Battle of Matoro and Pridak

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"We are evenly matched."
"Not so. My side has nothing left to lose.
Barraki Pridak and Toa Mahri Matoro, Prisoners of the Pit

Battle of Matoro and Pridak
Conflict Two Barraki fight Matoro and Maxilos over a field of skeletons
Combatants Teridax (As Maxilos) and Matoro
Takadox and Pridak
Location Waters near Mahri Nui
Result Pridak's army destroyed

The Battle of Matoro and Pridak occurred during a confrontation between Toa Mahri Matoro, Makuta Teridax possessing a Maxilos, and the forces of Barraki Pridak.


Matoro and Maxilos

  • Defeat Pridak and his army.


  • Defeat Matoro and Maxilos.


Matoro and Teridax/Maxilos encountered Pridak and his army of Takea sharks, along with Takadox. Matoro attempted unsuccessfully to flash-freeze the Barraki. When they broke out of the ice, Matoro used his Kanohi Tryna to reanimate an army of long-dead creatures in order to fight against Pridak's army. However, Teridax began to talk about the concept choices, causing the two to be distracted and thus letting Pridak gain the upper hand. During the battle, Teridax temporarily abandoned the body to avoid being recognized by Pridak who knew him. Pridak, while at a disadvantage at fighting an undead army, was quickly able to come up with a strategy. He had his army attack with great speed, leaving the reanimated army unable to form a proper counter-offensive.

At the same time, Toa Mahri Hewkii used his Kanohi Garai to levitate the sharks into the midst of Ehlek's army of Venom Eels which were attacking him and Nuparu. Ehlek, believing Pridak had ordered the assault on his army, commanded his eels to retaliate. The eels then began to attack the sharks and reanimated creatures, starting a battle between the two armies of Pridak and Ehlek. Matoro, horrified by such carnage, left after that while Pridak was distracted, accompanied by the Maxilos robot.


Due to the Barraki turning on each other, both Ehlek and Pridak's forces suffered massive casualties, giving Matoro and Teridax the chance to escape. Both then left for the oldest parts of The Pit.