Battle in the Swamp

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"Then the three Toa Nuva went into power dives, screaming through the air toward a final clash with the Makuta."
— Narrator, Swamp of Secrets

Battle in the Swamp
Conflict The Toa Nuva fight the Makuta in the Swamp
Combatants Mistika Toa Nuva
Mistika Makuta
Location Swamp of Secrets
Result Makuta and Toa Nuva groups reunited

The Battle in the Swamp was a reoccurring conflict that took place between the Mistika Toa Nuva and Makuta teams in the Swamp of Secrets.


Toa Nuva

  • Obtain the Keystones.
  • Find the Ignika, the Mask of Life.
  • Defeat the Makuta.


  • Manipulate the Toa into reawaking Mata Nui.
  • Find the Ignika.


The Toa Nuva began an individual search for the Keystones, which together detailed the process to awakening Mata Nui, and the missing Ignika. Gali managed to recover one, but was attacked by Makuta Gorast who surprised and overmatched the Toa. Onua, while observing the mutagenic properties of the water, was captured by Bitil and his doubles, later managing to subdue the Makuta and escape. Meanwhile, Tahu found the Codrex but was knocked out after hitting the energy field protecting it. Makuta Krika appeared to feast on his energies and a weakened Tahu sent a fireball in the air, signaling help. Onua rescued Gali from Gorast and flew with the Toa of Water to regroup with Tahu. The resisted Makuta pursued them as the Toa retreated, but were distracted by the fall of Chirox, suffering from an assault made in the air. With the aid of an Av-Matoran, the three Toa made their escape.

After leaving the Matoran, who had presented them with another Keystone fragment before turning into a Bohrok, the Toa stopped a short distance from the Makuta's camp. Tahu showed the others an ability they could use to their advantage, using his power over heat and fire to set a timed fire blast. The three Toa dug a tunnel to the Makuta's camp and split up. After striking at the surprised Makuta, the Toa managed to obtain a third Keystone, though the Makuta discovered them. After a short fight, the Toa escaped again and took shelter in the sky.

Soon, the Toa planned to venture to the Codrex, but chose to fly instead, believing the Makuta were to ambush them there. Their guess was proven correct, and the Toa charged the Makuta, temporarily giving them an advantage. The two teams soon entered a stalemate, however, until the Toa were outnumbered when the Phantoka Makuta joined their Mistika allies.


Moments after the Phantoka Makuta's arrival, the Phantoka Toa Nuva, along with Solek, Tanma, and Photok arrived to help their brothers. United, the Toa prepared to fight in the final battle against their enemy.


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