Attack on Po-Koro

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"What else can we do, little brother, but let them come, and fight them when they get here?"
Toa Mata Pohatu to one of the Po-Matoran, Beware the Bohrok

Attack on Po-Koro
Conflict The Bohrok Swarms try to cleanse Po-Koro
Combatants Matoran, Toa Mata
Location Po-Koro
Result Path of Prophecies destroyed, Po-Matoran evacuated

The Attack on Po-Koro was a battle in which the Matoran of Po-Koro attempted to protect themselves from the oncoming Bohrok swarms.



  • Defend Po-Koro from the Bohrok


  • Destroy Po-Koro as part of their mission to clear Mata Nui of all matter


A Tahnok attacking Po-Koro

Shortly after the Bohrok awoke, Pahrak swarms headed toward Po-Koro. Onewa was trying fiercely to stop one of the Pahrak from destroying a monument, but despite his efforts the Bohrok was ignorant of the blows. Pohatu arrived and told Onewa to warn the Matoran while he defended them against the Pahrak. Pohatu was able to collect more krana from the creatures, and was able to hold off the swarms for a time. Later, a Guard saw swarms of Lehvak coming towards the village, but Pohatu told the guard to let them come, so they could fight them.

Later, Tahnok Swarms continued onward on Po-Wahi, heading for Po-Koro. The decision was made to topple the statues along the Path of Prophecies in an attempt to hold off the Bohrok, despite Hafu's protests. Hewkii prepared an escort for Hafu, but then the call was sounded, as the Tahnok had initiated a surprise attack. When the Po-Koro Guard readied themselves to fend off the Bohrok, they saw that Hafu already started knocking down his own statues in an attempt to save his friends. Unfortunately, this left him stuck outside with the Tahnok swarms.

Just before Hafu was hit by a krana launched by one of the Tahnok, Pohatu appeared to rescue Hafu. Pohatu then called upon his Komau to get Hewkii to kick a koli ball at the rock formation Pohatu was on, causing the slab to push Pohatu skyward, much like a catapult, sending Pohatu and Hafu rocketing toward the village walls. The Toa of Stone then slowed his fall using his Miru, landing on the walls surrounding Po-Koro.

Gali and Onua later joined in the fight and continued to fend off the Tahnok. Kopaka, coming to see if any of the other Toa had learned anything new, also joined in, and stayed long enough to help.


The Path of Prophecies was toppled and destroyed during the battle, and was later rebuilt by Hafu and other Po-Matoran Carvers.

While the original swarms were repelled, the Matoran were evacuated to Ga-Koro due to the arrival of more Bohrok.


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