Toa Fortress

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"The Toa who had built a base on this barren, windswept rock had neglected to inspect the icebergs that surrounded it."
— Narrator, Legacy of Evil

Toa Fortress
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation TOE-ah

The Toa Fortress was a stronghold defended by a squad of Toa that held the highly-coveted Makoki Stone.


The fortress was built on a barren rock surrounded by Frostelus icebergs. A team of Toa was stationed there and assigned to guard the Makoki Stone. Around 7,000 years ago, it was raided by Skakdi thieves Hakann and Vezok. They managed to steal the Makoki Stone, knocking out several guard Toa that noticed their presence.

Soon after the raid, the Frostelus began attacking the fortress, killing the Toa stationed there. The leader of the team assigned a novice Toa, Lhikan, to escape with the stone. Lhikan obeyed the final directive, but was unable to locate the stone and fled without it.


  • In a vision Karzahni trapped Toa Lesovikk in, his teammates had never died and the team eventually saved the Toa Fortress and the team guarding it from the Frostelus attack.


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