BIONICLE Glatorian 1: Sands of Bara Magna

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"There's only one problem with being a collector on Bara Magna... sometimes you find things you don't want. And sometimes they find you."
— Narrator

BIONICLE Glatorian 1: Sands of Bara Magna
Outside/alternate title Comic 11[1]
Author Greg Farshtey
Illustrator Pop Mhan

"Sands of Bara Magna" is the first issue of the BIONICLE Glatorian series of comic books. The issue was included alongside the January/February 2009 issue of LEGO Magazine. It was also released digitally on as Comic 11.[1]

Plot Summary

Berix is scouting the deserts of Bara Magna for scrap metal, weapons, and armor. Suddenly, he begins to run, and trips, as he attempts to escape Fero and his steed, Skirmix. Fero is about to kill the Agori when Gresh arrives and fires his Thornax Launcher at Fero, damaging his hand. Fero believes challenging him would be futile, but Gresh says otherwise as Tarix and Strakk emerge. However, Fero is able to escape when he has Skirmix trample Strakk.

Berix thanks the Glatorian trio for saving him, yet remarks he has nothing to offer in return. Gresh and Tarix agree they charge nothing for saving a life. Strakk, however, does not agree, and asks Berix why he has ventured so far from his village of Tajun. Berix replies he was looking for armor to use when he fights in the arena. Strakk comments on how Berix would need more than just armor to fight in the arena, but is interrupted as a trio of Vorox emerge from the sand.

The Vorox first attack Tarix, then Gresh and Strakk. However, they are soon signaled by Malum to retreat. Tarix notes his exile from Vulcanus for his crimes, and comments that he must have made new allies, but Gresh says it is not their problem, as they are due in Vulcanus. As they arrive at the village of the Fire Tribe, Raanu is having an argument with Metus. Raanu desperately requires a Glatorian to fight on the behalf of his tribe after Malum's exile and the Skrall's takeover of the Flame Geysers north of his village after an arena match. However, Metus says that no Glatorian is willing to work with the Fire Tribe if it means fighting a Skrall.

Just as the conversation ends, a Skrall, guarded by Atakus, enters the village. The Skrall intimidates an Agori to move from his viewing spot. Gresh informs Tarix he is participating in an arena match against the Skrall, as there was an oasis coveted by the Jungle Tribe and the Skrall species.

At the onset of the match, the Skrall aggressively fights Gresh, attempting to get him to surrender, but Gresh is adamant in defeating the Skrall, for he knows that his species would leave the other villages with nothing if they could. In the end, Gresh is defeated, and the Skrall attempts to deal him another blow but is stopped by Tarix.

Later, the same Skrall meets with a mysterious figure in a cavern. The figure says he wants the Skrall to tell Tuma a trade caravan is being dispatched from Tajun. If the Bone Hunters raid the caravan, the village will starve for a season. The Water Tribe would have to challenge other tribes for food in an arena match and lose, making them vulnerable to his people and the Skrall species. The Skrall says to quit his facade as he knows the figure is not a Skrall, but the figure says to go before they can be seen. Meanwhile, Berix is seen as Tarix comes up asking what he is doing out there. Berix replies saying he is walking, wishing, and wondering about what the future may bring.

The Skrall then heads to Roxtus, informing Tuma of his discovery and asking for orders. Tuma orders him to mention this information to a captured Agori, then "accidentally" let him free. He knows that the Bone Hunters will capture the Agori, who will then tell them his knowledge. He goes on to say the Bone Hunters will act on what they know, but he has plans to stop acting through pawns and conquer Bara Magna.



  • In the comic, Vulcanus is erroneously depicted as Atero.


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