Battle at the Bone Hunter Camp

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"Vorox burrowed up out of the ground around the Bone Hunter camp. Rock Steeds reared, their scorpion tails flashing, as the bestial warriors appeared in their midst."
— Narrator, Raid on Vulcanus

Battle at the Bone Hunter Camp
Conflict Malum, Ackar, Gelu and a pack of Vorox tried to scatter Bone Hunters before they can muster an attack on Vulcanus
Combatants Malum
  • Ackar
  • Gelu
  • The Vorox
    Bone Hunters
Location A Bone Hunter camp in the Wastelands
Result Glatorian succeed in thinning the Bone Hunter ranks.

The Battle at the Bone Hunter Camp was a surprise attack launched at a Bone Hunter establishment in an attempt to disrupt their forces and prevent them from mounting an attack on Vulcanus.



  • Defeat the Bone Hunters and prevent them from attacking Vulcanus

Malum and the Vorox

  • Attack and kill as many Bone Hunters as possible

Bone Hunters

  • Drive off the attacking Glatorian


After learning of an impending raid on the village of Vulcanus, Ackar rode out with Gelu in order to meet with Malum, and gain his assistance. Malum initially refused to help, but was persuaded to enact revenge on the Bone Hunters for hurting his people. The three began planning their attack in Malum's cave.

The three warriors traveled to a large Bone Hunter encampment, followed by a large group of Vorox. The Sand Tribe warriors tunneled beneath the sands, and struck the Bone Hunters. Malum, Gelu, and Ackar attacked the Hunters in their disarray, striking down many members. A line of Bone Hunter shooters was formed, but Ackar broke through the ranks, and scattered them. In the midst of the fighting, a Bone Hunter succeeded in launching an explosive, creating a massive flame. The Hunters launched a counterattack under the cover of the flame, driving several of the Vorox off. Malum retreated with some of his forces, including Ackar and Gelu.


The Glatorian regrouped at Malum's cave, and Ackar asked Malum to come to Vulcanus and help with the defense. Malum refused, but wished Ackar and Gelu luck in the coming battle. The pair returned to Vulcanus, where the defenders were preparing for the attack, and Gelu told Raanu what happened.