, leaving Spherus Magna safe. The Golden-Skinned Being convinced her to let Sahmad dream the dream, and Sahmad dreamed of a world populated wholly by beings like Annona, ensuring they would devour each other within the year. The fusion sent Annona to her doom, and Sahmad dreamed dreams back into existence for the fusion. The Golden-Skinned Being informed Sahmad that it would not remain on the coast of Aqua Magna for long, and Sahmad offered to join up with its army when the time came. Sahmad then departed, heading north to pay his respects to the Iron Tribe Agori slain by Annona.[ST, Ch. 7]

Kabrua's Hunt

Kabrua's Vorox set the Toa and Gelu free in the forests and began to hunt them down for sport. The Toa planned an ambush, but Kabrua revealed that he had a device that could shut off Toa's Elemental Powers. A few Vorox stayed in the vicinity of Zaria and Chiara to keep their powers shut off, while Kabrua and the rest of the Vorox pursued Orde and Gelu. Gelu and Orde planned to search Kabrua's mind, to see if the Vorox leader was in contact with a Great Being. Gelu and Orde left tracks leading into a river, then doubled back and climbed a tree as Kabrua and his Vorox arrived. Orde managed to glimpse into Kabrua's mind and revealed his secret to Gelu: one of the denizens of the Matoran Universe was secretly a Great Being, with dark plans for Spherus Magna.[TYQ, Ch. 3]

Murder of Tren Krom

After three days of travel, Kopaka and Pohatu crossed into Bota Magna. They began to debate the circumstances of Karzahni's murder when Kopaka saw something up ahead and halted the discussion. As Kopaka began to prepare for an attack, a terrible scream, accompanied by many rapidly flashing telepathically transmitted images, ripped through their minds, causing them to fall off their mounts. When it subsided, they got to their feet and ran to the woods ahead, where they found the gelatinous remains of Tren Krom scattered across the ground for hundreds of yards. Kopaka then remembered an image that stood out in his mind during the mental assault: the Red Star.


As they looked at Tren Krom's remains, Pohatu decided that Lesovikk had no reason to kill Tren Krom and would have killed him in a cleaner fashion, and ruled the Toa out as a suspect. Kopaka then spotted Gaardus in the trees, and brought him down to question him. Gaardus told them of his past, being a living weapon created by rogue Nynrah Ghosts. Gaardus had seen Tren Krom appear and move around slowly, and nearly saw Tren Krom's killer, but was blown away by a sudden gust of wind. He also "heard" the telepathic scream, and mentioned that he could bring them to the Red Star. Kopaka and Pohatu agreed, and Gaardus teleported them inside the Red Star. They encountered three Kestora, who rambled about the state of affairs on the Red Star before recognizing Gaardus and raising their weapons.[TPTB, Ch. 3] Before they could fire on the group, Pohatu disarmed them, and demanded answers. The Kestora spoke cryptically and circularly, frustrating Kopaka, who froze them solid. Pohatu noticed that Gaardus had gone missing, and the two Toa Nuva departed to look for him.

In Bota Magna, Velika plotted to murder everyone inside the cursed Great Being's fortress. He spent some time preparing elaborate machinery to incinerate the tower, and then began to carve a memorial marker for his victims.

Kopaka and Pohatu entered a laboratory, and the lights began to flicker off around them. When Kopaka used his Akaku Nuva to look around, he saw things that horrified him. The two Toa Nuva fled, and the lights turned off behind them, as frightening noises began to emanate from the shadows. An Onu-Matoran then opened a hatch and led them into a small alcove, introducing himself as Mavrah.[TPTB, Ch. 4]