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Return to Metru Nui

During his scouting, Onewa had witnessed a stricken Nui-Jaga emerging from a cavern. Tracing its route, he found the tunnel that he believed might return to Metru Nui. After regrouping, the Toa Metru followed Onewa into the chosen cave and began their return journey to back to Metru Nui to rescue the remaining Matoran. Early on their quest, the team encountered numerous fleeing Rahi, many dead and some even mutated, all sharing one trait; they were running from the direction of the city.

The Toa's curiosity and dread deepened when they came upon a nest of sleeping Bohrok alongside ancient carvings and a small pool of the legendary substance called Energized Protodermis. There they discussed the powers of the Energized Protodermis - that if an object or being's destiny is not to be transformed, the Protodermis consumes it. The Toa watched in horror of the substance's power as a Stone Rat dipped in it and was disintegrated.

Meeting the Karzahni plant

Continuing their descent, the team encountered the Rahi Nui, a great amalgamation of various Rahi. The monster longed for their energies, as it lived upon the power of Toa. Before they defeated it, the beast stung Nokama and delivered a mortal blow. Eager to end the battle, Nuju then discovered that the Rahi Nui could increase its volume, but not its mass. He related his strategy to Vakama, and they both urged it to grow too large, feeding it elemental powers and causing the Rahi Nui's molecules to drift apart. All turned their attention to Nokama, as no source of healing was available, and they walked onward, hoping to find a cure in Metru Nui.

Soon thereafter, the Toa Metru met Karzahni, a giant, twisted plant who claimed to be the prototype of the Morbuzakh. It offered to heal Nokama, who was then nearing death, asking only for one thing in return: Energized Protodermis. The Toa agreed and Karzahni gave a temporary heal to Nokama. In a desperate search through the various tunnels and chambers of their location, they discovered an eerie room apparently used by Teridax. There was evidence inside of Mask Maker tools and other objects of study. It was then that the six Toa were taken unawares by a strange creature. The organism latched onto Onewa's face and brought him into a trance, in which he spoke with riddles about the Visorak. None at that time understood what Onewa meant nor had Vakama received any visions about Visorak.

There, the Toa Metru retrieved a vial that could hold the Energized Protodermis. In another vacated cave, they soon discovered a pool of the dangerous substance. Before the Toa could retrieve some, however, it shaped itself into a physical form, rose up from the pool and spoke with its seekers. After a conversation between the Toa and the being concerning the latter's power, a great and perilous battle ensued. The Toa held off the being, and dipped the vial into the substance before escaping. They returned it to Karzahni, after which the creature fulfilled its promise and healed Nokama fully. The Karzahni drank of the Energized Protodermis in faith that it would transform into a greater being, but as the Toa departed, the plant burned from within and was destroyed. Lessons being learned and some to be pondered, the Toa made their way into Metru Nui.

The Toa Metru traveled to Silver Sea surrounding the city, planning to return back to the island. With no boat and no other practical means of reaching Metru Nui, however, the Toa began searching for parts that could be used to create a transport. They discovered a number of vaulted chambers left over from when Teridax had used the area as a base. Most had long since been abandoned by whatever Rahi the Makuta of Metru Nui had left on guard. As they searched further though, nothing that they found that would be of help in reaching the island. Journeying alone, Vakama spotted a second door and headed deeper into the vaults, where he found Vahki and transport parts. There, Vakama encountered a creature consisting fully of flames. The creature was incredibly hot, enough to be harmful to even a Toa of Fire such as Vakama. After a life-threatening battle, he defeated the creature by absorbing all the heat in the room, although the temperature drop caused the creature to freeze and in the process, it also harmed Vakama. Then he unleashed the fire with a giant blast right through the miles of chambers behind him.

The ruins of Metru Nui

After the fight, the Toa gathered together and used the transport parts Vakama found, and used Karzahni's roots to keep it afloat. As they boarded the new boat, christened Lhikan II, an unnoticed small green shoot was growing from one of logs.

Arrival in Metru Nui

As they advanced towards the great city, Nuju, by using his telescopic built in lens, saw a large number of Rahkshi, Rahi, and webs on the dark and crumbling city. Like Whenua had previous mentioned and feared, the city's Archives had been broken and the Rahi were roaming around Metru Nui. Traveling along the ocean, the ship was struck by a fierce storm that capsized the crew. The Toa were washed ashore, and the Lhikan II was completely destroyed in the chaos.

After a moment's delay that was caused by Nuju, Onewa, and Matau being stuck in the resultant debris, the Toa headed to the Coliseum. Lead by a persistent Vakama they went through Le-Metru on the way. Matau and Whenua scouted ahead, encountering four Vahki with strange characteristics as they spoke Matoran in a clear voice, could automatically rebuild their bodies, and their staffs were able to release destructive blasts. Matau and Whenua were able to destroy them, and hurried back to the other Toa.

Whenua and Matau told the other Toa what they had seen, and Onewa lead them to the Vahki Hive to find out what had happened to the robots. Once they had arrived, they came to the conclusion that when Teridax overloaded the power plant, the feedback shot through the hives and most of the Vahki were destroyed by it. The ones that were not destroyed absorbed the energy surge and were changed. As Onewa explained, the Vahki were always able to speak Matoran, but at such a high pitch and speed that no one understood them; the energy surge affected their speech centers by slowing them down, thus allowing their speech to be understood.

The Toa were then attacked by another group of Vahki. While Matau kept them busy by shape shifting into a Vahki himself, the other five Toa fled into a crack in the wall of the Moto-Hub. Matau then ran into trouble, as the Vahki thought that he was a malfunctioning Vahki and wanted to take him apart. At that moment, a Rhotuka spinner flew through the air and burned through the Staffs of the Vahki. A second spinner burned through an overhanging beam on the face of the Moto-Hub, which crashed to the ground, bringing tons of masonry with it, blocking the entrance through which Toa Metru had passed.

Matau caught up with the other Toa and they continued down the Moto-Hub, where they encountered an entity made out of sonic energy. Every time the Toa tried to hit it, the entity countered with a deafening sonic explosion. They were eventually able to defeat it by having Matau suck out all the air in the room, creating a vacuum, and having Nuju hit it with an ice beam. The entity was not able to fend the beam off with a sonic explosion, for without air, there could be no sound. After defeating the creature, they continued and discovered an emergency hatch. The Toa went through and stood on top of the archway, looking at the sky. Through the perpetual mist, thousands of glittering points of light could be seen. At first, Matau thought the points of light were stars. But soon Whenua realized that they were eyes from the spider-like creatures named Visorak and immediately pulled the other Toa back in.

The Toa's Visorak web cocoons

Before they could discuss the situation, they were attacked by a ten-foot-long mutated Lohrak with a wingspan nearly twice that. The specimen also possessed sonic powers, something ordinary Lohrak lacked. Several Vahki joined the melee. Matau defeated them by creating a cyclone, causing the mechanical enforcers to crash down into the ground. After a while, Nuju manifested ice on the Lohrak's wing, forcing it to head towards Ta-Metru and melt the ice off, in order to fly again. During the fight, Onewa and Nokama were separated from the others and vanished into the Archives under the Moto-Hub. A group of Suukorak followed them, since all the Visorak were given the order to capture the Toa Metru for Roodaka, the Visorak viceroy. The Suukorak attacked Onewa and Nokama, trapping Onewa in an electrical prison created by the Suukorak's Rhotuka. The other Toa Metru then came down to help Onewa and Nokama, and the Suukorak quickly retreated.

Vakama decided to quickly head to the Coliseum and save the Matoran, before the Visorak could discover what they were doing. So the group headed through the Archives towards the Coliseum. The Toa also found a wounded Ash Bear, which was also known as Graalok. They healed it by combining their elemental powers into a bubble of water Nokama had made, and let the water wash over the Ash Bear. The Rahi quickly fled into the darkness, in search of a safer place. Whenua opened the hatch, slowly and carefully. He looked from side to side, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. The Toa Metru climbed out of the Archives and onto the street, where the Coliseum loomed over them. The Toa Metru continued on towards the Coliseum, but were ambushed and subsequently captured by a group of Keelerak using their paralyzing Rhotuka.

Rahaga Norik rescuing Toa Hordika Vakama

The Toa Metru were trapped in cocoons and hung high above Metru Nui, outside the Coliseum. Slowly, their bodies were transformed into Hordika by the venom of the cocoons, and they ripped through the cocoons, plunging down into the darkness. They would have crashed into the ground and died, had not the Rahaga, strange beings who somewhat resembled Rahkshi, caught them in mid-fall. They took them to the ruins of Ga-Metru, where the Rahaga told the Toa Metru, now the Toa Hordika, about Keetongu, a powerful Rahi that was gifted in the knowledge of venoms and their counter agents. However, some of the Rahaga believed that Keetongu was only a myth. They explained that the Hordika Venom they had been injected with needed to be neutralized, or else the venom would make their mutations permanent. After hearing out the Rahaga, the Toa Hordika decided that they would put rescuing the Matoran first, and finding the anti-venom for their mutation second.

A mutated Muaka

Vakama, who was frustrated by the fact that he led his friends into the trap, frequently left the group for long walks. Upon one, just when he thought he was being attacked by a Muaka, his Rhotuka Launcher did not work. However, the Muaka fled, and Norik came to Vakama and told him about the Muaka. Then he tried to reason with him, asking Vakama to come back with the others, but was unsuccessful. Vakama eventually returned to the Metru.

Search for Airship Parts

Meanwhile in the Coliseum, Krahka, who shapeshifted herself into a Visorak in order to get into the building, fought with Roodaka and lost, as Roodaka was too quick and tactful for the Shapeshifting Rahi to strike. Roodaka, instead of killing the Rahi, made a deal with her: recover the signs of six Matoran which were originally foreseen to be Toa, and of which the signs were later covered up due to disbelief.

The Hordika got the idea to try and recover Turaga Dume who they had left in a Matoran Sphere. Embarking on this mission the Hordika got close to Dume, but the presence of Visorak deterred them from meeting Dume.

To understand the situation, Vakama, Onewa, and Norik went on a scouting mission in Po-Metru during which Vakama attacked a group of Roporak, but ultimately failed to defeat them.

Meanwhile, the Toa first started their quest by searching for different parts in order to build an Airship to transport the Matoran to Mata Nui safely. Nuju and Kualus were traveling through Ko-Metru when they thought they heard Ehrye's voice. Despite Kualus' warnings, Nuju advanced to where he thought he heard "Ehrye". However, he turned out to be a group of Oohnorak, using their power of mimicry. The Visorak then attacked the duo, who were able to escape into the Archives, and came face-to-face with a Kahgarak.

Elsewhere, Matau and Iruini were discussing their mission, which was to find some sort of Airship in Le-Metru the Toa could salvage, repair, and then use to transport the Matoran out of Metru Nui. However, the Visorak had destroyed all the transport vehicles in the district. Matau, in that case, would then need to find the materials and anything of importance that they may need. He was therefore looking over undamaged Protodermis objects that could be used for new vehicles, though Matau would rather have been finding Keetongu to free him of his beastly appearance. As he worried about his future, Iruini revealed to Matau the secret of the Rahaga: that they were once Toa.

Roodaka talks to a Boggarak about life on Xia and the ritual that Vortixx must climb the Mountain, and her personal trip up it. She believes that one of the Toa will snap and defect to her side.

Meanwhile, Whenua and Bomonga were walking through a tunnel, and found Nuju and Kualus facing a Kahgarak. The large spider fired its Rhotuka, but which Nuju deflected with an Ice mirror, sending the Kahgarak to the Field of Shadows. Running into a room and locking the door behind them, Kualus related the history of the Visorak. However, Vohtarak spilled into the room via the air ducts, leaving Nuju, Kualus, and Bomonga to fend off the Rahi while Whenua ripped open the door, revealing another Kahgarak. Whenua gave in to his Hordika side and launched multiple Earth spinners, causing the tunnel to collapse.

Nokama generating a storm

Nokama was searching for Kanohi, along with Gaaki. Their mission was rather unpleasant for Nokama, as Gaaki was supposedly very annoying. Their destination was the Great Temple; their mission, to collect the Kanohi stored in a chamber. During their swim to the Temple, Gaaki was hit by a Visorak spinner. Nokama used her Rhotuka to summon a thunderstorm which nearly killed both her and the Rahaga, as well as the Visorak.

Pouks and Onewa enter a Po-Metru canyon, and they observe a Kane-Ra.

Vakama, who worked on working on some Airship parts during his time as a Matoran, went into his old foundry to find them along with Norik. He accidentally stumbled into a Kanoka which looked almost the same as his own Toa disk, except it said Nuhrii.

Nobody knew that Krahka was inside the Great Temple masks chamber, revealing yet another sign, this time on the wall, which said, "Vhisola". Outside, Nokama and Gaaki approached the temple, however Nokama being transformed into a half-beast, found it very difficult to enter the structure. Both of them managed to get inside, only to find the chamber they were looking for was protected by a Gate Guardian. The Rahi made a smaller illusion of itself; thus every time Nokama tried to strike the Guardian, her attacks were blocked before they could come close to hitting the target. This started to make Nokama very furious. It was only with the help of Gaaki that the two managed to find out that the "small Rahi" was really an illusion. Nokama then summoned a shower and the beast was defeated. Meanwhile, Krahka made her escape by transforming into a mist-like Rahi and slipped out via a gap in the door. Nokama continued in, and saw the carving on the wall.

Nuju and Kualus were scavenging around the Chutes of Ko-Metru, after they were previously rescued by Vakama and Onewa, looking for intact Chute sections to use as propulsion for the Airship. Nuju asked Kualus to cut the Chute, so he could freeze the ends. Kualus, feeling a bit suspicious, did as Nuju told him to do and Suukorak began to flood from the Chute. The spiders launched Rhotuka at Nuju, trapping him in an electrical field. Unable to do anything, he could only watch as the Suukorak attacked Kualus. After watching Kualus fight for dear life, Nuju escaped painfully from the field, and fought a losing battle against the Visorak. Kualus began clicking, and while Nuju was confused, Kualus had really summoned thousands of Ice Bats, which then helped them fight against the Visorak. The Rahaga decided that it was a wise time to retreat. At the roof of the building, Kualus called some Gukko birds, and, much to Nuju's dismay, they rode them to Le-Metru, where it seemed that the Visorak were massing for an attack.

Whenua, meanwhile, was sitting halfway in the mud outside the Archives along with Bomonga, with nothing to do but stare into the darkness in front of him, rather than searching for the tablets that spoke of the Visorak. After a while, Whenua got impatient and stood up, only to get pulled back down by the Rahaga. It was only then he realized that a small Rahi had run into the scene, only to be captured by a Visorak. Bomonga reacted speedily and used his Rhotuka to stun the creature, after which he freed the captured Rahi. After that, the two continued their search. Once they found what they were looking for, they made their way to the exit only to find themselves trapped by two Kahgarak.

Matau and Iruini finally found a hangar, but Visorak attacked them, and they had to barricade themselves inside. More and more Visorak swarmed the hangar.

Meanwhile, Onewa kept distracting the Rahi they meet at Pouks' request, who was really trying to combat Onewa's Hordika side. They entered a cave for some Kanoka and found Teridax's lair. Onewa went inside and found Teridax's version on the Toa Metru origins. Pouks pursued a Stone Snake that looked suspicious.

Vakama abandoned his mission and hacked into Lhikan's former "home" where he discovered the past Toa's diary; it clearly stated that Lhikan was originally going to choose the Matoran who found the Great Disks and were foreseen in the stars, but due to certain reasons, he changed his mind and chose the Vakama's team instead.

A Kahgarak

One of the large Kahgarak launched its Rhotuka at Whenua and Bomonga. Both tried to run away, but it was too late. The Rhotuka had already swallowed and transported them to the Field of Shadows. The other Kahgarak was also swallowed in, giving Whenua and Bomonga the hope of getting out.

The Stone Snake turned out to be Krahka, and Pouks was knocked unconscious by the Rahi. Later, however, Onewa made a truce with her. Then the three went to Ta-Metru and Krahka summoned Tahtorak to aid them against the Visorak.

Meanwhile, Matau was tricked by an Oohnorak (who used its mimic powers to replicate the voice of Toa Metru Nokama) into opening the door of the hangar letting a flood of Visorak in.

Simultaneously, Kualus and Nuju landed in Le-Metru's outskirts and were attacked by Vohtarak, but the Tahtorak arrived along with Krahka, Onewa, and Pouks; and chased away the Visorak. As well Gaaki and Nokama were investigating the Visorak surge toward the Metru, and spotted Sidorak on a command tower. Roodaka had had a report from the Roporak spying on Krahka, and she decided to release the Zivon.

At the same time, the Kahgarak that Whenua and Bomonga were following opened a portal through which they exited. However, they appeared right in the Le-Metru's Visorak Tower at Sidorak's feet.

The Tower of Toa

Matau and Iruini were rescued by the rest of the Toa Hordika and Rahaga. Then the Zivon was released and the Toa Hordika attacked the Tower, freeing Whenua and Bomonga. The Toa caused major confusion and thought to keep the Visorak bottled up in the Tower, knowing that Rahi hated to be confined. A Kahgarak fired a spinner at the Tahtorak, locked in battle with the Zivon, and Krahka, seeing this, slammed herself into the Tahtorak, sending all three of them into the Zone of Darkness. Seeing their war beast vanquished, the remaining Visorak retreated. Afterwards, the Toa Hordika shared the story of their origins. Norik then told the Toa that this Tower could be a place for them to fall back in case of defeat. The Toa charged the gateway, which would prevent any unwanted visitors to get in, as they would get hit by elemental energy. This new Tower was christened the "Tower of Toa".

Search for the Avohkii

Vakama discovering his Stone

Soon after, Vakama found Gaaki and Norik surrounded by Visorak in Ta-Metru. Vakama quickly came and battled the Visorak, winning, and Gaaki and Norik told him about the Kanohi Avohkii, the great mask of light, which the Rahaga had hidden in Metru Nui. To unlock its hiding place, the Makoki Stones were needed. Vakama was sent to a mission to find his Makoki stone, and after battling Visorak, Vakama arrived on a steel beam above a fire pit, with the Makoki Stone on the end. But as Vakama took it, the beam underneath him was melted by a Lava Eel and he fell down towards the lava. However, Onewa saved him before he could hit the lava.

Vakama recounted to Onewa everything that Norik and Gaaki had told him about the Avohkii and the Makoki Stones. Onewa went to look for his Makoki Stone in Po-Metru. He was chased by Visorak, but managed to escape. He found the stone in a cave, but just then, a mysterious creature attacked him, grabbing the Toa of Stone. And at the same time, some Visorak Suukorak came. One shot it's Rhotuka at Onewa, who used it to break free from the creature. However, the Suukorak fired another spinner, but this one was intercepted by a blast caused by Whenua's earth spinner. Onewa explained to Whenua everything and Toa of Earth went to look for the Makoki Stone in Onu-Metru.

After sneaking past many patrolling Visorak in the Archives, Whenua discovered a room with the Makoki Stone in it. He recovered it, but then he heard a rumble and a large hammer hit a wall. It broke the wall, and water flushed in, creating a flood which Whenua was trapped in. Just before he was hurled over a waterfall, which seemed to fall into a pit, Nokama grabbed him and saved him, jumping on to a cliff. Whenua again explained everything, and Nokama went to Ga-Metru.

Nokama found the Makoki Stone underwater, but when she came to surface, she realized she was surrounded by Visorak. A battle started, and Nokama defeated all but two Visorak. As she ran away, she was caught in a Visorak web, with the two Visorak right behind her. However, the Visorak were frozen by Nuju, who came to Nokama's aid.

After Nokama told Nuju everything, the Toa of Ice went to Ko-Metru for his Makoki Stone. He found it in a Knowledge Tower, by unlocking a door with a button. But Visorak rushed in, forcing Nuju to run. He was trapped on the edge of a cliff, but then he saw Matau below him, and he pointed for Nuju to jump. Nuju did so and Matau caught him in midair. Then he defeated the Visorak with his Air Spinner. Matau then went to look for his Makoki Stone in Le-Metru, since he already knew of the situation.

The Toa Hordika using the Makoki Stones

Matau found his stone in a vehicle factory while several Visorak pursued him. He was able to escape by locking a door behind him and jumping into a vat. He later met the other Toa Hordika by the Great Temple. Inside, each Toa inserted his or her Makoki Stone into a slot, and the Mask of Light was unlocked. However, the light that came from it attracted Visorak, and they swarmed in, with a battle ensuing. To save the mask from an oncoming Keelerak, Onewa encased the Avohkii in stone, and Vakama and the rest quickly evacuated before the temple exploded, the mask safe in their hands. Soon after, the Toa Hordika finished building the Airships.

In Le-Metru, Matau and Nokama swung from Visorak webs while on a scouting mission. Matau said that there was nothing that could stop them, but Nokama disagreed, pointing at a Visorak Tower. Matau said that they could easily capture the tower, but Nokama reminded him that the last time they had taken over a tower, they had the other four Toa, the Rahaga, the Krahka, and the Tahtorak to help them. Matau then tried to attack the seemingly lone Vohtarak, only to meet more of the spiders. Nokama then saved him using her Water spinner. They then went under a Visorak Battle Ram, hoping to get inside the Coliseum, but were instantly discovered by Roodaka, who ordered the Visorak to burn it, due to a 'malfunction'. In order to escape the furnace, Matau summoned a cyclone which blew the ram out of the Coliseum and right where their comrades were, almost landing on them. They started talking about strategy, and this caused Vakama to angrily leave the team.

Still fuming over his defeat, Sidorak talked to Roodaka, and she professed her belief that a Toa would betray the others.

Vakama's Betrayal

While Norik returned to the others to begin their search for Keetongu, Vakama was ambushed by a group of Boggarak, and was brought before Roodaka. There, Roodaka convinced him to join the horde and become its leader, because "His friends no longer cared about him", although her main reason was to usurp Sidorak, the king of the Visorak horde, give the horde to Vakama, and then free Teridax with the elemental powers of Vakama's team members. At that time, Vakama was shown the loyalty of the Visorak horde, and Roodaka struck up a deal. If Vakama captured the Rahaga, his loyalty to Sidorak would be proven, and he would be named a general of the Visorak horde. With this goal in mind, Vakama set off to the Great Temple, to seek out the Rahaga.

Roodaka influencing Vakama

At the Great Temple, Rahaga Gaaki was researching Keetongu when she heard a sound. She looked around and saw nothing. Norik then walked in, and the two discussed the noise, but dismissed it as a result of Gaaki's tiredness. Gaaki went upstairs, to find the other Rahaga. Norik stayed behind and further investigated the strange noise. He discovered that the sound he had heard was Vakama, and briefly discussed the Toa's deception with the hidden turncoat. Norik asked what had happened to his brothers, and after a while, Vakama asked Norik to pass on a message. Norik had a feeling of foreboding as Vakama disappeared. Vakama suddenly reappeared elsewhere, roaring, surprising Norik. Vakama left with all the Rahaga except for Norik, whom he left covered in rubble. The next morning the Hordika went to check on the Rahaga's progress and found Norik, barely breathing. He told them of Vakama's deception and what he had translated so far: "Follow the falling tears to Ko-Metru, until they reach the sky."


Vakama presented the Rahaga to Sidorak and was named Leader of the Horde. At the same time his ex-comrades had followed a river from the Great Temple to the canal between Le-Metru and Ko-Metru, but the web bridge broke under the Toa's weight and sent them into the canal, where they found themselves in a submarine Chute that brought them to Ko-Metru where a jet of Protodermis flowed out of it and "reached the sky". They went into a cavern under the icy mountain made by the jet and Norik called out to Keetongu. Keetongu appeared and after listening to the story agreed to help them, though they would have to fight using their Hordika sides to prove themselves.

Battle of Metru Nui

After reaching the Coliseum, the five Toa broke through the defenses. They confronted Vakama, who snarled at them. Before the Visorak could hit them, they rode their Rhotuka to a higher floor, except Matau, who headed straight to the central spire. After grabbing Vakama, he tried to convince him to return on their side, resulting in Vakama attacking him. Meanwhile, the other Toa went through the corridor to the Matoran Spheres' location. There, however, they were attacked by a giant Kahgarak that threw them in the arena. At this time, Norik freed his comrades, while Matau barely maintained his hold on the edge of the Coliseum.

Meanwhile, Sidorak and Roodaka fought off Keetongu, who was climbing on the spire. Sidorak missed twice, but Roodaka scored a direct hit with a bolt of shadow from her weapon, sending the giant Rahi down the side of the spire, creating a large shockwave. Sidorak and Roodaka went to ascertain his condition. However, Roodaka left Sidorak, and Keetongu, who was still alive, killed him. Meanwhile, Vakama came to his senses and lunged for Matau's hand, but Air Toa fell over the side of the Coliseum before the Toa of Fire could grab him. However, Vakama dived over the side and rescued Matau, using a Visorak web as a bungee cord to save them both. At this time, the Rahaga were helping the Toa battle against the Visorak, but Roodaka, riding on a Kahgarak, stated that she only wanted their elemental powers.

Roodaka riding a Kahgarak

In that moment, Vakama and Matau landed, and Vakama tossed Matau into the other Toa. Angered, these five struck Roodaka with their spinners. Vakama then told Roodaka that he renounced his partnership with her, and said that he belonged with his team. Roodaka said that the Toa of Fire could defeat her, but not the Visorak horde, which prompted Vakama to disband the horde using the authority granted to him by the astounded Roodaka, thus freeing the Visorak. Vakama then began to launch his Rhotuka, aiming at the Vortixx. Strangely, Roodaka just stood there, and Norik realized why. Norik began to warn Vakama, but too late; Vakama's Rhotuka launched and crashed into Roodaka, throwing her towards the ground. As she laughed in triumph, a Shadow hand arose from her heartstone and engulfed her, leaving only a small sliver of Protodermis behind. Norik exclaimed that when the six Toa had launched their Rhotuka, they had destroyed the seal that they imprisoned Teridax with, via a second union of their elemental powers. With a laugh, Vakama stated that he was not scared of Teridax any longer. Vakama reasoned with Keetongu and told him that it was their destiny to be Toa. Keetongu then transformed the Hordika back into the Toa Metru, in order to help them fulfill their destinies. They loaded the Matoran Spheres on the Airships, and, after saying goodbye to their allies, flew away. When they reached the Great Barrier, Onewa discovered that Teridax had broken out of his seal, just as Norik had said.

Retrieval of the Vahi

As the Toa were making their way back to Mata Nui on the Airships, Vakama told them that he needed to go back to Metru Nui and get the Mask of Time. He told the others to continue their journey, and that he would return. Then jumped out of the ship into the water, and started to swim his way back to Metru Nui. On his way to land, he spotted the Kanohi Vahi, which was partially buried under the sand of the ocean floor, he saw that the mask had developed a crack, leaking Time energy out into the water, affecting anything that came too close with its Time powers. Vakama carefully repaired the mask using a pinpoint beam of Fire and retrieved it. Before he could travel back, however, a water spout appeared, shooting him out into the open air. As he crashed upon some rocks by the ocean side, a figure appeared and took the mask from Vakama's hands. The Toa Metru fainted and fell back into the water.

The Shadowed One

Meanwhile, on the Dark Hunter headquarters of Odina, the Shadowed One, leader of brutal bounty hunters, was making plans to return to Metru Nui because of the deaths of Nidhiki and Krekka, whom he was convinced were killed by Toa. He left Lariska in charge of the Hunters as his deputy while he was absent.

Vakama awakened and found himself back as a Matoran. He was lying on his bed in his house, in an alternate time, when Metru Nui was still safe, except for the Morbuzakh. The Toa of "prophecy," Vhisola, Nuhrii, Tehutti, Ehrye, Orkahm and Ahkmou, had imposed strict martial order over all of Metru Nui, and Vakama thought that it was the Mask of Time that was doing all of this. He thought it had somehow reversed and changed time. Then, he went looking for his fellow Toa, who were also back in Matoran form, but none of them remembered anything. Onewa was made cowardly after an encounter with Vahki, and Matau had died in a Chute accident.

Then Vakama went to Teridax's lair with Nokama. On the way, they were attacked by some Morbuzakh vines, but escaped. When he reached the Makuta's lair, a creature that looked like a hybrid of a Krana and a Kraata affixed itself to his mask, giving him a vision of a Toa of Sonics named Krakua. Krakua told Vakama that six Toa were going to make a perilous quest into the darkest place he could imagine in order for Krakua to exist. Krakua hurriedly gave a message, detailing the coming of the Toa Inika and their powers. But before the Toa could finish, the creature was pulled off of Vakama's face by Turaga Lhikan, who was still alive in this reality. Vakama somehow realized something had to be wrong. When Vakama hurled a Kanoka at Nokama's head, it passed right through her. It was then that what Vakama suspected was confirmed: he had not gone back in time, but it was all an illusion, put in place by Teridax. Nokama was really a Visorak Boggarak. When Vakama looked at himself, he was what he truly was, the Toa Metru of Fire. Teridax and the Toa had a small altercation, and Vakama told Teridax that Voporak had the Mask of Time. This forced the Toa of Fire and the Master of Shadows to work together to retrieve the Vahi.

The two temporary allies later found out that Voporak did not have the mask any longer, so Teridax sent his army of Rahkshi to distract the creature while they slipped away. As they made their way to the Great Temple to find the Shadowed One, Teridax told Vakama that the Toa of Fire should go inside and spy on them, and that he had unfinished business to take care of. Then Teridax proclaimed that the one following them could come out now, and Keetongu stepped from the shadows.

Inside the Great Temple, Vakama and Sentrakh, the Shadowed One's bodyguard, were soon locked in battle, while outside Teridax and Keetongu were engaged in combat as well. Teridax and Sentrakh were both winning their respective fights. Teridax was about to kill Keetongu when the whole Temple exploded, sending all four flying. Vakama had won his battle. He saw Keetongu, who was not moving. He started to check on him, when his body was chained by solid Protodermis, fired by the Shadowed One. As the Shadowed One told Vakama that he and the others would pay for killing his Dark Hunters, Teridax joined them. He claimed he would hand over Vakama to the Shadowed One if he returned the Vahi. The Shadowed One said that he would not do that: Vakama needed to pay for what he did.

Then Vakama freed himself and revealed to the Shadowed One that Teridax was the one who killed Nidhiki and Krekka, telling him to look at Teridax's body. After seeing elements of both fallen Hunters in Teridax's armor, the pair of powerful villains began to battle. The Shadowed One's disintegrating eyebeams destroyed much of Teridax's chest plate and both of his wings. Vakama saw his moment and took the Mask of Time from the Shadowed One by surprise, swooping down from the air using his jetpack-launcher. The Shadowed One shot a laser at Vakama's jet pack, which sent him falling to his apparent death. The Shadowed One wanted to head after the fallen Toa, but Teridax threw him at the fallen Voporak, causing the Shadowed One to age several thousand years. He barely escaped with his life.

The Toa of Fire then fell into darkness, and Vakama found himself in the lair of Karzahni. Karzahni then told Vakama that it was because of them that he was still alive; when the Toa Metru placed parts of his body into liquid Protodermis, a tiny green shoot sprouted from one. In time, it re-grew into a new Karzahni which had the memories of the old plant. Karzahni said that he and Teridax had been working together, and that he had agreed to play the Morbuzakh to make Teridax's illusion more convincing, that there was nothing that Vakama could do. He thought he was not destined to be a Toa, and felt that he could not fight Teridax. But one question remained unanswered: who planted Vakama and the others' names in Teridax's mind?


Then Karzahni revealed the truth. Vakama and the others actually were destined to be the Toa of Metru Nui. Mata Nui knew that Teridax would try to change the stars after being struck down by treachery, and so the Great Spirit had changed the names in the stars into those who knew the locations of the Great Disks and placed the real names into Teridax's mind. Vakama then asked about the disk and all other evidence that pointed towards another fate. Karzahni simply said that if Teridax had a Brotherhood, that meant Mata Nui had one of his own as well. This Order had placed all of this evidence so that Teridax would play into their hands. Vakama was about to ask how Karzahni knew all this, when the plant mentioned that a member from that very organization, the Order of Mata Nui, had come across him in his caves before his ultimate demise. But at that moment, Teridax entered the cave and destroyed the Karzahni, and Vakama started to flee.

Cornered by Teridax in an old Protodermis reclamation chamber, Vakama threatened to destroy the Mask of Time. Knowing that if the mask was destroyed, all of reality would become undone, Teridax made a deal with Vakama. It allowed Vakama to depart with the mask unharmed while Teridax would leave the Matoran, Keetongu, Turaga Dume, and the Rahaga in peace for one whole year. Teridax was outraged, but in the interest of wanting to complete his plan, he granted Vakama this wish. Teridax vowed that he would return a year later. Vakama then found himself in a tunnel that lead up to the surface. He swore that one day the Matoran would return to Metru Nui. What Vakama did not realize was that Teridax, having read his mind, had learned that they had lost a Matoran while journeying to the island above. Teridax found the missing pod in one of the tunnels. After retrieving it using his Magnetism power, he reawakened the Matoran Ahkmou and spread his tale of lies on the brainwashed Matoran.

Eventually, all the Toa Metru reached the new island of Mata Nui, safe from Teridax's wrath for one year. However, they had one final problem; the Matoran were still comatose in the pods. Vakama sacrificed his Toa Power to awaken some of the Matoran, thus becoming a Turaga. The other Toa followed suit, until all of the Matoran were awakened. The effects of the Spheres caused the newly-awakened Matoran to lose all of their memories of Metru Nui, including those of the Toa Metru and Teridax. The newly transformed Turaga would tell them a false story concerning why they were on the island of Mata Nui, in order to protect them from Makuta who would arrive a year later. Waiting for the prophesied Toa Mata to come, the Turaga and the Matoran began to live in the era known as the Dark Times.