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Status Abandoned
Position Bara Magna
Pronunciation TAY-zun[1]

Tajun was the village of the Water Tribe on Bara Magna.


Tajun pillaged
The attack on Tajun

Tajun was founded around the largest oasis on Bara Magna and became the permanent residence of the Water Tribe after the Shattering.[2][3] The shelters were largely built from wood and plant fiber received in trade from Tesara.[2]

While Tajun used to be one of the wealthiest villages on Bara Magna, in the past few months, increased frequency of Bone Hunter raids in the village's area had made it difficult for trade with the other villages.

On his quest of find a team of Glatorian to protect Vulcanus from the Bone Hunters, an Agori traveled to Tajun, searching for Tarix. He came across Berix, and aided the Agori in creating an Ancient Spear. The Agori then took the spear to Tarix, who then pledged to help.

An army of Bone Hunters and Skrall were guided by Metus and attacked Tajun. Gresh, who was in the arena at the time, gave warning to everyone nearby. The Agori all fled to Knee Island, save for a few who stayed to fight. Gresh took down the Bone Hunters, but the Skrall looted the Agori homes and destroyed them before searching for secret areas where valuables were stored. The combined forces destroyed the village before help could arrive.


An aerial view of the region of Tajun

Tajun was located to the northwest of the Sandray Canyon and to the north of the Sea of Liquid Sand. Most of the village was located below ground level in that area. Tajun also sat on the largest oasis in the desert. Although water is in abundance, the Agori there had to trade for most other resources.

Arena Tajun

The Arena Tajun existed to host the Glatorian matches held at the village.

Underground Lab of the Great Beings

The Great Beings utilized a small lab in Tajun, and preserved chambers of the six main elements of Bara Magna within it.


Water Tribe

The Agori of the Water Tribe resided in Tajun. Here, the Agori had no need of worrying about the lack of water, but are forced to trade or find virtually everything else. Known Agori living here included Berix, Scodonius, and Kirbraz.

Tajun's Prime Glatorian was Tarix, and its Second Glatorian was Kiina.


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