The Glatorian System

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"Glatorian fight for the villages that hire us, so they don't have to fight each other."
— Glatorian Gresh, Sands of Bara Magna

The Glatorian System
Aspect of Society
Location Bara Magna
Purpose Resolving disputes over contested resources
Effects Avoided war
Continued survival

The Glatorian System[1] was based on gladiatorial fights fought by Glatorian that settled disputes regarding resources between the Agori tribes on Bara Magna. The battles were created as the crux of the social system, which was developed in response to the global disaster. After the Attack on Tajun, the Glatorian system was abandoned.


The concept for the Glatorian system originated from the Shattering, the catastrophic event which caused the planet Spherus Magna to break into three pieces, with Bara Magna being part of the largest fragment. As a result of the catastrophe, water and food resources became scarce.

In order to stop disputes between the tribes, the warriors Tarix, Certavus, Ackar and Vastus came up with a system in which each tribe is to employ different Glatorian warriors to fight for it. The tribe which employs the winning fighter claims right to the resource. After many veterans spoke out against the system, Tarix wrote the Glatorian Creed, which explained the need for the system, and outlined the rules of combat.

The first ever exhibition match was held in the village of Tajun between Tarix and Certavus. Following a fierce duel, Certavus won and became the first ever champion.[2]

The reclusive Sand Tribe, who had since begun to devolve into more primal beings, were not included in the system, but were occasionally forced to battle within the arenas by others.[1] The Bone Hunters, a nomadic tribe of bandits, willingly shunned the social construct, instead stealing and killing for what they wanted.

Upon arriving in Bara Magna, Tuma witnessed the system, and forced his tribe to join it. The Skrall remained undefeated in battle for an entire year, and eventually abandoned the system on the order of Tuma, attacking the city of Atero. Despite the Rock Tribe's refusal to participate in matches, the system continued.

Ackar and his allies, Kiina, Gresh, and the newcomer, Mata Nui, discovered that the Bone Hunters had allied with the Skrall. They traveled to Tesara, and interrupted a match between Tarix and Vastus to inform the tribes of the news. The Glatorian agreed to end the Arena Match system, and instead unite the villages against their common enemy.[3]

Great Tournament

Every year, the Great Tournament was held in the Arena Magna, and the winner of the tournament was declared champion of the Glatorian.[4] There was also a vehicle division, for combat involving battle machines.

Known Arena Matches

  • Certavus vs. Tarix[2]
    • Result: Certavus won and became the first champion of Bara Magna.
  • Ackar vs. Unknown Glatorian
    • Result: Ackar won and was named champion of the year.
  • The former Second Glatorian of Tesara vs. Unknown Glatorian
    • Result: The Glatorian of Tesara won and was named champion of the year.[5][6]
  • Gresh vs. Kiina
    • Result: Gresh won the match.[7]
  • Gresh vs. Unknown Glatorian
    • Result: Gresh won the match.[7]
  • Gresh vs. Unknown Glatorian
    • Result: Gresh won the match.[7]
  • Gresh vs. Unknown Glatorian
    • Result: Gresh won the match.[7]
  • Gresh vs. Gelu
    • Result: Gelu won the match.[7]
  • Gresh vs. Tajun Glatorian.
    • Result: Gresh won securing a supply of water for Tesara.[8]
  • Vastus vs. Unknown Glatorian
    • Result: Vastus won and became champion of the year.[9]
  • Tarix vs. Unknown Glatorian
    • Result: Tarix won and was named champion of the year.[4]
  • Perditus vs. Scodonius and Kirbraz
    • Result: Scodonius and Kirbraz won.[10]
  • Crotesius vs. Unknown Agori Vehicle Pilot
    • Result: Crotesius won and became champion of the vehicle division of the year.[11]
  • Perditus vs. Unknown Vehicle Pilot
    • Result: Perditus won and became the most recent champion of the vehicle division.[12]
  • Malum vs. Tarix
    • Result: Tarix won the match.[13]
  • Malum vs. Skrall
    • Result: The Skrall won the match.[14]
  • Vastus vs. Kiina
    • Result: Unknown.[3]
  • Malum vs. Vastus
    • Result: Malum won the match.[15]
  • Malum vs. Strakk
    • Result: Malum attempted to kill Strakk, and as a result was exiled from his tribe.[15]
  • Ackar vs. Gelu
    • Result: Gelu lost, and Vulcanus won a large supply of Exsidian.[16]
  • Gelu vs. Unknown Glatorian
    • Result: Gelu won and claimed part of the loser's armor as a trophy.[17]
  • Gresh vs. Skrall
    • Result: The Skrall won, and the Rock Tribe claimed right to an oasis.[18]
  • Strakk vs. Tarix
    • Result: Fight disrupted.[13]
  • Ackar vs. Gresh
    • Result: Fight cancelled.[17]
  • Ackar vs. Strakk
    • Result: Ackar won the match and Strakk conceded, but then attacked Ackar from behind and was exiled from his tribe.[3]
  • Tarix vs. Vastus
    • Result: Fight disrupted and cancelled.[3]


What kinds of swords, shields, or other weaponry a Glatorian could use in any given match was decided beforehand.[1] They fought purely on strength and skill, and relied on their proficiency with their tools. Weapons with special properties, such as the Venom Talon, were often prohibited from being activated, though the weapon itself was allowed to be used. Specialized Glatorian were also allowed to pilot vehicles in matches, provided that Agori or other Glatorian were also driving machines.

Glatorian and Agori battling in an Arena

Agori accompanying them into battle were allowed to utilize their own weapons, and were also permitted to fight by piloting vehicles.[11]

Influences on the Tribes

The Glatorian system allowed disputes over tribe resources to be done without excess violence, damage or death, something no tribe could have afforded. It also allowed Agori to be able to work and create friendship bonds with each other without enmity.[1]

The fighters themselves, settling all the debates of their villages within the arenas, were also allowed to befriend one another. Lacking any opposition, the warriors would often meet in arenas for friendly battles, in which they taught and coached one another in useful techniques and strategies.[19]


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