Battle in the Archives

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"You... have no idea... what you are dealing with. There are things down here... things I have seen... that dwarf your power. If I become one, I could down you all with one blow and then crush your city."
Krahka to the Toa Metru, The Darkness Below

Battle in the Archives
Conflict Toa Metru 'invade' Krahka's territory
Combatants Toa Metru
Location Archives
Result Toa Metru defeat Krahka

The Battle in the Archives took place after the Toa Metru defeated the Morbuzakh. The Toa had to go deep into the Archives in order to fix a leak that was threatening to flood Onu-Metru. Unfortunately, they had to deal with the Shapeshifting Rahi Krahka first.


Toa Metru

  • Fix a leak to keep the Archives from flooding.


  • Defend her territory.
  • To trap the entire population of Metru Nui in the Archives, while she ruled the city.


Soon after the Toa Metru entered the Archives in search of a leak, they decided to split up. However, they began to get attacked by each other for no apparent reason. Vakama was blasted by Nokama, Matau blown into a rock wall by Onewa with strange fire powers, Onewa knocked down by Vakama, and Nuju running to assist Matau. They soon collided, battling each other. When they joined back up, Whenua explained to them about an intelligent, shape-shifting Rahi called Krahka who had claimed the area as her territory.

As they made their way down the tunnel, they encountered an area of blackness. One by one, the Toa were ambushed in this passage, until only Nokama and Whenua remained. It was then that Nokama, alerted by Whenua's sudden lack of care for his friends, realized that he was actually Krahka, who had captured Whenua when the Toa had split up, and slowly led the rest of the Toa Metru into a trap. Since she had lost the element of surprise, Krahka manipulated three Rahkshi into attacking Nokama. After defeating them, Nokama went in search of the other Toa. Nokama found the other Toa Metru (except for Whenua) hidden in caves, but Nuju was trapped in a stasis field, which, thanks to Matau's quick thinking, was teleported away using a Kanoka. The Toa then continued on.

Nuju, who had scouted ahead, found Whenua hanging upside down in another chamber, but was again tricked and captured by the Krahka before he could free him or tell the others. Krahka then impersonated Nuju to try and trick the other Toa again, but Vakama's knowledge of Nuju's quirks allowed him to see through the deception, at which point Matau captured Krahka. She escaped their trap due to her mastery of forms, and carried the Toa off to her lair. She revealed her new plan: while before she merely wanted to protect her home, the potential threat of the "top-siders" convinced her to try to transport and seal the entire population of Metru Nui to the Archives, while she ruled in the city. She then tried to seal the Toa Metru in the room, but Vakama, having used her monologue as a distraction to escape, threw a Reconstitute at Random Kanoka at her, giving enough time for Matau to free Whenua and for Onewa and Nokama to release Nuju. Annoyed, Krahka tried to destroy them all at once by copying their forms and powers into a gigantic monstrosity. However, this six-in-one combination proved too much for Krahka's body and mind to handle. Stressed into near insanity, Krahka's attacks became wild, and she fought without any direction or logic. The fight finally ended when Whenua tunneled beneath her and attacked her from below, causing her to collapse. Exhausted, but no longer having to deal with the pressure of six minds, Krahka easily fled from the scene as a Lava Eel, leaving the Toa to finish their original purpose - sealing the crack in the Archives.


Vakama learned a moral lesson in the battle, after he saw the monster Krahka had become which the Toa Metru could become one day if they were not careful. Krahka and the Toa would later end up as allies in a battle against the invading Visorak.


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