Hydraxon's Tale

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"You don't get it. It doesn't matter who I was before. All that counts is who I am now - Hydraxon. Your enemy, your jailer, your nightmare for 90 millenia, and for every day that's left to you."
— Hydraxon

Hydraxon's Tale
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Christian Zanier

Hydraxon's Tale is an exclusive 10-page comic included in the sixth Graphic Novel, The Underwater City. The comic was illustrated by Christian Zanier.


Hydraxon swimming through the shoal of Reef Raiders

Hydraxon's replica is swimming through the Pit in search of the six Barraki. He suddenly encounters a panicked shoal of Reef Raider fish, and deduces that only sharks could have frightened the creatures. He is proved correct when a group of sharks appears moments later, and Hydraxon quickly defeats them with his Cordak Blaster. He swims away, knowing that Pridak must be close, and the shark-like Barraki soon appears, flanked by more sharks, calling Hydraxon an impostor. In response, the jailer fires both his Back Blades at Pridak, but the Barraki deflects the weapons and holds up the original Hydraxon's face mask, claiming Mantax found it in the ruins of the Pit. The Barraki calls Hydraxon a fake, and the jailer admits others have made this claim to him.

However, he goes on to state that he still has Hydraxon's skills, power, memories, and hatred for the Barraki, and he smashes through the sharks and their leader. Pridak responds with a vicious blow that downs the jailer, but he is quickly on his feet, and offering the Barraki a choice: going back to his cell, or going nowhere ever again. Pridak responds that if he is killed, Hydraxon will never know who he really is, and goes ahead to tell the story.

Pridak recounts the transformation tale.

He describes how a Matoran named Dekar took the Kanohi Ignika, intending to destroy it, but had the Mask taken from him by the Barraki. Pridak then speculates that as Dekar fled into the ocean, the Mask of Life decided it needed a protector and transformed the Matoran into a duplicate of the long-dead Pit jailer.

Calling Hydraxon an inferior copy, Pridak charges, but the jailer lands several powerful blows, dazing his attacker. Hydraxon states that all that matters is who he is now, and swims away with the defeated Barraki, leaving the original jailer's face mask lying in the coral.