Toa Hordika and The Mask of Light

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Toa Hordika and The Mask of Light
Writer Greg Farshtey
Studio Tanuki Design
Distributor The LEGO Group
Release Date 2005
Runtime Various
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Toa Hordika and The Mask of Light,[1] also known as Toa Hordika & The Mask of Light,[2] Quest for the Mask of Light,[3][4] and Quest for the Mask of Destiny,[5] was a series of six animated movies on's Story page, set between BIONICLE Adventures 8: Challenge of the Hordika and BIONICLE Adventures 9: Web of Shadows. They depict a quest undertaken by the Toa Hordika in Metru Nui, where they search for the disassembled Makoki Stone and ultimately, the Kanohi Avohkii. The first two were also released as a single bonus video titled Web Movie on the BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows DVD. They were produced by Tanuki Design.

Episode 1: Vakama's Discovery

Vakama bends to take the Stone at the end of the beam.

The tale begins with Vakama's defeat of three Visorak who surrounded Norik and Gaaki. The Rahaga tell him about the Mask of Light and the Makoki Stone, which the Visorak were after. Vakama set out to find his piece of the Makoki. After avoiding several Visorak using his spinner, Vakama manages to get to his piece. Just as his hands grab the artifact, a Lava Eel melts the beam Vakama is standing on, sending the Toa to his certain doom...

Episode 2: Onewa's Escape

Onewa examining his Stone, unaware of the Rahi tentacle behind him

Seeing what is happening, Onewa fires a spinner and saves the Toa at the last second. After Vakama explains why he was searching for the parts of the Makoki Stone, Onewa leaves for Po-Metru in search of one of the pieces. He runs throughout Po-Metru with a group of Visorak stampeding after him until he comes across a bridge. He resorts to blowing up the bridge to stop the Visorak who are pursuing him, and finds the Makoki in a cave. He is then caught by a Rahi. The Visorak reappear, and a Suukorak fires a spinner at him.

Episode 3: Whenua's Discovery

Whenua reaches to obtain his Stone on the pedestal.

Onewa quickly pulls part of the tentacle of the Rahi holding him into the line of fire, and the creature releases him. Whenua then pops up, creating an earthquake that traps the Visorak. After again explaining the situation, Whenua goes on his journey, sneaks past patrolling Visorak in the web-infested Archives and recovers the third Makoki Stone. After picking it up, he triggers a flood trap. He is swept away by the rushing waters...

Episode 4: Nokama's Ambush

Nokama retrieves her Stone.

But Whenua is saved by Nokama, who carries him to safety. After a short conversation, Nokama follows the flood to Ga-Metru and finds her Makoki buried at the bottom of the sea. She surfaces, but is ambushed by Visorak. She jumps into the air and knocks the Oohnorak, Suukorak, Keelerak, and Roporak into the pool. The Vohtarak and Boggarak pursue her, leading her into a web. Nokama is trapped until...

Episode 5: Nuju's Finding

Nuju discovers the Stone behind a Tower door.

Nuju launches a spinner that blasts through the web. He easily defeats the Vohtarak and Boggarak, but a Suukorak appears. After he traps the Visorak in ice, Nokama tells Nuju to find a piece of the stone hidden in a Knowledge Tower. Upon arrival at the Tower, he finds a strange button on a door; by pressing it, the door opens, and inside it lies the fifth Makoki Stone. Just as he is about to leave, six Visorak swarm in, forcing him to run. The door he opened hangs dangerously over the edge. Nuju runs onto the door, thus trapping himself. Nuju is about to fall, but is saved when...

Episode 6: The Last Attack

Matau with his Stone riding the vat in the vehicle factory to safety
The Temple is besieged by Visorak after the revelation of the Mask of Light.

Matau calls Nuju to safety and Nuju jumps down. Matau catches him and blows the invading Visorak away with his Rhotuka. Matau already knows of the Makoki and jumps off. Matau heads to Le-Metru, where he finds his Makoki in a vehicle factory. Several Visorak pursue him. He locks a door and hurries off to safety by jumping into a vat. At the Avohkii's temple in the Archives,[6] each Toa Hordika inserts his or her Makoki Stone into a slot. Then a massive door slides open and the Mask of Light is revealed. However, Visorak swarm in, and a battle ensues. To save the mask from an oncoming Keelerak, Onewa encases the Avohkii in stone. Vakama and the rest quickly evacuate before the room of the temple explodes, the mask safe in their hands.


  • In Vakama's Discovery, when the map of Metru Nui is shown, each Metru has a "Makoki Stone Position:" section. In the online animations, nothing is listed after that, but the Web of Shadows version lists a nine-digit number after each one.
  • The hiding place for the Avohkii in "Episode 6: The Last Attack" resembles the Great Temple. However the BIONICLE: Encyclopedia confirmed that it was actually hidden in the Archives.[6][7]


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