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"Lesovikk said Karzahni can show you alternate events – usually horrifying ones, intended to terrify you. But, Idris … what if he showed you a future – or a past – that you wished for? And what if you wanted it so much … that you stayed trapped in that vision forever?"
Sarda, Dreams of Destruction

Title Mask of Alternate Futures
Powers Shows alternate timelines and possible futures
Component disks None
Bearers Karzahni (formerly)
Pronunciation Oh-lee-see[1]

The Kanohi Olisi was the Great Mask of Alternate Futures. It allowed its user to project a mental illusion[2] of an alternate timeline or a possible future into targets' minds.[3] The user also viewed the illusion.[4] The Kanohi Olisi could activate its power normally[5][6] or through an energy burst.[7]


The Great Beings created the only known Kanohi Olisi,[8] worn by Karzahni.[9][10]

Karzahni's mask looked like it was composed of four masks patched together.[9][10] When Karzahni visited the ruins of the Pit, the Pit Mutagen altered the mask and fused it to Karzahni's head. Despite this change, Karzahni could still use the mask's power. After Makuta Teridax drove Karzahni insane, the visions Karzahni cast with his mask became less accurate because of his mental state.[11][12][13]

During the Restoration of Spherus Magna, Mata Nui restored the Olisi to its pre-mutation form along with the rest of Karzahni's body.[14]

When Karzahni was killed on Spherus Magna, his mask was broken.[15] As such, currently no Kanohi Olisi are known to exist in the core dimension.

Example Usages

  • Karzahni used his mask in Dark Destiny to give the Ta-Matoran Jaller a vision of what would have happened if he had not saved Takua's life during their search for the Seventh Toa.
    • Karzahni later used his mask on seven Matoran at once to create a vision of what would happen if the Great Spirit Mata Nui died.
  • Karzahni planted a vision in Toa Lesovikk's head about his past. Since Teridax had driven Karzahni insane, Karzahni accidentally filled the illusion with incorrect details; Lesovikk noticed these mistakes, and with this knowledge he escaped the illusion.[12][13][16]



Picture Description
The Kanohi Olisi
The Kanohi Olisi mutated by the Pit Mutagen

Set Information

The Kanohi Olisi was released in its mutated form in the 2007 Karzahni set. Unlike most masks released in BIONICLE sets, this mask consisted of 18 various BIONICLE and LEGO components, none of which were specifically designed for use as a mask or part of a mask.


  • Only the Great Beings know how to create another Kanohi Olisi;[17] It cannot be made from a Kanoka.[18] Nonetheless, if Karzahni had been revived on the Red Star, he would have received a new Olisi since the star recreates the most recent form of the deceased.[19]


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