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The Beginning

Thousands of years ago,[1] Okoto and its inhabitants enjoyed a time of peace. When the island came into existence, seven Elemental Creatures were born that embodied it's very essence, while Umarak was born from the shadows to hunt them. The island was ruled by two Mask Makers, Makuta and Ekimu, who forged Masks of Power for the inhabitants. They obeyed a sacred rule to never include more than one elemental power in each mask, lest it become too powerful and dangerous. Ekimu's craftsmanship was excellent, and his masks were greatly sought after by the people of Okoto. Ekimu also saw the Elemental Creatures during the Festival of Masks on one occasion, and was inspired by this omen to use the Mask of Time to view the future. Forseeing that a cataclysm would fall across the island, he crafted the golden Masks in anticipation of the arrival of the Toa.

The Mask Makers and the Protectors also faced threats to the safety of Okoto, including the fearsome Skull Raiders.

Makuta donning the Mask of Ultimate Power

Makuta grew jealous of his brother, and disobeyed the sacred law by forging the Mask of Ultimate Power. However, upon donning the mask, he lost control of its power, and Okoto began to crumble. Ekimu confronted Makuta and knocked the mask from his face, unleashing a shockwave that rocked the island. Both of the Mask Makers were cast into an endless sleep, ending their benevolent reign. Their masks became scattered across Okoto, waiting for the day when someone would find them once more. The Elemental Creatures took it upon themselves to hide Makuta's Mask of Control. After the battle, the Protectors - defenders of each region gifted with Elemental Masks - found the body of Ekimu, and the Prophecy of Heroes was whispered to them. They put the unconscious body of Ekimu inside a sarcophagus. At one point, Skull Spiders invaded the island. One known invasion of the Skull Spiders was their attack on a Village of Fire. With the invasion of Skull Spiders, the Protectors eventually followed the Prophecy of Heroes and went to the Temple of Time where they called for the Toa.

The Gathering of the Toa

Six Toa fell from the sky as comets, each landing in a different region of the island. The six Protectors sought them out and told them of their destinies. The Protectors then guided the Toa through the wilds of Okoto to find their Golden Masks of Power. The Skull Spiders stealthily followed them across the island. Finally after weeks of travel, the Toa and Protectors reached the shrines that held the Golden Masks of Power. After donning the masks, they were told by the Protectors to travel to the City of the Mask Makers in hopes of finding Ekimu. When the Toa arrived, Tahu and Kopaka argued over who would lead the team. Onua stopped the fight just as the Lord of Skull Spiders approached the group. Each Toa tries to defeat it single-handedly to no avail. After many attempts, Onua suggests that they work together to stop their foe. The Toa agree and each strike the Lord of Skull Spiders, stunning it. Onua ends the battle by knocking the section of the bridge under the Lord of Skull Spiders into the abyss below.

The Toa at the bridge to the City of the Mask Makers

The Toa are then urged to find the unconscious body of Ekimu in the city. As they traveled through the city, Tahu triggered a mechanism that trapped them in a courtyard. Lewa scouted ahead as Tahu and Kopaka again argued over leadership. Onua once again breaks up the argument as the Toa are attacked by Skull Warriors emerging from the ground as well as those atop a wall. He attempts to stop the onslaught by opening a chasm in the ground that engulfed the Skull Warriors on the ground. However, by doing so, he destroyed a section of the bridge that connected the city to the rest of Okoto, trapping them in the city. Lewa notices the battle as he returns from his scouting and knocks the Skull Warriors from their positions on the wall. As they fall to the ground, the other Toa quickly deal with them. Pohatu smashes the gate leading out of the courtyard, and the Toa continue on their quest.

Lewa suggests that they explore an old arena he saw during his scouting mission, but his idea is rejected by the rest of the team. So, he leaves to explore the arena alone. While there, his mask is stolen by Skull Slicer, knocking him unconscious. Meanwhile, the rest of the team loses track of their whereabouts and accidentally stumbles into the arena that Lewa had mentioned previously. They quickly rush to his side as Skull Slicer vanishes into the shadows.After the Skull Slicer dons Lewa's Golden Mask and begins draining his power, the Toa are forced to challenge him to his own game, which they manage to win thanks to Lewa's advice. The battle causes the arena floor to collapse beneath them, leaving them apparently trapped below ground. Initially despondent, the Toa are reminded of the heroism of the Protectors, and after detecting a breeze find their way back to the surface.

Emerging in a graveyard, they are attacked by Skull Scorpios, one of which steals Pohatu's Golden Mask before Lewa brings a nearby statue down on the beasts. The Toa then enter Ekimu's tomb and awaken him, only to learn that they may already be too late to stop Makuta's plans. They make their way to Ekimu's forge to stop Kulta, the Skull Grinder from destroying Ekimu's Mask of Creation, only to run into the Skull Basher. The Basher steals Onua's Golden Mask but is defeated by the remaining Toa, who then enter the forge to face Kulta, who dons the Mask of Creation. He manages to damage the Golden Masks of the Toa, but is then defeated by Ekimu, who repairs the Masks of the Toa.

The Protectors arrive in the city to aid the Toa, and discover the long-missing archaeologist Harvali in the process. After destroying the lair of the Lord of Skull Spiders with him inside it, the Protectors find the Toa and Ekimu. After imprisoning the Skull Grinder and Skull Basher, they prepare the city for the arrival of the other islanders, who then throw a great celebration in their new home. However, Ekimu and the Toa are all aware that Makuta remains a threat.

As various Okotans were making their way to the city, one party was attacked by a Skull Spider-controlled giant hawk and had two of their number kidnapped, leading them to seek the aid of Ekimu and the Toa. The heroes soon discovered that the bird was in league with the Skull Raiders, who had forged an alliance with Makuta following their ancient exile. Kulta escapes imprisonment with Makuta's aid and joins Axato and the other Skull Raiders in battling the Toa and Mask Maker, but Ekimu succeeds in causing the cavern in which their city was found to collapse, leaving them trapped.

The Journey to One

Ekimu would soon forge new masks and armor for the Toa as they and the Okotans endeavor to rebuild the city, and the Toa put them to use against the remaining creatures from the Skull Army before setting out to find their Golden Masks of Unity and respective Elemental Creatures. Each eventually succeeds, but Lewa faces trouble as Umarak-now in league with Makuta-attacks the Jungle Creature Uxar in a bid to learn the location of the Mask of Control. Fortunately, Lewa and Uxar are able to drive Umarak off before continuing to Uxar's temple as the other Toa reach the temples of their respective creatures in the island's other regions. Laying claim to their new Golden Masks, each gains the ability to combine with their respective Elemental Creature and thus gained increased power and knowledge, though Pohatu disdains combining with Ketar, Creature of Stone.

Led by the creatures, the Toa discover the Labyrinth of Control hiding Makuta's mask on an island off of Okoto's coast, and after attacking them Umarak determines that he will capture Ketar. The Toa and their Creatures successfully reach the center of the maze, but Umarak strikes and is able to seize the mask. Pohatu acts quickly and recovers Ketar, but Umarak escapes with the Mask, which Makuta uses to transform him into a monstrous new form, Umarak, the Destroyer. In preparation for his arrival, Makuta directs Umarak to awaken the Shadow Horde which is sent to attack the City of the Mask Makers while Umarak hunts down the pieces of Makuta's Mask of Ultimate Power, which broke apart after Ekimu knocked it from Makuta's face. After conversing with Ekimu, who emerges from the Temple of Light with knowledge of what transpired at the Labyrinth of Control, the heroes engage the Elemental Beasts.

After a tough battle in which they discover the Beasts' weakness, Onua goes and meets with Ekimu and learns that the Toa must leave the city's defense to the Elemental Creatures and Okotans while they seek out Umarak. Ekimu then summons Agil, the Elemental Creature of Light, and enters a chamber in the Temple of Light that grants him Elemental Light power and increases his stature to that of the Toa. Led by Agil, he and the Toa then depart the city and learn that Umarak has gathered the Forbidden Mask's fragments and is on his way to the Black Crater in order to open a portal to the Shadow Realm and free Makuta. The group eventually catches up to Umarak and face him and more of his Elemental Beasts in battle, only for him to make his way to the top of a peak he has raised form the crater. The Toa then confront him only to find that they are apparently unable to access Okoto's Elemental energies, and thus find themselves prone to Umarak's shadow powers.

Ekimu attacks Umarak with his Light and frees the Toa, but is reverted back to his original form while Agil disappears; Gali's spirit is then drawn into the Shadow Realm after she attempts to steal a fragment of the Forbidden Mask. While the other Toa battle Umarak and are stripped of their weapons, Gali sees Makuta addressing his minions in the shadowy Capital City and then finds the full Prophecy of Heroes, which records all that has transpired thus far and also what the Toa must do in order to stop Makuta's escape. Makuta then completes his portal by sacrificing Umarak, but in so doing he enables Gali's return to her body. Acting on her newly gained knowledge, the Toa realize that they are the source of Okoto's elements, and unite their powers in order to banish Makuta back to the Shadow Realm. The Toa are then returned to the stars, while the inhabitants of Okoto are left in peace.


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