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"We fight. We win. We take. We are Skrall!"
— A warrior-class Skrall, Sands of Bara Magna

Sapient Species
Powers Male: None
Female: Limited Psionics (formerly)[1]
Status Active
Locations Spherus Magna
Pronunciation SKRAWL
Set number 8978 Skrall (instructions)
8991 Tuma (instructions)
8984 Stronius (instructions)
7136 Skrall (instructions)

The Skrall are a savage, brutal species living on Spherus Magna.


Early History

A Skrall in the Arena

The Skrall initially lived in the mountains of Bota Magna, sharing the region with the Iron Tribe prior to the Dreaming Plague.[2][3] Following the creation of the Element Lords, the Skrall were ruled by the Element Lord of Rock.

The Skrall fought in the Core War, under the guidance of their leader-class,[4] before the Shattering destroyed Spherus Magna. After the cataclysmic event, most were cut off from their homeland, and found themselves on Bara Magna.[5] The Skrall began conquering the area north of the Black Spike Mountains.

Bara Magna

Northern Region

Thousands of years later, after dominating the area, a Skrall patrol led by Branar was suddenly attacked, and many of the Skrall were killed. Branar and another Skrall fled to the Skrall Fortress where they informed Tuma of the attack. Tuma set off with hundreds of Skrall to fight the killers, whom Stronius dubbed baterra, after a Skrall term meaning "silent death". Skrall were steadily picked off by the baterra, although Stronius managed to defeat one, revealing that they were machines. Another skirmish with the baterra resulted in the death of many Skrall, as well as the realization that the machines could shapeshift, and the survivors retreated, barricading the fortress. As they battled the baterra, the other leader Skrall were killed to leave only Tuma.

Groups of Skrall went out for supplies, though several were slaughtered, and those that were not returned empty handed. One party managed to bring wood into the fortress, though the kindling was actually baterra in disguise. In the ensuing chaos, Tuma ordered the fortress to be set on fire, in order to give the Skrall time to escape the baterra.[6]

The Skrall Fortress burning.


Tuma ordered a massive migration south to the wastelands of Bara Magna.[6] Tuma abandoned the female Skrall, who survived in the area.[7] He eventually forced the Skrall into the Glatorian system, competing with other tribes for resources and other valuables. The Skrall were stronger than the Glatorian other villages employed, and won every match, acquiring more resources to prepare for their siege of the desert, intended to delay the baterra's inevitable assault.

Skrall soon began imprisoning Agori, Glatorian, and the bestial Vorox in Roxtus, in order to use them for their own purposes. Some of the objects they stole, and even the Agori, were fitted with tracking beacons to be recovered in the event they left the village.[8] Tuma ordered the Skrall to take the Vorox out monthly, in order to test for the migration of baterra to see how much time they had left before they needed to act.[9]

A Skrall patrol was dispatched to the western ruins in search of an ancient relic known as the Book of Certavus. Unsuccessful, they returned empty-handed and were punished by Tuma, forced to feed a Spikit. This beast quickly made the offending Skrall its meal, devouring them.[5] Around this time, Metus met with Atakus, asking to work as a traitor on the inside, sensing the Skrall's future actions. Tuma gave Metus tests that Atakus oversaw, such as getting information on training schedules and water shipments from Tajun. Metus passed, and began to work with the Skrall.[10]

Tuma, in order to claim an oasis discovered by Tesara, sent a Skrall and an Agori, Atakus, to Vulcanus. The Skrall overwhelmed his competitor, Gresh, and was about to kill him when Tarix intervened, warning the Skrall of the potential repercussions of his actions. The Skrall retreated, heading towards a cavern, where he met with Metus who provided him with details of a trade caravan leaving from Tajun. Metus and the Skrall parted ways, and the Skrall headed to Roxtus, where he relayed his newly acquired information to Tuma.[11]

A Skrall warrior

A Skrall patrol leader acquired a parchment copy of the Bone Hunters' plans to raid Vulcanus after a representative was sent. When his patrol was north of the Skrall River, they were ambushed by Malum and a pack of Vorox. Malum and the Vorox fled into the sands, leaving the patrol to return to Roxtus. The patrol leader informed Tuma, who assigned him to take a dozen Skrall and Rock Steeds to bring back Malum.[5] The patrol leader replenished his platoon, and headed out into the wastes to capture him. Arriving at what appeared to be their sleeping grounds, the squad leader had his warriors arrange themselves in an ambush position, waiting for them to appear. The Skrall fell prey to an ambush of the Vorox, who had made the necessary preparations for their visit according to Malum, who observed the fight from a nearby cave. In the ensuing fight, the squadron leader and several other Skrall launched Thornax at the roof of the cave, collapsing the ceiling, and trapping Malum. After taking the ex-Glatorian captive, the patrol leader ordered the Vorox to back down, which they reluctantly did. The Skrall platoon regrouped, and rode back to Roxtus with their new prisoner.[12] In Roxtus, several Skrall brought Malum into their arena to test his ability to control the Vorox. After seeing Malum soothe the beasts, one Skrall warrior attempted to perform the same feat. The Vorox attacked him and his company, allowing the Sand Tribe time to escape the city. The Skrall organized search parties, but were never able to locate the escaped prisoners.[13]

Stronius was leading a Skrall patrol around the Black Spike Mountains when they met Strakk, who claimed that he was the sole survivor of a caravan accident at the Dark Falls, and requested help recovering the Exsidian ingots in the river. A Skrall went to Roxtus to seek Tuma's decision, and he agreed, bringing a new caravan that the Skrall loaded the metal into. As Stronius was about to kill Strakk, they were ambushed by three Glatorian and two Agori, who took off with the caravan and Strakk on Sand Stalkers. The Skrall gave chase, and the party ahead ran into Malum and his Vorox, and were able to make the Skrall attack the Vorox, by tricking them into thinking the Vorox were their allies.[8]

A Skrall's seal was purchased by an Agori sent by Raanu asking that it help aid in the defense of Vulcanus against the daily raids by Bone Hunters. The Skrall made it clear that a large payment was the only way to achieve its agreement, and that any other talk would lead to violence. The Agori paid him, and the Skrall swore to protect Vulcanus from the Bone Hunters.[14] The Skrall also told the Agori of the Bone Hunter's plans to raid Vulcanus, and details such as that the approach would be through Iron Canyon.[15]

The soldier Skrall were eventually marshaled into a single legion, which departed Roxtus to attack the Arena Magna. Though their platoon was spotted by several Agori, the Skrall managed to breach the arena, attacking and killing Glatorian and Agori alike. Though they met some resistance, they eventually dominated the Arena Magna, driving the remaining Glatorian and Agori out. This attack signified the decision of the Skrall to abandon the social system and the beginning of the Skrall War.[16]

Tuma and Stronius traveled to an area north of the Black Spike Mountains, traversing the route they took when fleeing the baterra. Upon arriving in the area, they encountered the female Skrall, known as the Sisters of the Skrall, and requested an audience. The Sisters attacked the two Rock Tribe members, demanding that they relinquish their weapons. Tuma demanded information from the leader of the Sisters, but she refused, and ordered that they be killed.[7] Tuma offered to reveal the potential whereabouts of Angonce, and the Sisters agreed to spare them in exchange for the information.[17] However, the pair was attacked by baterra on their return trip, resulting in Tuma being injured.[18] Metus saved their lives, and coerced Tuma into granting him a station of political power among the Skrall.[19] Metus also persuaded the Skrall to end their rivalry with the Bone Hunters.[20]

A Skrall during the Battle of Roxtus

Skrall and Bone Hunters combined their forces to attack Tajun, and razed the village. All male members of the Skrall species gathered in Roxtus, along with Bone Hunters, and listened to Tuma's speech of domination and superiority. Mata Nui entered the arena, and challenged Tuma to a battle. Tuma accepted the challenge to avoid being shamed in front of his entire tribe. The Skrall leader was eventually bested by the new fighter. Metus, who still held some influence within the Rock Tribe, arrived in the city, and ordered the amassed army to attack. Before they could launch their assault, a massive creature arose from the sands. The Skrall believed it to be a baterra attack and panicked, fleeing the arena.[21] They encountered a team of Glatorian, and attempted to fight their way through them. The Glatorian, bestowed with new Elemental Powers, were able to eventually defeat the army.[22]

A Skrall with a green armor color

With the defeat of their leader, the Skrall were dispersed.[23] Some proceeded to follow the special forces Skrall, others following named soldiers.[citation needed]

Battle of Bara Magna

When Mata Nui gained control of the Prototype Robot, he tried to warn the Bone Hunters, Skrall and Vorox to seek shelter from the coming threat. The Skrall, however, ignored the warning.

After Teridax arrived on Bara Magna and confronted Mata Nui, he fired a laser towards a peak of the Black Spike Mountains, causing the deaths of the Skrall dwelling there.

The band of Skrall under the direction of Stronius witnessed the arrival of Teridax. Still seething over their defeat at the hands of the Glatorian, they took advantage of their enemies’ distraction with the new arrival, and attacked.

When Teridax blasted the Golden Armor across Bara Magna, three Skrall claimed a piece, and soon ran to confront Gresh, who had another piece of the Golden Armor. Gresh created a tornado that blew the three Skrall in the air, and took the Golden Armor piece from them. After Teridax and all the Rahkshi on the planet were killed, some Skrall surrendered, while others ran into the wilderness.[24]

Spherus Magna

After Mata Nui restored Spherus Magna, a number of Skrall joined forces with a growing force of criminals and warriors led by the Shadowed One, leader of the Dark Hunters from the Matoran Universe.[25]

Alternate Universes

Spherus Magna Alternate Universe

In an alternate universe, Mata Nui was able to complete his mission, and some of the Makuta were released onto Bara Magna. The Makuta managed to overthrow Tuma, and took the Skrall army as their own, putting them to work defending the Agori. When an army of Skakdi and Vortixx led by Miserix attacked, the Skrall helped the Agori, Toa, and Glatorian fight.[26]

Abilities and Traits

Tuma, a Skrall of the leader class

The Skrall are trained to fight from the moment they are born. They do not tolerate weakness, cowardice, betrayal, or mercy for the enemy.[27] There are a number of different classes of Skrall, each with their own unique abilities and physique. Skrall of each class vary in appearance from their fellow members. Female Skrall do not have classes and are lesser in number.[28][27]

Warriors - The majority of Skrall are simple Warriors, comprising the bulk of their army. Even normal Warriors are considerably faster and stronger than the species most Glatorian hailed from, and were frequent victors in arena combat. Their strength approaches that of a Toa, though not their endurance.[29] Secondary armor colors can also differ within the Warrior class.[30]

Special Forces - This class comprises the elite warriors of the Skrall. They are stronger, faster, and smarter than regular warriors and were often given special missions. They were allowed to claim the best loot plundered from enemies, as well as pick their own weapons.

Leaders - The members of this class are taller, bulkier, and stronger than the other classes. They also have the authority to give a name to any worthy member of a lower class.[5] Before the Element Lord of Rock, there was no supreme Leader of the Skrall, rather each Leader had a legion.[31] After the Shattering, all of the Leaders stranded on Bara Magna were killed by baterra, except for Tuma. There may also have been Leaders stranded on Bota Magna.[32][33][34][35][36][37] However, these Leaders would have been killed by baterra as well.[38][39][40]

The female Skrall possessed limited psionic abilities, such as the ability to create powerful mental assaults and illusions.[41] These powers were given to them by Annona.[42] When Annona departed for another planet, the female Skrall lost these powers.[1] The female Skrall have little interest in conquest, and avoid open conflict, instead letting their enemies battle each other.[43]

Skrall are capable of biological reproduction.[44]


The weapons and armor a Skrall has varies between their class within the species. As is customary with arena fighters, most Skrall wield Thornax Launchers. Skrall are also known to carry rotating Saw Blade Shields, Skrall Tribal Design Blades, Thorned Clubs, and various types of swords.

Female Skrall do not typically wield weapons or wear armor; rather, they conceal themselves in cloaks. Some guards, however, are known to carry staffs.[7] Stats


Known Skrall

Stronius, a special forces Skrall
  • Tuma - The last of the leader class Skrall and former leader of the species
  • The Element Lord of Rock - Formerly a leader class Skrall (transformed)
  • Branar - A Skrall warrior granted a name for discovering the baterra and surviving to inform Tuma of them
  • Stronius - A special forces Skrall who was granted a name due to battles in the Core War
  • Six Skrall warriors who made up a small patrol led by Branar that discovered the baterra
    • Five Skrall killed by baterra. (deceased)
    • One Skrall who made it back to Tuma with Branar to warn him.[6]
  • A Skrall who fought Gresh for an oasis claimed by the Jungle Tribe and the Skrall. The same Skrall was given a message by Metus to relay to Tuma.[11]
  • A Skrall representative who met with the Bone Hunters to argue against their plans to raid Vulcanus.
  • A group of Skrall that stole a copy of the Bone Hunters' plans to raid Vulcanus. They were attacked by Malum and a pack of Vorox near the Skrall River. After being told this, Tuma assigned them, along with twelve other Skrall, to bring Malum to Roxtus.[5]
  • A Skrall who stood beside Tuma after Malum was captured. He also brought Malum into the arena and was ordered by Tuma to attempt to control the Vorox.
  • Six Skrall who guarded the walls of the Skrall arena during Malum's test of control over his Vorox.
  • A Skrall who handled the captured Vorox during Malum's test.[13]
  • A patrol of Skrall that were assigned to find the Book of Certavus. They failed and were assigned to feed the Spikit in their pens as punishment. They were eventually eaten by the hungry Spikit. (deceased)[5]
  • A Skrall that helped an Agori attain a contract from various Glatorian to protect Vulcanus from the Bone Hunters.[14]
  • A Skrall that accompanied Branar on the monthly surveillance mission to determine the location of the baterra; killed by the baterra. (deceased)[9]
  • An army of Skrall who attacked Atero.[16]
  • The Sisters of the Skrall - All of the female Skrall who were banished from the male Skrall.
  • A Skrall squad who was sent out to capture a Skopio for Roxtus. (deceased)[45]
  • A group of Skrall who witnessed the arrival of Teridax on Bara Magna.
  • A group of Skrall that was obliterated by Teridax. (deceased)[24]

Social Structure and Interactions

The Skrall act as a rigid military, and believe in strength as the key to victory. Their society is harsh and disciplined, and status within the males' society was based on their class and ranking. Skrall value obedience at the cost of their lives, and a Skrall who kills for personal gain is executed.[46] Skrall society has a heavy focus on combat, and they do not encourage weak emotions or mercy. Prior to their migration south, the Skrall had little interaction with the Agori tribes and villages, and only chose to engage in their social system when enacting their plan to wipe them out.

Skrall outside the leader class have to earn themselves names through great deeds and accomplishments. Individuals of the soldier class, as a whole, do not distinguish themselves from the tribe, though some unique individuals perform acts of renown, and subsequently earn themselves a name, given to them by one of the leader class.

The relationship between males and females of the Skrall is deeply strained. The female Skrall live separate from the rest of their species, and have done so for many millennia. Even prior to their banishment from the main tribe, both genders severely distrusted each other. The females are bitter towards the males, especially because of their abandonment of them during their migration, whilst the males are wary of their telepathic abilities. The two genders do not interact, and despise the presence of the other, though despite this, the former Skrall leader Tuma was willing enough to form an alliance with them in order to help him fight the baterra.[41]

Set Information

8978 Skrall, depicting a soldier-class Skrall, was released as one of six Glatorian canister sets in early 2009. It contains 50 pieces, including a Thornax fruit and a "life counter" piece on its ankle which indicates the Skrall's health in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game. Both the Skrall set and its canister are used in the game.

The leader-class Skrall Tuma was also released as a large boxed set, 8991 Tuma, in early 2009, containing 188 pieces. This set was also usable in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game.

The special forces class Skrall, Stronius was released in summer 2009 as one of the "Glatorian Legends" sets, containing fifty pieces. 8984 Stronius included a "life counter," a Thorned Club, and a Thornax Launcher.

Another warrior-class Skrall was included in the Stars line of 2010 as 7136 Skrall. The set features a green secondary color instead of red, and consists of 21 pieces, including a Golden Armor piece for use on the pommel of the 2010 Tahu set's Fire Sword. This Skrall could be combined with the five other Stars to form 7116+7117+7135+7136+7137+7138 Gaardus, the instructions for which were released on


"I fear no one - and care even less about you."
— A warrior-class Skrall,

"The Agori say there are spirits in these mountains, freed by the Shattering. Maybe one is out here, seeking revenge."
"And if it is? Skrall do not fear ghosts ... We make them.
— A warrior-class Skrall and Branar, Fall and Rise of the Skrall

"Why are we here? Skrall do not hide in the shadows."
— A warrior-class Skrall, Sands of Bara Magna

"Skrall never concede!"
— A warrior-class Skrall to Gresh, Sands of Bara Magna

"We are the most powerful. Why should we fight in the arena for what we want, when we can simply step on you like insects?"
— A warrior-class Skrall, The Fall of Atero

"We will meet in the arena. But first, say your goodbyes to your friends … you may not see them again."
— A warrior-class Skrall,


  • The Skrall species is related to the main Glatorian species.[47]
  • A new Skrall character was intended to be introduced in the cancelled fifth BIONICLE movie, originally nameless but receiving a somewhat demeaning designation from Ackar. Initially claiming to have forsaken the Skrall, he proves to be still in Tuma's service and seeking an alliance with the Element Lords on his master's behalf, but later has a change of heart and joins the noble Glatorian. However, since the movie was never produced, this Skrall is not considered an official character.
  • The product description of 7136 Skrall falsely states that Teridax granted the Skrall Shadow powers.[48] Instead, the Skrall who fought in the Battle of Bara Magna were led by Stronius and did not ally with Makuta.[49]


Promotional artwork of a warrior class Skrall
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