Civil War on Ancient's Homeland

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Civil War on Ancient's Homeland
Witnesses Inhabitants of Ancient's Homeland
Time 90,000 years ago[1][2]
Significance Minor

The Civil War on Ancient's Homeland was a conflict early in the history of the Matoran Universe that inspired the Shadowed One to found the Dark Hunters.


The being who eventually become known as Ancient once lived on a peaceful island where inhabitants were subject to strict codes of behavior. Ancient took a stand against these societal standards and hired himself out as a mercenary. The being's actions destabilized his island's society, and it eventually collapsed into a state of civil war in which factions dominated by warlords competed for Ancient's services.[3]


Ancient's actions and the brutal war that resulted had indirect effects felt throughout the Matoran Universe.

Late into the war, the being eventually known as the Shadowed One encountered Ancient. The two agreed that there was profit to be made in the bounty hunter profession. This interaction inspired the Shadowed One to found the Dark Hunters, a mercenary organization that in time achieved notoriety across the universe.[3]

The Shadowed One was not the only being to find inspiration in this conflict; two other members of Ancient's species left their homeland during the civil war, hungry for conquest. The two beings established their own reigns and later associated with the Dark Hunters, assuming the code names Conjurer and Tyrant.[4][5][6][7]





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