Battle Against Umbra

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"I am Umbra. I guard the Mask of Life. You shall not pass."
Umbra to the Toa Inika, A Cold Light Dawns

Battle against Umbra
Conflict Umbra tries to prevent the Toa Inika from gaining access to the Ignika
Combatants Toa Inika
Location Underneath Voya Nui
Result Umbra stunned

The Battle Against Umbra was a conflict between the Toa Inika and Umbra, guardian of the Ignika, the Mask of Life.


Toa Inika

  • Disable Umbra long enough to reach the Ignika.


  • Stop Toa Inika from passing.


Umbra using his powers

As the Toa Inika continued on their quest to retrieve the Kanohi Ignika, they ran into a group of Rahi known as Protodax. As they began battling the creatures, they found that they doubled each time they were struck, and Kongu, using his mask, discovered that these Rahi were actually Protodites, enlarged by the power of the Mask of Life. As the Toa began fighting a losing battle, a flash of light drove off the Protodax.

Jaller thought that the light flash had come from Takanuva, but he soon found out that the flash of light was an attack by another guardian of the mask, Umbra. As Umbra told the group he had saved them from the Protodax to kill them himself, he began battling them, as was his duty. Using his light speed, he struck one of the Toa Inika, delivering a number of blows within seconds. As he overwhelmed them, he transformed into his light form, and quickly disarmed all the Toa in the blink of an eye.

As the Toa tried battling Umbra in this new form, they quickly discovered how hard it would be to defeat him. After much trial and error, Matoro had a sudden idea, and began lining the walls of the chamber with ice. While Hahli provided moisture to aid Matoro, Nuparu put Matoro's plan into play. Tricking Umbra, Nuparu flew towards the ice-covered exit, hoping that Umbra would follow him. While Umbra followed him, Nuparu took a sudden turn, causing Umbra to ricochet off the icy walls, until finally he lay on the ground, defeated.


With Umbra disabled, the Toa Inika retrieved their weapons and continued down the 777 Stairs, on to their Battle Against Vezon.


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