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"That one is worse than all the others combined, if you ask me."
Toa Nuva Gali, Makuta's Revenge

Powers Sonics
Tools Sonic Shield
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation KOH-rahk-KAHL
Set 8575

Kohrak-Kal was the Bohrok-Kal of Sonics.


Kohrak-Kal losing control of its Sonics power

Kohrak-Kal was originally an Av-Matoran who was destined to transform into a Kohrak. Eventually, it was exposed to a mutagenic substance by the Bahrag, transforming it into Kohrak-Kal.

Kohrak-Kal traveled to Ko-Koro, accompanied by Nuhvok-Kal, who dealt with Matoro while Kohrak-Kal stole Kopaka Nuva's Nuva Symbol. The other Bohrok-Kal did the same, knowing that the power stored in the Symbols could be used to free the Bahrag. The Toa Nuva, who had lost their Elemental Powers due to the theft of the Nuva Symbols, set out to stop the Bohrok-Kal from freeing the Bahrag.

Later, Kohrak-Kal single-handedly defeated Toa Nuva Lewa with what was apparently an object made with its power over Sonics. Later on that same day, Lehvak-Kal summoned Kohrak-Kal, as well as Gahlok-Kal, to merge into the Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja. The combined entity then defeated Wairuha Nuva, and separated to continue their search for the Bahrag.

Later, the Bohrok-Kal located the cave in which the Bahrag's prison was located in. The Nuva Cube, which they had to approach in order to unlock the Bahrag's prison, was guarded by six Exo-Toa, resulting in a quick fight during which the Bohrok-Kal managed to destroy the robots. As they placed the Nuva Symbols on the Nuva Cube, their krana-kal transformed into silver variants, protecting them from virtually all harm. However, the Toa Nuva were able to tap into the power of their Nuva Symbols and use them to overload the Bohrok-Kal's powers. This caused Kohrak-Kal's sonic powers to become so powerful as to shake the Bohrok-Kal apart into nothing more than atoms by intensely concentrated sound waves, with only its krana-kal escaping.

Abilities and Traits

Kohrak-Kal was one of the strongest Bohrok-Kal; it had been gifted with the elemental power of Sonics, which allowed it to create blasts of sound, sonic force fields and even entire objects made of solid sound. For this ability, some considered it more deadly than the rest of the Bohrok-Kal squad put together. It was often seen on its own, because its powers affected even the other Bohrok-Kal. It was also the easiest Bohrok-Kal to track, since the use of its powers tended to make sonic booms.


Kohrak-Kal used its Sonic Shields to create intense sound.

Set Information

Xa-Kal Za-Kal Vu-Kal Ca-Kal Yo-Kal Ja-Kal Su-Kal Bo-Kal
Kohrak-Kal in set form

8575 Kohrak-Kal was released in early 2003. The set contained a total of forty pieces, one of which was usually a pearl-colored krana-kal. 72 random Bohrok-Kal sets were packed with sterling silver krana-kal and 5,000 with white metal krana-kal. Pieces from Kohrak-Kal can be combined with those of Gahlok-Kal and Lehvak-Kal to create Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja.


Kohrak-Kal in the Mata Nui Online Animations
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